SRK and Capcom: Why do you want to give us SF players only one month to prepare?


Now I understand that this is not 100% set in stone. EVO 2011 was good considering AE’s relase a month earlier, but EVO 2012 and 2013 were both considerably better. Who else here thinks that one month won’t b enuff for ppl to prepare and make EVO’s SF tournament as good as it can/should be?


This is a completely unwinnable debate for Evo.
Include ultra and people will complain it’s too early.
Don’t include Ultra and people will complain it’s not the latest version and they got used to the new one instead…


The main difference between now and then is that there’s several more mechanics being added to the game this time around than there were in AE, which no new mechanics were added.

We definitely won’t see the highest caliber play in this one just due to the fact that lots of things regarding delayed wake-up, red focus, and double ultra aren’t fully going to be figured out.

I’ll say that anyone that gets the arcade version (Re: Japan) is going to have a really good chance at winning. I’m seriously hoping Korea gets a cabinet. Even if it’s just one and only at CafeId or Cong, then it’s whatever.


So, you guys are complaining? This should be fair if it’s only one month to prepare. It means that everyone is on a level playing field. Someone that doesn’t practice USF4 can still win at EVO if they know the fundamentals if Street Fighter…


Japan is getting it on April. I’m sure they’ll be pretty strong by EVO.
I think having Ultra is the right idea.


so its the right idea cuz japan gets it first? riiiiight…


It’s not necessarily a case of Japan getting it first it’s a case of the arcades getting it first and unfortunately Japan is stronger in the arcade scene. Japanese players have about as much time as us to experiment with the training mode and such but they usually don’t need it.


There are still arcades in the US that get the latest Street Fighter games…


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