SRK Arena IV - Ratchet Deadlocked/Gladiator HD - Finale: Like A Champion


Ten hours ago, aboard the Starship S.S. Lando.

AlphaCommando and Synonym: "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA."
AlphaCommando: "Holy shit they replayed that scene like 12 times on the live show."
Synonym: "Oh yeah, that was broadcasted."
AlphaCommando: "…You made the right decision coming back."
Synonym: "Hm."
AlphaCommando: "Even if it did mean giving up eternal fame and glory."
Synonym: "Mmm."
AlphaCommando: "Also your exploding animals."
Synonym: "Yeah."
AlphaCommando: "Not to mention you-"
Synonym: "I have to go back."
AlphaCommando: "…You don’t have to go back."
Synonym: "I’m going back."
AlphaCommando: "…I thought you might say that. For my own curiosity, can I ask why? I have a feeling I know why, but I’m not 100% sure…"
Synonym: "No mercy for stooges."
AlphaCommando: "Ah. Yep. Maybe you do belong on Dreadzone after all."
Synonym: "I mean I’m not worried. I’ve got my Super Duper High School Level Luck to buy me enough time to become the first 2 time MVP of Dreadzone."
AlphaCommando: "Uh, about that. I tried hacking into the Vox Network to get all of you out safely, but I could only view the competitor list. Turns out there was an error with your username, since they spelt it with a $ instead of an S."
Synonym: "That’s the correct way to spell $ynonym though."
AlphaCommando: "Either way, it fucked up their code and essentially made you undetectable. I can’t guarantee that they’ll make the same mistake twice."
Synonym: "Can you try hacking again to put like… 5 $‘s in my name?"
AlphaCommando: "Sorry Syn, but I’m not a massive fuckin’ nerd that can do that sort of shit. However, I did have something special in the back for an emergency, and I guess this counts as one."
Synonym: "I’ll take 3."
AlphaCommando: "I’m only letting you have it under the provision that you use it to help me out."
Synonym: "No."
AlphaCommando: "I’ve got some Nanotech in the back. I want you to revive the others and bring my crew back to me. Alive."
Synonym: "No."
AlphaCommando: "Get to the bottom of the cliff on Catacrom Four, revive the good ones, find the S.S. Nigga and come back home."
Synonym: "No."
AlphaCommando: "FUCK JUST DO IT."
Synonym: "no lol"
AlphaCommando: "Alright, fine. Can you at least promise me that you’ll bring them back to life and give them a chance to make their own way back."
Synonym: "Yes."
AlphaCommando: "Without trying to kill them."
Synonym: "…"
AlphaCommando: "Close enough."
Synonym: "So I get the emergency special thing, right?"
AlphaCommando: "…I guess. Oh, and one more thing?"
Synonym: "No."
AlphaCommando: "There’s only a limited amount of Nanotech back there. There’s not enough to bring everyone back."
Synonym: "Ok."
AlphaCommando: "So what I’m saying is… be very selective as to who you revive."
Synonym: "Sure."
AlphaCommando: "You know what I’m saying, right?"
Synonym: "I’ve got it."
AlphaCommando: "If there doesn’t happen to be enough Nanotech left over for RadicalFuzz, that would be a shame."
Synonym: "Clarification really wasn’t necessary there."
AlphaCommando: "I could go into great detail as to why it is, but I’ll leave that there… are you sure you want to go back?"
Synonym: "No."
AlphaCommando: "That’s fine, you don’t have…"
Synonym: "Mercy."
AlphaCommando: "Oh."
Synonym: "For."
AlphaCommando: "Alright."
Synonym: "Stooges."
AlphaCommando: "As I thought. Good luck to you, and good luck to the others."
Synonym: “They’ll need it.”

4 hours ago, at The Chief’s suite.

The Chief: "I can’t believe they’re actually running a second season of Dreadzone."
Cyntalan: "I can’t believe WTF-AKUMA-HAX and Combo_Knight died in a tragic horse stampede."
Bious: "I can’t believe that Applejack assumed Rainbow Dash’s gender."
Hecatom: "I can’t believe that we actually participated in Dreadzone’s Mystery Auction. I mean, we don’t even know what we’re meant to pay. What if we win and we don’t have enough bolts?"
The Chief: "Eh, I’m sure it’ll be some useless waste from the set that won’t cost a lot. Like one of the hosts."
Hecatom: "Hah, you’re right. I’m sure that’s it and it’s not some sort of ominous foreshadowing."
Bious: "Well we’ve got an hour before the pre-show starts. Anyone up for some Back Door Tyhrranoids 9?"
Cyntalan: "Uhhh… let’s see what else is on first."
Holovision: "…with a Sailor Moon kick to the stomach. Darla Gratch, channel 92 news."

Hecatom: “Oh shit, the pre-pre-show!”

3 hours ago, at the Dreadzone station.

Dallas: "Hello and welcome to Dreadzone."
Juanita: "Way to be enthusiastic and presentable, DALLAS."
Dallas: "You’re right. We have to make the best of what we’ve got if we want to keep our jobs. TONIGHT, THE RETURN OF THE GALAXY’S FAVOURITE BLOODSPORT, DREADZONE! THIS SEASON, WE HAVE… four contestants."
Juanita: "What can we say, there’s not many people that are stupid enough to fly their ship near the Shadow Sector, yet here we are."
Dallas: "Well then, let’s introduce our stupid contestants, shall we? Attempting to make it past the first planet, we have Reiraku, NupoChromine, chadouken! and Raij1n!
NupoChromine: "So we heard there’s an unlimited amount of gold bolts here. Is that true?"
Dallas: "Wait, you mean you didn’t get forced here against your will?"
Reiraku: "Nope."
Juanita: "And you don’t plan to fight to become an Exterminator?"
Raij1n: "Nah, just for free gold bolts, then we’re out."
Dallas: "Well you’re out of luck, because those robot zombies have been fucking like crazy for the last 2 years since our last season, so staying on one planet for too long won’t be profitable… FOR YOUR LIVES!"
chadouken!: "That’s fine, we can work together to get through this."
Synonym: "As if I’m gonna let you take my gold bolts, cunt."
Juanita: "SYNONYM! You changed your mind?"
Synonym: "I never planned to leave from the start. I just wanted to grab something before coming back."
Dallas: "Is that… is that last season’s contestants?!"
Synonym: "Don’t worry, I only brought back 10 of the good ones."
Dallas: "Let’s see… Blindknagg, Missing Person, Vynce (?), jasonC, orochizoolander, DarkGeneral, ForgeDigger, DukeC, 3rdSTRikeLOVE and… where’s the other one?
RadicalFuzz: "hAi :D"
Juanita: "I thought you said you brought back the good ones?"
Synonym: “This one was a special request.”

3 hours ago, aboard the S.S. Lando.


3 hours ago, at The Chief’s suite.

Juanita: "That’s right Dallas, and for our first twist, we have the winner of our Mystery Action!"
Cyntalan: "Action? I thought it was an auction."
The Chief: "I have a bad feeling about this."
The Chief’s suite "OH SHIT.**
Dallas: "That’s right, Jjjjjjuanita. We’ve optimised our formulas to calculate which contestant will swap with which viewer! BRING OUT THE TURRET!
Turret: beep boop
Juanita: "Round and round and round it goes, who it shoots, Turretius knows!"
Vynce (?): "OW FUCK."
Dallas: "And there you have it folks, Vynce (?) will be swapping with the only viewer that entered…"
The Chief: "Oh fuck, whose name did we put it under?"
Dallas: "The Chief!"
Hecatom: "I volunteer as tribute."
The Chief: "Oh thank fuck."
Hecatom: "Not even a little resistance?"
The Chief: “Nope, all yours. Have fun.”

2 hours ago, at the Dreadzone station.

Dallas: "And with that, the campaign to #bringcommandervynce(?)home comes to an end as we welcome The Chief!"
Hecatom: "It’s Hecatom."
Dallas: "Whatever. It’s time for the pre-show!"

Juanita: "Alright Dallas, that’s a bit too much enthusiasm."

Players are able to purchase weapons from vendors conveniently located everywhere our contestants will be sent to. They will have to hurry to buy them though, as stocks are strictly limited per weapon. Players are able to upgrade and improve weapons through continuous use to gain Experience (XP) and by equipping Mods to their weapon. Once a weapon has gained enough XP, it will upgrade to a more powerful version of the weapon, adding new abilities. Players can only hold one weapon at a time. XP resets to 0 when the weapon upgrades. The starting weapons and their upgrades are as follows:

-Versa-Wrench Lite (+1 atk/+1 def) Upgrades at 10XP.

-Versa-Wrench Multicore (+2 atk/+2 def) Upgrades at 20XP.
-Versa-Wrench Striker (+4 atk/+4 def) Upgrades at 40XP.
-Fission Lance (+8 atk/+8 def) Upgrades at 80XP.
-Obsidian Blade (+16 atk/+16 def) Upgrades at 160XP.
-Obsidian Blade V2 (+32 atk/+32 def) Upgrades at 320XP.
-Obsidian Blade V3 (+64 atk/+64 def) Upgrades at 640XP.
-Obsidian Blade X (+128 atk/+128 def)

-Scorpion Flail (+3 atk/0 def) Upgrades at 30XP.

-Leviathan Flail (+8 atk/0 def): Attacking an NPC hits all other NPC’s.

-Dual Vipers (+1 atk/0 def): 2 shots per phase. Shots may be on the same target or different targets. Upgrades at 20XP.

-Dual Raptors (+2 atk/+2 def): Both shots reflect and hit another target at random.

-Magma Cannon (+2 atk/+1 def) Upgrades at 25XP.

-Vulcan Cannon (+4 atk/+3 def): Deals x2 damage to Defending Players.

-Hunter Mine Launcher (0 atk/+3 def) Upgrades at 30XP.

-Stalker Mine Launcher (0 atk/+8 def): Deals +2 damage to all Players and NPC’s that attack the Player equipped with the Stalker Mine Launcher.

-B6-Obliterator (+1 atk/+2 def) Upgrades at 35XP.

-B11-Vaporizer (+3 atk/+4 def): Attacking a Player steals 1 Gold Bolt from them.

-The Arbiter (+5 atk/-2 def) Upgrades at 50XP.

-The Silencer (+10 atk/-4 def): Fires three rockets. All rockets must hit different targets.

-Fusion Rifle (+4 atk/-1 def) Upgrades at 45XP.

-Anti-Matter Rifle (+12 atk/-6 def): Attacked target’s Attack is cancelled if they targeted the player equipped with the Anti-Matter Rifle.

-Mini Turret Launcher (+1 atk/0 def): When fired, turret attacks a random target (minus the firing player). Turret stays active for three turns. Multiple turrets can be active. Upgrades at 20XP.

-Quasar Turret Launcher (+4 atk/0 def): Player can choose turret targets. Turret stays active for five turns.

-Holoshield Launcher (0 atk/0 def): Fires a shield (10 def) in front of the target Player. Omega Mods activated if target Player is attacked. Increasing Attack with Alpha Mods will damage the Player behind the shield. Increasing Defence with Alpha Mods increases the defence of the equipping Player, not the shield. Any attacks that hit the shield for >10 damage will hit the shielded player with the remaining damage. Shields last until the end of the turn. Upgrades after shields take a combined total of 50 damage.

-Omni-Shield Launcher (0 atk/0 def): Increasing Attack with Alpha Mods will damage Players or NPC’s Attacking the shield. Increasing Defence with Alpha Mods stacks on the shield as well as the Player.

-Merc (0 atk/0 def): A targetable robot controlled by the Player that activates (scavenges) it. Merc can equip weapons and Attack. If Merc is destroyed or his Player is killed, he will remain deactivated until a Player reactivates (scavenges) him. Weapons he is carrying when destroyed will be dropped. Upgrades after staying activated by the same Player for 5 phases in a row.

-Team Darkstar - Merc (0 atk/0 def): If Merc and Green Attack the same Player, Merc’s damage is doubled.

-Green (0 atk/0 def): A targetable robot controlled by the Player that activates (scavenges) it. Green can equip weapons and Attack. If Green is destroyed or his Player is killed, he will remain deactivated until a Player reactivates (scavenges) him. Weapons he is carrying when destroyed will be dropped. Upgrades after staying activated by the same Player for 5 phases in a row.

-Team Darkstar - Green (0 atk/0 def): If Merc and Green Attack the same Player, Green’s damage is doubled.

Each Player has a unique Ability that will assist them in surviving until the end of the game. All Abilities are kept a secret until a Player’s death, upon which their Ability will be revealed. All 26 Abilities are also stored in the item ‘Database’, but the Player with that Ability (if any) will not be included. All Sponsors will know the Abilities of the Players.

Gold Bolts
Along with being able to Scavenge Weapons and Items, Players can also search the planet for Gold Bolts. Gold Bolts are used to purchase Omega Mods and Alpha Mods. Upon searching for Gold Bolts, Players will find 0-3 Gold Bolts during that turn. Players can also earn Gold Bolts by killing Exterminators.

Omega Mods
Omega Mods are used to give Players’ weapons extra abilities. These are bought with Gold Bolts and vary in cost. Weapons are limited to one Omega Mod, but Omega Mods are unlimited and can never sell out. Omega Mods can be bought at any time and do not take up the daily action. The Omega Mods, their effects and cost are as follows:

-**Acid **(+1 damage to target on the next turn) - 3 Gold Bolts
-**Shock **(+1 damage to any other Player or NPC attacking target) - 5 Gold Bolts
-**Freeze **(Target’s actions resolve at the end of the turn, after all other actions) - 6 Gold Bolts
-**Brainwash **(Target cannot attack you the following turn, has no effect on same target twice in a row) - 8 Gold Bolts
-**Time Bomb **(Attack hits during the next phase, even if the target Evades the second turn) - 9 Gold Bolts
-**Morph **(20% chance to turn target into farm animal) - 10 Gold Bolts
*Farm Animal *(3 atk/0 def). When the Farm Animal attacks, it explodes and dies. Farm Animal cannot attack the Player that turned it into a Farm Animal.
-**Napalm **(x2 damage on Players) - 12 Gold Bolts
-**Mini-Bomb **(When fired, weapon does an additional attack to all NPC’s equal to 50% of Player’s Attack) - 15 Gold Bolts

Alpha Mods
Alpha Mods are used to increase the Attack and Defence values of the Player equipping the weapon. Each weapon can hold up to three Alpha Mods, and Alpha Mods are unlimited and can never sell out. Alpha Mods can be bought at any time and do not take up the daily action. The Alpha Mods and their cost are as follows:

-Attack (+1) - 1 Gold Bolt
-Attack (+2) - 2 Gold Bolts
-Attack (+3) - 3 Gold Bolts
-Attack (+4) - 4 Gold Bolts
-Attack (+5) - 5 Gold Bolts
-Attack (+6) - 6 Gold Bolts
-Attack (+7) - 7 Gold Bolts
-Attack (+8) - 8 Gold Bolts
-Attack (+9) - 9 Gold Bolts
-Attack (+10) - 10 Gold Bolts

-Defence (+1) - 1 Gold Bolt
-Defence (+2) - 2 Gold Bolts
-Defence (+3) - 3 Gold Bolts
-Defence (+4) - 4 Gold Bolts
-Defence (+5) - 5 Gold Bolts
-Defence (+6) - 6 Gold Bolts
-Defence (+7) - 7 Gold Bolts
-Defence (+8) - 8 Gold Bolts
-Defence (+9) - 9 Gold Bolts
-Defence (+10) - 10 Gold Bolts

Experience (XP)
Whenever a Player kills another Player or an NPC, they will receive XP for their weapon. When a weapon earns enough XP, it will upgrade into another form, adding more power to the weapon. If two or more Players kill the same target, all Attacking players will receive the XP from the kill. Killing a Player rewards the killer with the amount specified by their armour (at the start of the game, 10XP) and the amount of XP earned from NPC’s will be specified on the planet.

Planets and Exterminators
Players will start the first phase at the Dreadzone station with no enemies. On the second phase, they will be sent to their first planet. On each planet, there will be various NPC’s that will attack a random Player at the end of the turn. Once all NPC’s are dead, the remaining Players will be sent to the next planet. If any of the NPC’s survive the round, more NPC’s will spawn on the planet. NPC’s give XP to any Player that Attacks it if it dies in the same turn. Once Players have cleared a certain amount of planets, they will have earned enough Dread Points to face off in a Tournament against an Exterminator. Exterminators are stronger NPC’s that have special Abilities that hinder the Players. Upon death, they will give all Attacking Players XP and Gold Bolts. In addition, all alive Players will be given a new title and their Armour will improve. Players start the game as a Contestant with +1 Def Armour.

Viewers at home will be able to support their favourite Players by spending Sponsor Coins on various items. Viewers will be able to see which items they can purchase from the comfort of their own Sponsors Suite. Every purchase comes with a free advertisement* to all of our contestants!
*Advertisements must not give out information. For entertainment purposes only.

Private Messages
Players will be able to strategise with other Players in private messages. If you choose to start a private message with one or more Players, make sure to add @ArenaGM to the conversation, so that our cameras can follow all the action. Players may only create private messages with other Players and not Sponsors. Players cannot communicate with dead Players.

Juanita: "So not too many changes from last season then?"
Dallas: "Not yet at least, Jjjjjjjjjuanita. We’ve had a few behind-the-scenes changes this season, so we’ll see what effect Abilities have this time."
Juanita: "Well the game was relatively balanced before, so let’s see what difference these changes make."
Dallas: “That’s right, Juanita. Plus, as a throwback to last season, we’re reviving the chance for our contestants to stock up on Gold Bolts early. We’ve made the ones hidden around the Dreadzone Station especially easy to find, so they’re likely to find double the amount of Gold Bolts today!”

Scavengable Items
-Versa-Wrench Lite (Unlimited Available)
-Scorpion Flail (1 Available)
-Dual Vipers (1 Available)
-Magma Cannon (1 Available)
-Hunter Mine Launcher (1 Available)
-B6-Obliterator (1 Available)
-The Arbiter (1 Available)
-Fusion Rifle (1 Available)
-Miniturret Launcher (1 Available)
-Holoshield Launcher (1 Available)
-Merc (1 Available)
-Green (1 Available)

-Gold Bolts s[/s] {0/2/4/6 during this phase}
-Database (Contains all 26 Abilities, but not the Players that own them)
-Nanobots (Resurrect dead Player, automatically used if holding Player dies)

Dallas: "In another twist of the season, this time there’s only 1 of each weapon available! How’s that for dramatic, Juanita?"
Juanita: "Surely everyone will co-operate to make sure nobody ends up with nothing, right?"
Dallas and Juanita: "AHAHAHAHAHA."
Juanita: “Since this is the first phase, all of our contestants are unfortunately still alive.”

@“Missing Person”

Dallas: “What will happen to our contestants today? Will they Attack, will they Defend, will they Scavenge or will they Evade? Find out next time on Dreadzone.”

Actions due to @AlphaCommando in 24 hours.

Phase 1: Revival
Phase 2: Same Old Love
Phase 3: Slow Down
Phase 4: Survivors
Phase 5: Kill Em With Kindness
Phase 6: Stars Dance
Phase 7: Hands To Myself
Phase 8: We Own The Night
Phase 9: A Year Without Rain
Phase 10: Naturally
Phase 11: Me & The Rhythm
Phase 12: Come & Get It
Phase 13: When The Sun Goes Down
Phase 14: I Want You To Know
Phase 15: It Ain’t Me
Phase 16: We Don’t Talk Anymore
Phase 17: Forget Forever
Phase 18: Undercover
Phase 19: Love You Like A Love Song
Phase 20: Round & Round
Phase 21: Like A Champion


All PMs with Abilities (and the Sponsor’s Suite) have now been distributed. Let me know if you did not receive one.

SRK Arena IV - Ratchet Deadlocked/Gladiator HD [Sign-Up Thread]


*Death to NPC’s! Let’s get to the grand tournament of exterminators. *


If Alpha wants us to move planets so much then let’s just clear everything out to piss him off.


As of this post I’m now the most active, verbose, and handsome participant in this drama.
But that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

  • Why don’t we take a vote on who wants to clear the game worlds then see what Alpha designed. It’s been a while but i seem to remember the game going batshit with NPC enemies.

I’m all aboard the SS death bots. @blindkbagg. What say you, handsome?*


Sounds fun, I’ll consider it.


That opens the late game for some sheer fuckery… Those who survive the NPC phase will have expanded arsenals.


*That it does, but I’m always about mixing it up from game to game. Peoples abilities are going to pop sooner rather than later but this game is designed for pve not just pvp which creates an interesting wrinkle. *


I’d be down with that, but it’s hard to trust you guys. :frowning:


I’m up for that too. Increases the chances of someone actually winning in the end Vs. everyone being out of it.

@AlphaCommando Are we allowed to tell others our abilities? Or is that only for the player/sponsors to know?


Yea sure, let’s go PVE


You can tell anyone anything you want.


*The more things change, the more they stay the same. Why don’t you try trusting me for once, bambina?

Alright. So let’s start talking items, I’m looking to scavenge the Scorpion Flail or the B6 right now. *


Part of my abilities is that I’m in contact with the sponsors. I can influence who will be receiving sponsor rewards. Grovel before me peasants.


I’m trying to scavenge the wrench because I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing, lol.


Wrench gets badass if you sick with it


On this note, if anyone has any questions about the game/mechanics, feel free to post it here or PM me.


Oh yeah, and how much XP is gained per NPC/Player kill?