SRK Arena Hunger Games 2: Pirates Arena Day 14: The Chief is our Champion!


In Short, 12 people enter the arena. Each turn, you get 1 action: Attack, Defend, Scavenge. You have to gather whatever items you can to make yourself stronger, and kill all of the other opponents and be the last one standing.

Items are limited, so you’re competing for resources against your opponents.

Do you have what it takes to be the last man standing?

Players may take 1 action per turn. They PM that action to the game master, who will update the game every 24 hours based on those actions.

Player Actions:

  1. Attack. You may attack a character, dealing your attack damage to them.

  2. Defend. You defend yourself, doubling your defense value.

  3. Scavenge. You attempt to grab some equipment from the equipment list.

  4. Stealth. You hide yourself in the arena. During the next phase, you are not able to be targeted. You receive +1 attack when attacking from stealth. You may not stealth 2 turns in a row.

All actions are resolved at the same time. If a character takes combined damage more than their defense value, they are killed and removed from the game.

The last player left alive (if any) wins the game.

Arena Hazards:
The arena will be themed, and have hazards in them. These hazards and their order will be selected before the game starts, but kept secret. At the end of a phase, if the arena hazards have any effect on the game, it will be shared with the players. This hazard will affect the next phase.

Before the game starts, people can sign up to be sponsors. They will be given 1 credit to spend. They may spend these credits to help players currently in the game. Credits unspent will carry over to future games.

The list of available items/bonuses that can be bought with credits will vary from game to game, and will be posted in the Sponsors Lounge

Scavenge-able Equipment
Equipment may be scavenged during a players turn, but each item can only be owned by 1 player at a time. If multiple players attempt to scavenge the same piece of equipment on the same turn, one will be chosen (at random) to receive the item, and the other players end up with nothing.

When a player dies, his items become scavenge-able again.

The actual equipment list of items that will be available is kept secret until the game starts, as it varies from arena to arena and is up to the game master. Here is a sample list of items, so that you can have an idea of what to expect to see.


Phases will last 24 hours. You have 24 hours to PM your action for the day, and the Game Master write up will reflect all actions of all players, and then mention what (if any) the arena hazard for the next round is. The game will last as many phases as necessary, until only 1 person is left alive.

All communication between players must be kept in the thread. There is to be no PMing other players. Editing is allowed. Non-Players (i.e. Sponsors) must not communicate in the game thread. The game thread is only for players to talk among themselves.

For this game … we will restrict codes. No code speak (i.e. encryption/decryption) is allowed.

Sample Actions:

Current Players:

District 1) Blindknagg - Killed Day 3 by Aidebit (with un-needed AC assist)
District 2) Missing Person SoVi3t Missing Person - Killed day 7 by Skeleton Shieldbearer
District 3) pietastic - Killed Day 5 by AlphaCommando
District 4) Hecatom - Killed Day 14 by The Chief
District 5) Aidebit - Killed Day 4 by AlphaCommando
District 6) JasonC - Killed Day 1 by Pietastic
District 7) AlphaCommando - Killed Day 14 by the Kraken
District 8) The Chief
District 9) RadicalFuzz - Killed Day 7 by Acid Rain
District 10) ForgeDigger - Killed Day 7 by DarkGeneral
District 11) DarkGeneral - Killed Day 7 by Acid Rain
District 12) GodotsRevenge - Killed Day 2 by AlphaCommando

The Chief wins!


**Blindknagg **was ushered through the underground tunnels, escorted by Bious. **Bious **looked unnerved – clearly he was having flashbacks to when he went through this very thing. He looked over, and saw Blindknaggs eyes glazed over, as if he was distant. **Bious **put his hand on Blindknagg’s shoulder, which brought him back to the present. The two men looked at eachother.

“I don’t want to die” said Blindknagg. Bious nodded.

“You’ll do district 1 proud. You’ve been training for this since you were little. You have a better shot than I did… and I made it.” Bious tried his best to lie and reassure this man that he knew was almost certainly marching to his death. But his words worked, and seemed to perk up Blindknagg. Then **Bious **was taken back by the guards, and **Blindknagg **put into a tube, which was promptly sealed off. Bious grabbed an apple off a nearby table, and casually ate it as he walked back towards the sponsors lounge to enjoy the madness. Life had been good for him since his victory.

Meanwhile, Missing Person was sitting in the loading chamber with nobody to support him. He too had been training for this since he was little, and he showed no signs of fear. He was just very calm and collected, running through his strategy in his head. When the time came, he loaded into the chamber, closed his eyes, and began meditating.

**Pietastic **looked down at his suit, and saw the 3 stitched into it. His mind wandered back home, wondering if his family would be watching. Would they be forced to watch him die on live television? He shook his head to himself, and stregthened his resolve – he would not let that happen.

**Hecatom **smiled. He looked up the tube towards the light shining from the arena. He was happy. Not just prepared – happy. As long as he could remember, he’d enjoyed killing people. Although the little ones who couldn’t fight back you could be the most creative with, it was the stronger ones – the ones who really pushed him to his limits – that were the most satisfying. He hoped these 11 would prove the most satisfying yet, and maybe he could finally scratch that itch that’s been tickling in him for so long – the itch to kill – once and for all.

**Aidebit **had a single tear rolling down his eyes, and he was loaded into his chamber by the handlers. He wasn’t quite scared – though he wasn’t exactly prepared to die – but the thought that he may never see his girlfriend again caused him sadness. He looked up at a camera pointing directly at him, following his movements from the corner. He knew people were watching – that she was watching – and he smiled directly at it. He kissed his two fingers, and placed them over his heart. It was all he could do to comfort her.

**JasonC **looked nervous, as if any minute he was hoping somebody would jump out and yell “surprise!” and take him away from this madness. As he was drug towards the tube, reality started to sink in, and he began fighting to get free. He struggled at the men pulling him by his arms, until one hit him in the face, taking the fight out of him. He was dumped into the tube, lying on the floor like a baby, as the doors snapped shut. He looked upwards, defeated. He had no chance to win this. Why even try? He pulled his knees up into his chest and sulked.

“Ten” boomed a voice over the loud speaker.

That voice sent a chill down **AlphaCommando’s **spine. He cracked his knuckles, and looked upwards at the light. He wondered what awaited them up there – and if he had what it would take to actually kill somebody?


**The Chief **was banging on the glass, screaming “Let me out of here!” to the guards standing just outside. His eyes were swollen red from the crying.


RadicalFuzz sat stoic, showing no signs of emotion. Inside, he was a mess – One moment, he was bravely planning his strategy, the next he was worried about being able to actually kill somebody – but externally, he looked calm as could be.

“Seven. Six.”

**ForgeDigger **sneered. She was the only girl chosen for this round, and she was sure to be seen as a weak link. She tightened her first. She would not let that happen.

“Five. Four.”

**DarkGeneral **smiled. It was almost time. He wasn’t looking forward to the killing – he was no monster – but the challenge of the sport? That was what tickled his fancy.

“Three. Two.”

**GodotsRevenge **was calm, and looked upwards at the top of the tube. A bright glow was shining down, and he thought he heard a serene rumble… what awaited them up above? He closed his eyes. It was time to find out.


The ground of the tube shot him up fast like the fastest elevator he had ever seen – considering he had only seen elevators for a few days now anyway – and thrust him at the light. He felt the brightness against his closed eyes, and then the floor stopped. A Strange scent filled his nose… what was that? He opened his eyes.

He was standing on a beach. He looked around, and noticed they were on an island. Surrounding them on all sides was a giant body of water. He tensed up – he had never been around this much water before. He didn’t know how to swim. He wondered if anybody else did? The strange scent of salt water hit his nose.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please do not step off your platforms until instructed to.”

**RadicalFuzz **looked around, noting there were lots of jungles to hide in. This was good. But he wondered what other horrors lie inside of the jungle? He wondered if it would be worth it to get away from the rest. He looked over to his side, and saw **Hecatom **smiling. The man looked happy and excited… and that unsettled RadicalFuzz.

The voice of Pimp Willy filled the air.

“Welcome, to the second SRK Hunger Games! You 12 have been chosen to represent your districts. Make them proud. Everything you can see is fair game. In the center of this island, we have placed all of the supplies you will need to survive and – more imprtantly – kill your fellow competitors. We have designed this arena to re-enact the old pirate days of yore. There is a collection of vintage pirate weaponry and armor available to you, and of course the ultimate treasure awaits the winner. May the odds ever be in your favor.”

There was a pause. The pause seemed to stretch out for eternity, as JasonC began to look around and compose himself. He would not die. Not like this.


Equipment List:

Wooden Sword (hand), +1 Attack (Unlimited quantity of these, always a successful scavenge)
Mace (hand) +1 attack (Break)
Rapier (hand), +2 attack
Cutlass (hand), +3 attack
Blunderbuss (hand), +3 attack (Ranged) (Ranged; 3 Uses)
Chainsaw (hand), +5 attack (retaliate 5)

Dagger (off-hand), +1 attack / +1 Defense
Dirk (off-hand), +2 attack
Flintlock Pistol(offhand), +5 attack (Ranged; 1 Use)
Sponsors Dagger (Augustus) +1 Attack / +1 defense
Anchor (2 handed), +3 attack (Break)
Battle Axe (2 handed), +4 attack
CrossBow (2 handed), +3 attack (Ranged)
**Halberd (2 handed) **, +4 attack (Retaliate 1)
Staff (2 handed), +3 attack / + 2 defense


Buckler (off-Hand), +2 Defense
Large Shield (off-hand), -1 attack, +3 defense
Spikey Shield (off-hand) +1 defense (Retaliate 1)

Leather Armor (Armor), +1 Defense
Studded Armor (Armor), +2 Defense
Platemail (Armor), -1 Attack, +4 defense

Brass Knuckles - So long as your base attack is 0, you gain +2 attack.
Black Powder - Your Flintlock Pistol, Grenade and Blunderbuss have +1 attack
Medicine - When you die, this item is used up and you return to life
**Net **- All of your attackers are snared and have half defense the next turn. (1 Use)
Research Report - When you get this item, you will have all of the abilities of the players revealed to you.
**Grenade **- Target any one person (including Stealthed People), in addition to any action you take this turn. Deal 3 damage to that player. That player has retaliate 3 this turn. (1 Use)
**Caltrops **- Target any one person (Including Stealthed People), in addition to any action you take this turn. That player has half his defense and attack next turn (3 uses)
Reflex Booster - When your armor is 0, you gain +3 bonus armor. This bonus resolves after defense calculations.

Break: If the enemy doesn’t die when you attack, destroy 1 random piece of their equipment at the end of the turn
X Use(s): The item breaks after X uses (Weapons have a choice to be used when attacked; armor is automatically used)
Ranged: You avoid damage while attacking, even if their item permits them to deal damage
Retaliate X: deals X damage to attackers

Current Equipment:


Arena Effects for Phase 1: Nothing.

Actions for day 1 due Tuesday, March 3rd by 12:00 PST (noon)


*Research report is scavengable item during phase 1? Or can we only pick it up if a sponser gives it to a player and that player dies? *


All items on the list are scavengable for any phase


So, who is ready for a blood bath?


The uses stay the same if you loot it from someone who died right?


Yes. The items have the charges, that doesn’t change if it changes owner.


A capsule flutters in on a parachute, beeping softly just as the game starts. It lands near Aidebit. He reaches down, and picks it up. Inside is a dagge he equips.

Sponsor Dagger (From Augustus) - +1 attack / +1 Defense




The halberd is broken.


Fixed it, 4 attack


Yea looks like they blew their meter too early.


*We have quite a few intriguing scavengable items. I predict the scouting report is going to be in high demand tonight.

Interesting that a sponsor gave @aidebit a weapon and not intel. Last time I was a sponsor intel was the same price as a weapon: 1 coin.

Speaking of powers, what are yall opinions on PimpW possibly reusing old skills from the first game? *


My opinion is that you must have a never-before-seen skill, since you are asking the question that way. Many of the items are the same, even is tweaked a little…so I would think the skills could be reused and possibly tweaked.

What are you guys scavenging? I’m going for the Platemail.


I forget who killed me last time. Who was it? They’re in trouble.


lol it was me, pie. But that was last game. I offered to ally up in the sign-ups thread with you, Godot, and Blindknagg. You down? Nobody really said anything; I might have to assume no one wants to.


I wonder if someone will sponsor me Q_Q


That’s right, you attacked me when I wasn’t even a threat. Why did you do that again?


I’ll let the day mature some before deciding on what to do. I’ll keep it in mind though JC.


I only did it cuz you were code-speaking with Synonym, so I saw that as a threat.