SRK Arena IV - Ratchet Deadlocked/Gladiator HD - Finale: Like A Champion


Well that’s an easy way to tell that you didn’t play this game last time. Only took until Phase 2 for 2 Players to die.


Yeah it’s my first arena game.



… I hope my corpse is beautiful


That was way too late to be sincere.


The power of Turretius compels you!


Fuck…lol. I mean fuck damn it, I’m probably next…lol wtf @Raij1n …FUCK! What happened?


Somebody leaked all the roles and all hell broke loose. :neutral:


11 hours ago, at Shellshock’s Arena

jasonC: "Hey Synonym, you look pretty
Synonym: "Thanks mate."
jasonC: "…underequipped over there."
Synonym: "Nah cunt, I’ve got everything I need. Plus I’m makin’ a fuckin’ killin’ on these Gold Bolts."
jasonC: "Here. Use this as a container to store your massive fortune in."
Synonym: “Motherfucker this is 100% less convenient than me just carrying the Gold Bolts.”

jasonC has given The Arbiter to Synonym.


24 hours ago, at Shellshock’s Arena

Dallas: "WILL YOU LOOK AT THAT. In a surprise action, jasonC has opted to SHIELD Shellshock!"
jasonC: "Yes, you told me that already."
Raij1n: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA… wait. Did the rocket miss?"
jasonC: "What? NO. I KILLED YOU."
Juanita: "And it looks like jasonC has lost the element of surprise, with everyone now watching his every move."
Shellshock: “UND NOW IT IS MY TURN.”

jasonC’s Phase 6 Action has been undone!

Raij1n has been revived.
Raij1n has his defence halved for the next turn for Attacking Shellshock.
The Magma Cannon has been removed from the scavengable items list.




Oh whoops, meant to tag him in that last one.

@Raij1n, you back in nigga.


Does that mean JasonC also lost the XP from the kill?


Yep. Well, his Arbiter did.


@Synonym I beg of you oh absent master…

Give me stuff in Eostre Bunny’s name!


The lounge has said they are willing to negotiate for sponsorship. I am feeding them gold, but they hunger for more.

@jasonC you’re crazy but I like crazy.


Uh, just realized something. @jasonC , What was the point of giving @Synonym the weapon? He can only scavenge for bolts…


Lowers defense, I’m assuming.


I mean, 1,000,000 - 2 doesn’t really do much for anyone, lol.


I think the number is also negligible, since it can increase if needed. It’s just to show I’m invulnerable bit also can’t win.


@AlphaCommando what happens if Synonym is selected as the winner from #19’s ability?