SRK 2k9 Secret Santa! Mystic is banned


It seems it’s fallen down to me to handle this bad boy since I don’t want to see this go.


You buy a gift, you get a gift. People who skimp on the gifts without a reasonable/provable explanation get BANNED. Seriously, the mods don’t fuck around on this. I haven’t asked any mod yet, but i’m sure they’ll be with me on this one.

2007 members and earlier only. This is not hardcoded, as there are more recent members who are well known by everyone in the community. We’ll let these members through by general consensus, but don’t expect to get in anyways. Final word will rest with me.

The minimum is $20. SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED. If you can’t afford this, if you can barely afford this, don’t bother joining. Lack of funds come Christmas time is not an acceptable excuse, especially if someone sent you a $50 gift. Expect a shortage of funds around Christmas, and plan accordingly.

Signups are closed. This gives you more than enough time to buy/ship a gift. If people want signups to end earlier than this, please let me know.

Once you signup, I will randomly assign people to each other, and PM each person the name of the person who’s name they revealed. When everyone has received their gift, I will reveal the matchups.

As this is an international event, please specify in your PM if you have shipping restriction. Just write if you’re willing to ship only domestically (US) or worldwide.


So send me a PM with this, and make sure the title of the PM is “Secret Santa”:

And due to the difficulty of running everything and making sure everyone gets his, I will cap this to 50. I don’t know if we’ll get 50 people but that’s the cap.

I think that sums it up. Desi and Rico can let me know if they see shit I should add since they ran it before (and since I copy pasted pretty much their rules).

Sign Ups:

  1. Valaris
  2. Quiche
  3. Jae Hoon
  4. Furry Curry
  5. Weeks
  6. Specs
  7. BananaWeed
  8. Tanabe
  9. Coatl
    10. Chidori
  10. Tondashocka
  11. SRKev
    13. Irioku
  12. Mystic
  13. Shadow Ace 50
  14. Gasaraki
  15. NekoSampai (MIA)
  16. Boelslaw
  17. orochizoolander
    20. Chachi
  18. Septimus Prime
  19. Luciano Leone
    23. Kane Blueriver
  20. Amordien
  21. Bigworm
  22. Javid
  23. Mastermind
  24. Snatcher
  25. Shusty
  26. Final_cut
  27. Grog
  28. Geese Pants
  29. Marn
  30. jim_kim
  31. Gemdoom
  32. UNW4NT3D
  33. [wintermute]
  34. Reno
    39. AkumaTX
  35. Merdoc
    41. Rcaido
  36. TheFireboy
  37. RoninChaos
  38. Great Cow Lord
    45. TheRock-BoS
  39. Davero
    47. TaFoKiNtS
  40. TS
    49. donaldducktm
  41. Nemesis00
  42. StuartHayden
  43. TsukihimeBlood
  44. Satomiblood
  45. Jacktenrac!
  46. Greyfox
  47. djhbrd
  48. ShinkuuR
  49. NetworkingYuppy
  50. Christ0pher

Edit: I will not be handing out PM’s until October 23rd. This will give everybody a week or so to make sure they can make this.
If anyone on this list realizes it’s just not in his budget this year, please don’t feel bad about it and just tell me.
You can also thank Orangecat for this gift tag from last year!


man i’d be down for this but whoever got me would get raped on shipping =/


Well we do usually get a couple of people from Japan, I’m guessing Korea isn’t that much different in terms of shipping.


I never got my Secret Santa from last year.

I am in.


I’m in. I got a cool TvsC t-shirt out of it.


Sign me up. will send a pm later


I might join if I’m considered trustworthy with only being an '08, I’ll let you guys know closer to the deadline.


Sign-ups end on my b-day, huh?


You know I did it on purpose.


I sent you a pm Valaris.

Guys in Japan or Canada or Mexico or the UK, etc. Let’s not forget the sheer power of DIGITAL CONTENT. Buy someone an XBLA game. Buy them a gift card to an online retailer. Buy them some iTunes money. This could help a lot of you instead of trying to buy some bad ass Zune HD for your SS. Get them the money for it instead. Hell this is good for us Americans too. We can still have fun even though it’s not wrapped in shiny paper and floating in a cardboard box.


Just watch out with that. American Itunes gift certificates don’t work with Canadian stores and I’m sure that’s the same with PSN/XBL, so don’t just buy a card and PM the number to your recipient.
And if anyone gives Itunes money to a Canadian keep one thing in mind:
In Canada you can’t use Itunes credit to buy apps/movies/anything else than music.


I’ve been around on this site for a while but never participated in SRK’s SS event.

Count me in this year.


@ Valaris: On that note, I sent a Wii points card to someone in the States last year and I think things went fine.

Dr. B ain’t no Wii but he takes motion controls up to three. (What?)


4 words: Underwear gnomes. Your place.


i’m in. pm sent


Oh I’m DEFINITELY in on this!

Not sure what I want though, especially since my birthday is in November, and I’ll probably get the stuff I want by then.

I’ll PM soon.


Lucky 07 and lower members.


One day soon new-guy-that-we-actually-like, one day soon.


If you’ll let me slip in, I can definitely get something good for whoever I get. Don’t have too many friends to buy gifts for, so I could afford this easily.


The q is lowercase.

And yeah, I’m in. Good luck to whichever one of you gets a jewish santa.