SRK Arena IV - Ratchet Deadlocked/Gladiator HD - Finale: Like A Champion




Oh whoops, meant to tag him in that last one.

@Raij1n, you back in nigga.


Does that mean JasonC also lost the XP from the kill?


Yep. Well, his Arbiter did.


@Synonym I beg of you oh absent master…

Give me stuff in Eostre Bunny’s name!


The lounge has said they are willing to negotiate for sponsorship. I am feeding them gold, but they hunger for more.

@jasonC you’re crazy but I like crazy.


Uh, just realized something. @jasonC , What was the point of giving @Synonym the weapon? He can only scavenge for bolts…


Lowers defense, I’m assuming.


I mean, 1,000,000 - 2 doesn’t really do much for anyone, lol.


I think the number is also negligible, since it can increase if needed. It’s just to show I’m invulnerable bit also can’t win.


@AlphaCommando what happens if Synonym is selected as the winner from #19’s ability?


If hypothetically, the #19 (Legacy) Ability from 3SL’s list is in the game and Synonym was at the top of that list, Synonym’s Ability would be replaced with the Legacy Ability, which would also replace the hypothetical no-win condition attached to Synonym’s hypothetical Ability. Hypothetically.


One hour ago, at The Chief’s suite

Bious: "So did you end up finding out why everyone went fucking berserk?"
The Chief: "Yeah, looks like 3rdSTRikeLOVE released a list of everyone’s Abilities, including some that they didn’t have."
Cyntalan: "Paranoia’s some crazy shit man. Stronger than any weapon out there."
Vynce (?): "From personal experience, I can tell you that’s 100% not true."
The Chief: "You weren’t paranoid?"
Vynce (?): “Oh fuck yeah I was, but a Versa-Wrench to the skull hurts a lot more than getting hit with an illegal Protocol.”

Present time, at Kronos
Dallas: "And welcome back to day 2 of our exciting match between our useless contestants and the mighty Shellshock!"
Juanita: "So far, nobody has been able to land a single hit against this rugged behemoth. Let’s see who’s stupid enough to try tonight!"
chadouken!: "What the fuck are they talking about?"
Merc: "Launching shield, sir."
Juanita: "Woah, would you look at that, Dallas? All of that concentrated damage manages to break through the shield! Do they have enough to take jasonC out?"
Reiraku: "Finish him off, MP!"
Missing Person: "And one shot for you."
Reiraku: "WHAT THE FUCK?"
Missing Person: "NupoChromine, NOW!"
NupoChromine: "Take that, Reiraku you shit!"
Juanita: "OHHHHH! With that excellent co-ordination between the contestants, they manage to take out… nobody jasonC."
Shellshock: "I CAN FEEX ZAT."
Dallas: "And Shellshock launches valiantly into the air, locking on to Blindknagg, ForgeDigger, RadicalFuzz and Synonym, with RadicalFuzz surviving by some absolute miracle!"
RadicalFuzz: "mY nUtS hAvE hArDeNeD D:"
Dallas: “And with that piece of too much information, that’s all for tonight. Tune in next time to see who Shellshock will have to wipe off his shoe tomorrow. Only on Vox.”

Present time, at The Chief’s suite

Vynce (?): "So all that buildup, and… nothing happened jasonC died?"
Cyntalan: "I think it was less than nothing jasonC dying. I thought I remembered Raij1n dying?"
Bious: "Hmmm… no. Don’t think that happened."
The Chief: “Must’ve just been a commercial.”

3rdSTRikeLOVE - Defend
Blindknagg - Attack
chadouken! - Scavenge: Gold Bolts
DarkGeneral - Scavenge: Gold Bolts
ForgeDigger - Scavenge: Gold Bolts
Hecatom - Attack: jasonC
jasonC - Scavenge: Gold Bolts
Missing Person - Attack: jasonC/Reiraku
NupoChromine - Attack: Reiraku
orochizoolander - Scavenge: Gold Bolts
RadicalFuzz - Scavenge: Gold Bolts
Raij1n - Attack: jasonC
Reiraku - Attack: jasonC
Synonym - Scavenge: Gold Bolts
Merc - Shield: jasonC
Miniturret (Turn 2/3) - Attack: NupoChromine
Miniturret (Turn 1/3) - Attack: 3rdSTRikeLOVE

Shellshock - Attack: Blindknagg/ForgeDigger/RadicalFuzz/Synonym

jasonC dies.
jasonC’s Ability:
24-Turretius: NPCs will not Attack you (does not include Exterminators).

ForgeDigger’s Versa-Wrench Lite gets 10XP for killing jasonC.
ForgeDigger’s Versa-Wrench Lite upgrades to the Versa-Wrench Multicore.
Hecatom’s Versa-Wrench Lite gets 10XP for killing jasonC.
Hecatom’s Versa-Wrench Lite upgrades to the Versa-Wrench Multicore.
Missing Person’s Dual Vipers get 10XP for killing jasonC.
Missing Person’s Dual Vipers upgrade to the Dual Raptors.
Raij1n’s Magma Cannon gets 10XP for killing jasonC.
Reiraku’s Versa-Wrench Lite gets 10XP for killing jasonC.
Reiraku’s Versa-Wrench Lite upgrades to the Versa-Wrench Multicore.
Merc’s Holoshield Launcher gets 9XP for blocking 9 damage.

chadouken! gets 0 Gold Bolts.
DarkGeneral gets 1 Gold Bolt.
ForgeDigger gets 3 Gold Bolts.
jasonC gets 1 Gold Bolt.
orochizoolander gets 2 Gold Bolts.
RadicalFuzz gets 0 Gold Bolts.
Synonym gets 0 Gold Bolts.

3rdSTRikeLOVE: B6-Obliterator (+1 atk/+3 def/0XP) {Alpha Mods: +1 def}, Nanobots, Database
Blindknagg: Miniturret Launcher (+1 atk/+3 def/3XP) {Alpha Mods: +1 def, +2 def}
chadouken!: Versa-Wrench Lite (+1 atk/+1 def/5XP)
DarkGeneral: Hunter Mine Launcher (0 atk/+5 def/0XP) {Alpha Mods: +2 def}
DukeC: Phase 6
ForgeDigger: Versa-Wrench Multicore (+2 atk/+2 def/0XP)
Hecatom: Versa-Wrench Multicore (+5 atk/+9 def/0XP) (+3 atk, +3 def, +4 def)
jasonC: Phase 7
Missing Person: Dual Raptors (+2 atk/+2 def)
NupoChromine: Scorpion Flail (+5 atk/4 def/10XP) {Alpha Mods: +2 atk, +4 def}
orochizoolander: Versa-Wrench Lite (+1 atk/+1 def/0XP)
RadicalFuzz: Versa-Wrench Lite (+1 atk/+1 def/6XP)
Raij1n: Magma Cannon (+2 atk/+1 def/18XP)
Reiraku: Versa-Wrench Multicore (+5 atk/+9 def/0XP) (+3 atk, +3 def, +4 def)
Synonym: The Arbiter (+5 atk/-2 def/0XP)

Scavengable Items
-Versa-Wrench Lite (Unlimited Available)
-Fusion Rifle (1 Available)

-Gold Bolts (0/1/2/3)
-Merc - (0 atk/0 def/0 Phases) - Holoshield Launcher (0 atk/0 def/15XP) [Note: Holoshield launcher can be scavenged separately]
-Green - (0 atk/0 def/0 Phases)

Avenger Tournament
Shellshock (2 atk/10 def/5XP): If not killed at the end of the turn, hits all Players that attacked him with a shockwave, halving their defence next turn. All attackers on same turn as death get 2 Gold Bolts. 25% chance of each Player getting hit by attack. Surviving Players become Avengers (armour becomes +2 def, Players worth 15XP)

Actions due in 24 hours.


Chill guys.


So I’m gonna assume that berserk is not in the game


I should be dead, shouldn’t I?


Everyone starts the game with +1 armour.


Raij1n’s ability is a lie?


In light of what may or may not be related to this, you dead nigga. I may or may not have forgotten that I updated that role to include shields (not just Evades like last time).