SRK Arena II: Hunger Games... All Names Revealed! Game Starts Monday


Time for take 2 at the Hunger Games. Most of the balance will be addressed in that of the itemization, or which items are available. Having each person able to completely outfit themselves in weapon + off hand + armor + misc was too much. Items should feel scarce, and taking time to scavenge for them should be a big decision. As well, a new ability “Stealth” is being added to open up new play styles.

Without further ado, here goes the thread

In Short, 12 people enter the arena. Each turn, you get 1 action: Attack, Defend, Scavenge or Stealth. You have to gather whatever items you can to make yourself stronger, and kill all of the other opponents and be the last one standing.

Items are limited, so you’re competing for resources against your opponents.

Do you have what it takes to be the last man standing?

(More Detailed Rules)

Players may take 1 action per turn. They PM that action to the game master, who will update the game every 24 hours based on those actions.

Player Actions:

  1. Attack. You may attack a character, dealing your attack damage to them.

  2. Defend. You defend yourself, doubling your defense value for this turn. Or target another player, and add your defense value to theirs for this turn.

  3. Scavenge. You attempt to grab some equipment from the equipment list. If multiple people attempt to grab the same item, only 1 will receive it (chosen randomly)

  4. Stealth. You hide yourself in the arena. During the next phase, you are not able to be targeted. You receive +1 attack when attacking from stealth.

All actions are resolved at the same time. If a character takes combined damage more than their defense value on a single turn, they are killed and removed from the game.

The last player left alive (if any) wins the game.

All players will be assigned a character. This character will have a secret special ability that is not revealed until their death, but can have an effect on the game. Those in the Sponsors Lounge will be able to see every bodies abilities.

Arena Hazards:
The arena will be themed, and have hazards in them. These hazards and their order will be selected before the game starts, but kept secret. At the end of a phase, if the arena hazards have any effect on the game, it will be shared with the players. This hazard will affect the next phase.

Before the game starts, people can sign up to be sponsors. They will be given 1 credit to spend. They may spend these credits to help players currently in the game. Credits unspent will carry over to future games.

The list of available items/bonuses that can be bought with credits will vary from game to game, and will be posted in the LL but kept secret from the players.

Scavenge-able Equipment
Equipment may be scavenged during a players turn, but each item can only be owned by 1 player at a time. If multiple players attempt to scavenge the same piece of equipment on the same turn, one will be chosen (at random) to receive the item, and the other players end up with nothing.

When a player dies, his items become scavenge-able again.

The actual equipment list of items that will be available is kept secret until the game starts, as it varies from arena to arena and is up to the game master. Here is a sample list of items, so that you can have an idea of what to expect to see.

Equipment List:

Short Sword (hand), +2 attack
Axe (hand), +4 attack (-1 armor value to each piece of armor you wear)
Mace (hand), +2 attack (If the enemy doesn’t die when you attack, destroy 1 random piece of their armor)
Spear (hand), +2 attack (deals 2 damage to attackers while you are defending)
Katana (2 handed), +5 attack
Bow (2 handed), +3 attack (Ranged: you avoid damage while attacking, even if their item permits them to deal damage)


Shield (off-hand), +2 Defense
Tower Shield (Hand), +4 defense
Spiked Shield (off-hand) +1 attack, +2 defense (deals 1 damage to attackers while you are defending)
Body Armor (Armor), +3 defense (+2 extra vs ranged weapons)

Deadly Poison - Your swords, daggers, and axes have +1 attack
Stoneskin amulet - you have +1 armor

Carried Equipment:
Players may only have each slot filled, and not carry any extra items. Slots are as follows:

Main Hand: Can be filled with any Main, Off-Hand, or 2 Handed item
Off Hand: Can be filled with any off-hand item, as long as no 2 handed item is equipped in the main hand
Body: Can be filled with any Body item
Misc: Can have unlimited Misc. items


Phases will last 24 hours. You have 24 hours to PM your action for the day, and the Game Master write up will reflect all actions of all players, and then mention what (if any) the arena hazard for the next round is. The game will last as many phases as necessary, until only 1 person is left alive.

Sample Actions:

Sign ups procedure:

I am capping this game at 12 players. In true hunger games fashion, there will be a lottery. Everyone who signs up will be put onto a list, and then 12 names will be drawn from that list. Players who are not selected to compete, will become sponsors, and be given 2 credits added to their account to spend or save as they wish.

You may sign up only to be a sponsor without playing, however you will only be given 1 credit in your account to spend.

Sign ups will end Wednesday, Feb 26th at 3:00 PST. The chosen players will be posted by 5:00 PST the same day. The game thread will go on Friday, feb 28thst, at 12:00 pm PST (noon). Phases will last 24 hours, and be due at 12:00 PM PST every day.

@Bious, as the returning champion, has 2 choices. He can return and represent district 1, or he can mentor whoever is chosen for District 1. If he mentors the district 1 choice, he will be able to stay in a PM with them the entire game (and forgo access to the Sponsors Lounge), or leave the PM when the game starts, and try to drum up support for his player in the sponsors lounge. If he decides to play for his district, and loses, he will lose his mentor status for future games until he wins again.

Current signups:

  1. Vynce
  2. pietastic
  3. DukeC
  4. GodotsRevenge
  5. Hecatom
  6. Kaz
  7. AlphaCommando
  8. RadicalFuzz
  9. The Chief
  10. Blindknagg
  11. ForgeDigger
  12. Aidebit
  13. Synonym
  14. Missing Person
  15. Orochizoolander
  16. DarkGeneral
  17. Sumazndude
  18. JasonC


  1. Augustus
  2. Skizzz
  3. Cyntalan
  4. combo_knight

Current Lottery “Winners”:

  1. Blindknagg with mentor: Bious
  2. Missing Person
  3. Pietastic
  4. Hecatom
  5. Aidebit
  6. jasonC
  7. AlphaCommando
  8. The Chief
  9. RadicalFuzz
  10. ForgeDigger
  11. DarkGeneral
  12. GodotsRevenge

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Place me in. It’s time I made a new avatar.

For stealth, if you submit it on turn t, it only takes effect on turn t+1? Hmm…


I want to try my hand at this. I’m in.




Lets see if i am able to participate this time :tup:


I’ll sponsor to give people who haven’t played a better chance of getting selected and 'cause Pimp Willy is probably still annoyed with me.


Technically you served your 1 game ban already, so you can play if you’d like


What about leaving for the army, aka the reason you did what you did in the mafia game?


gibbe a godeln tikcet u fukn pleb


I’m aware. I will sponsor though.

  1. It was the Navy

  2. It was mostly me losing my internet on the 16th (which I actually lost on the 17th for a couple of hours, and then my moms tax refund came in and she got it back on that same day) combined with the stress of studying for the ASVAB (it helped, cuz I ended up scoring a 90), and actually thinking about whether or not I wanted to go through with my decision.

  3. I already explained I wouldn’t be going anywhere for a couple of months in the mafia thread, mostly because the ship dates they hand out for boot camp is usually 3-4 months (tho some of the guys I met at MEPS that WERE going into the army got unlucky and were heading out in 3-4 weeks. Some poor dude was heading out to boot camp next week as an EOD. May he have the luck of the fucking IRISH).


I’ll sign up, but since it’s the same RNG Goddess that dictates Mafia games I’ll likely not make it.

Pimp you’ll be revealing them every few minutes over an hour again? That worked very well.

@DukeC “luck of the Irish” actually refers to terrible luck, not good luck


Trying to get dat smiley face spot.


You missed!


I’m in.



Thanks for making me feel bad Fuzz :sad:


Think I’ll take a break and watch this one.


So then you’ll be the mentor for whoever is from district 1, your district. You can be as involved or as dis-interested as you wish : )


Depends on who it is.

If it’s Vynce he’s dead.