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2 things:

1 more material to talk about and

2 Quackenbush? That name lol


This dude just saw this girl and said " she’s fine, is she Asian or Chinese?"

I’m so done with society right now


They in college? That looked like high schoolers.

That’s where a lot of dudes fuck up. If a chick made it clear they are not into a guy like that after he tells her. And they still go out of their way to do things for her that they wouldn’t do for their buddies. Then I agree with guys like Po and Raz0r in that regard. They friend zoning themselves.


They are in high school. That is obvious to anyone that isn’t a retard but then again look who you are responding to.


Hmm. Maybe. If it’s High school, everybody can just get suspended. If she tries to run her mouth again, this shit’s all over the internet now. :rofl: No escaping the truth.



Oh shit found some of Hatred Edges old reading material…


No wonder he is bitter AF, god damn[/details]


He isn’t dark at all…


:“Few authors can mix erotica and humor…”


You’ve come a long way, Scavenger



The short of it is this: A man convicted and sentenced to life for rape has been moved into a women’s prison…because he now identifies as a woman.

…Am I still on Earth? :confused:



Nigga what?


Yeah, female inmates’ rape rates are 3-4 times that of male inmates’.


That’s because the guards rape them.


Is female inmate pussy good?


The part of me that still believes in humanity. Says he’s in solitare. Now if he’s among general population, I’m done


lol. I guess that’s one way to look at it.

In the article he got locked into solitary, so I’ve no idea why they couldn’t have just left him over where he was.

This whole political correctness bs should be locked into it’s own solitary at the bottom of hell.



So female on female rape. Does the raper force phalic object(s) into the rappie? Or Does she pin her down and sit down on her face and make her eat? Guess it depends on the rapist


And now for something a little different:



Back by popular demand! Your srk favorite poster’s favorite poster The Epidemic is back with the latest episode of “What Epi is stroking to”

Tonight’s episode “The classic”

I call this track the classic bc it just is guys. I dare you guys to find another white guy with soul like Bobby. You won’t. This track is another guaranteed pussy. Just the instrumental before the vocals hit is enough to leave her panties drenched with tasty lady juice.

That sound I make when the pussy too wet bc of Caldwell


Yep Bobby Caldwell is one soulful ass white dude. Always thought it was a black guy singing that song as a kid