SRK 3rd Strike: PC Tourney on 30th; Zoomer Addicted to Parry Fishing in 2020!?

Today’s the big day!

Are we doing FT2 or FT3?

Also, Tubb talked with Pertho last night and this won’t be going up on the SRK stream. How should we be following this, as in, where do we go to get directions as to who’s fighting next etc? Through the discord voice chat?

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I’m pretty sure everyone is in the Discord and honestly that would be a lot easier for me because I can handle it through my phone.

I was afraid the stream would fall out, so I guess I’ll have to take the reins after all.

I just gotta deal with some work stuff and try to find some store open to buy a new headset.

I’ll @ everyone with the details soon.


Anyone have the ability to stream? I really wanna watch

Wait, volt said he was covering it. Very excited.


If you watch any of this watch 1:10-1:30

Shit had me on the floor :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I thought I was in the lounge. Whoops

Alright! Looking forward to this. Anyone wants a couple of warmup games?

Spin, @ everybody real quick. 1h left. I gotta hurry with a couple preparations.

I need everyone’s steam profiles!!!



Alright, dinos, @Volt needs your Steam profiles for whatever reason. Give 'em up.

@Volt I don’t know what you need. Can you see my profile since we’re steam friends?

Then he got all he needs.


@KingTubb You gonna be on commentary?

So is this going to be streamed? Because he doesn’t have a PC, I don’t think he can spectate through the game.

Yeah, if no one can, I’m streaming. Commentary will be on the Discord voice channel.

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K, there will probably be a delay between what happens in game and what Tubb sees. I’m probably going to have my headset off during my matches.

Also, is this FT2?

FT2 until Losers’, Winners’, and Grand Finals. Those will all be FT3.


I should also mention that there’s a character lock if you win. You can’t change supers or your character if you win, or your opponent gets the win. This rule dissolves if you lose though.

Sorry, if your opponent gets the win, doesn’t that mean you lose?

Yep. It’s kinda funny. Say you won the first game, then switched supers. You lose game 2. That means in game 3, you can pick whoever you want.

EDIT: We won’t be doing super locks, it appears.

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Shit came up. I’m gonna be late

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