Srk anti crossup option select

this is relatively old, but it hasnt been documented yet, afaik… credits goes to javits or tinshi for the db db part of the os, but i came up with negative edge part… made in march i believe (after WCG tourney)

easy example: sagat or ryu vs rufus
downback, downback (hold), release P
if rufus doesnt do corssup, it blocks divekick (because you are in d/b), if he land in behind you, you get srk…
same principle applies to sakura crossunder, since you can block low, you either get an srk or a block. you generally want the block, so this reduces overall risk of attempting option select srk (db, df, db, df P)

this works best vs rufus because if he crosses you up, the srk would whiff, even if done properly, he must do safe divekick only to bait this. even then it is hard to properly make srk whiff if not impossible.

i think similar technique could be applied to messiah kick? this will not work with fei long dp because he has to do RDP motion…


These option selects just confuse me to be honest. I generally just try my best to read my opponent instead of mashing convoluted inputs I’m likely to screw up.

Uhhhh…you are saying that in this case, you will CROUCH BLOCK an overhead?

Was thinking the same thing.


I’m confused on your method of explaining this. Could you re-edit your post to explain whether this is for a cross-up reversal SRK or some method that allows a SRK depending on if you are in block stun or not.

EDIT: Well to my defense, I don’t get to play very many Rufus players :\

Rufus divekick can be crouch blocked

So its not an overhead…or does that depend on spacing/timing?

I don’t have SF4 in front of me at the moment, but I was pretty sure that I have tried to crouch block his divekick and been stuffed cold unless I was doing a standing block. Ever since I first started running into decent Rufus players online, I have always used a standing block to deal with his dive kick.

Now I’m very curious to know…at the very least I’ll try it tonight and post results.

If it can be crouch blocked…that opens up some new options for my Chun…

It can be crouch blocked, but he can still cross you up and hit you blocking the wrong way.

Rufus’s Dive kick can indeed be blocked crouching. When it hit’s while you’re cr. blocking it just means it crossed up and you ended up blocking the wrong direction. Very ambiguous.

As for other jumpins though, yeah I don’t really see this working as an option select unless you stand (go from holding downback to back) at the last moment then release P. Would that still get the DP if they crossed over, or a fireball instead (which is likely to get stuffed)?

Edit: Oops. Arde beat me to it.

It’s not an overhead

i dont think you understand

by holding downback, you are blocking against the non crossup. if he crosses over you, you get a dp, the dp ONLY happens if he crosses you up, you are otherwise safe.

i phrased it wrong in the OP, sorry. i meant to say that, not that it does dp if he doesnt crossup, and block if he does. its still a near guaranteed way to escape an otherwise ambiguous crossup setup.

this is why i said it is vs rufus divekick (it should also work vs cammy cannon dive but i havent actually tested it).

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I read kensk’s description just fine.
You were just confused 'cause you didn’t know about crouch block.

Thanks for posting kensk, I gotta try this out.

Wouldn’t this technically work as a non-crouching option select also?

The timing would be tighter, but if you input it the same way except use :l: :db: :l: and hold :l: instead of just :db: :db: I would think it would work against anybody’s crossup that hits overhead.

Negative Edge is brilliant here because the Punch will only register in the event that a special move (a Shoryuken) comes out.

I don’t understand this. If you do :db: :db: when Rufus is going for a crossover but is still to your right it will register as down-back x2 and no shoryuken will come out, then you are holding :db: and you will get hit because Rufus crossed over at the very last moment.
So unless I’m missing something this could only work if you input :db: :db: when Rufus has already crossed over, but that requires inhuman execution speed (I think normally he will time the dive kick so that it hits only a couple of frames after crossing).
So tell me, what am I missing?

edit: oh I get it now, it’s exactly the opposite of what I was thinking :smiley:
If Rufus is jumping from right to left, you do :df: :df: and release punch, not :db: :db:

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you want to do the opposite of this because if he is jumping from right to left and you do df df, he can start on one side, and end up on the other, making DP whiff… thats why its a good option select, it only does dp on a side he is stuck on. the only way this doesnt work is if he does divekick (right side), and hits on left side within 3-5 frames(depending on your dp), and he cant meaty it, from what i can tell.

i think this is better than side option select dp, because you get block rather than a possible whiff srk.

im still not 100% on all details, im sur ethere are flaws, but i believe this eliminates some risk on wakeup.

another simple anti-rufus option (not on wakupe) is os low tech + mp, mp is usually capable of beating divekick depending on characters, sagat and ryu c.MP beat divekick usually, and this will ebat a throw tech as well, so there is less risk on defense.

I still don’t get it. If he ends on the left side, you won’t get a shoryuken, ok that’s good; but you are holding :db: so you are not blocking either, and you get hit by the dive kick; or am I still missing something?

I mean this seems to work when he stays on the right (you block in that case) and when he crosses over to your left very early before hitting (in this case you get a shoryuken facing left), but if he crosses over just before hitting you are neither doing a shoryu (good, because it would be in the wrong direction) nor blocking (which is… bad?)

no if he ends on left side, you get an srk

you are otherwise holding d/b, you will block the divekick

this is anti-meaty ambiguous divekick techinque, not an anti-general divekick technique.

once rufus is forced to delay divekic, its easy to block.

dont you see?