SRK Arena IV - Ratchet Deadlocked/Gladiator HD - Finale: Like A Champion


The turret is random, so @Blindknagg is good.


Also, uh, Hecatom’s gold is accounted for, but Reiraku should only have 1 so far. (If I counted right).

I’m not sure where the other 5 gold bolts came from. Fuckery?


Oh, Reiraku and Hecatom are the connected players.


Turretius works in mysterious ways.


This game rocks


Yo, where are the sponsors? :rofl:


Couldn’t Reiraku instead be the one who earns bolts as we progress from planet to planet?


Nah, the odds of them having the exact same item/gold bolts/mods are too crazy for that.


I think everybody needs to slow their roles for the time being…Check out the abilities, and think about who suggested and why we started just killing npc’s willy-nillly. Basically, it seems to have been working out more for some than other…others that haven’t even been attacking the whole time anyway.
Darkgeneral and RadicalFuzz were the first to suggest it. Blindknagg just shot Raij1n, and his mafia boss JasonC claimed the miniturrent was random ( I don’t know if that for sure or not ), but if it’s any consolation…Nupo was the first to suggest players attacking each other.

I’m not sure about MP, but I’m guessing he’s just trying to get XP for late game.

The only way I can tell at the moment for the “stragglers” to survive long enough to become a threat is to appeal to the 6&22 twins @Blindknagg and @Reiraku to abandon your mafia masters, and instead attack those who would seek to use your strengths for their own benefit.

There’s already fuckery in the works, and until we get it figuered out, i would suggest not to listen to ANYONE trying to get you to attack an NPC this turn as it only seems to be benefiting a few.


Yeah… I realized a second too late I’m making life too easy for some.

The twins could womp any player at this point, hell, even two at a time.


I can’t trust you SRK bastards hahaha


I disavow myself from the false Turretius… @Synonym I now swear allegiance to you, my new master. Tell me what to do!


I’m not sure if you’re ignoring facts as a sort of mindgame or what @3rdSTRikeLOVE

The weapon info for the turret says it’s random, and the ability information you posted says that the twins have the same gold purchases. And Synonym is just here, really. Can only scavenge, can’t win, eh.


I’m confused :frowning:


Not surprising, some people are trying to stir confussion among us so we are put against each other early in the game.
The thing is that we can’t keep the status quo so far, but we also can’t start killing each other so quickly without risking to make it easier for certain people and ruin our chances of winning.


I’m still attacking Shellshock for 1. Hope this doesn’t end my game.


oh so does the fuckery start this phase?


Look at what net neutrality has wrought.


3rdstrike with the nanobots is pretty OP if you think about it - he’s got 3 lives. Somehow, I’m still not scared of him?


I wouldn’t mind if someone decides to take some of his lives out just to even the field :rofl: