SRK Arena IV - Ratchet Deadlocked/Gladiator HD [Sign-Up Thread]



Welcome back to Dreadzone, gladiators! After 3 years, the most popular Arena game in SRK/JTM history {citation needed} returns! With it, the game returns with balance changes, story continuation and an incentive/deterrent to leave the first fucking planet! There may be some returning (altered) roles, returning jokes and (hopefully) returning players. The specific updated rules will be released with the start of the game, but for a recap of the basics of the Arena format, here’s the stolen rules from the original Ratchet Deadlocked/Gladiator game:

Welcome to the sign-up thread of the fourth Arena game of Shoryuken! Now, there are going to be a couple of changes in this game compared to regular games, so I’ll address them first.

ALL BANS ARE TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED FOR THE DURATION OF THE GAME - This includes permanent bans, temporary bans, Mafia bans and everything in between.

PM’S ARE ALLOWED IN THIS GAME - This is going to be a new mechanic implemented to see how the game plays out differently. PM’s are allowed between any amount of Players in ‘SRK Arena IV’, and nobody outside of the game is to be added into a PM. If you do make a PM, please make sure to add @ArenaGM to the conversation. All actions will still be submitted to @AlphaCommando.

THERE IS NO LIMIT TO PLAYERS IN THIS GAME - Unlike the past two previous Arena games, the player amount will not be limited to 12 players. Everybody that signs up will be added to the game, unless specifically requested to be a Sponsor.

STEALTH WILL BE REPLACED WITH EVADE - Instead of Stealth giving you immunity on the second turn to take a free action, Evade gives you immunity during that turn, leaving you unable to Evade or Defend during the next turn.

DEAD PLAYERS WILL NOT BE ADDED TO THE SPONSOR’S SUITE - If a player dies, they will NOT be allowed to post in the thread or in PM’s, but will also not be added to the Sponsor’s Suite until the end of the game upon request.

{Stuff stolen from Pimp Willy}

Players may take 1 action per turn. They PM that action to the game master, who will update the game every 24 hours based on those actions.

Player Actions:

  1. Attack. You may attack a character, dealing your attack damage to them.

  2. Defend. You defend yourself, doubling your defense value for this turn. Or target another player, and add your defense value to theirs for this turn.

  3. Scavenge. You attempt to grab some equipment from the equipment list. If multiple people attempt to grab the same item, only 1 will receive it (chosen randomly)

  4. Evade. You dodge all incoming attacks. Cannot use Evade or Defend after Evading.

All actions are resolved at the same time. If a player takes combined damage more than their defense value on a single turn, they are killed and removed from the game.

The last player left alive (if any) wins the game.

All players will be assigned an ability. This secret special ability will not be revealed until their death, but can have an effect on the game. Those in the Sponsors Lounge will be able to see everybodies abilities.

Arena Hazards:
The arena will be themed, and have hazards in them. These hazards and their order will be selected before the game starts, but kept secret. At the end of a phase, if the arena hazards have any effect on the game, it will be shared with the players. This hazard will affect the next phase.

Before the game starts, people can sign up to be sponsors. They will be given 1 credit to spend. They may spend these credits to help players currently in the game. The sponsors will have a way to earn more credits.

The list of available items/bonuses that can be bought with credits will vary from game to game, and will be posted in the LL but kept secret from the players.

Scavengable Equipment
Equipment may be scavenged during a player’s turn, but each item can only be owned by 1 player at a time. If multiple players attempt to scavenge the same piece of equipment on the same turn, one will be chosen (at random) to receive the item, and the other players end up with nothing.

When a player dies, his items become scavengable again.

The actual equipment list of items that will be available is kept secret until the game starts, as it varies from arena to arena and is up to the game master. Here is a sample list of items, so that you can have an idea of what to expect to see.

Equipment List:

Short Sword (hand), +2 attack
Axe (hand), +4 attack (-1 armor value to each piece of armor you wear)
Mace (hand), +2 attack (If the enemy doesn’t die when you attack, destroy 1 random piece of their armor)
Spear (hand), +2 attack (deals 2 damage to attackers while you are defending)
Katana (2 handed), +5 attack
Bow (2 handed), +3 attack (Ranged: you avoid damage while attacking, even if their item permits them to deal damage)


Shield (off-hand), +2 Defense
Tower Shield (Hand), +4 defense
Spiked Shield (off-hand) +1 attack, +2 defense (deals 1 damage to attackers while you are defending)
Body Armor (Armor), +3 defense (+2 extra vs ranged weapons)

Deadly Poison - Your swords, daggers, and axes have +1 attack
Stoneskin amulet - you have +1 armor

Carried Equipment:
Players may only have each slot filled, and not carry any extra items. Slots are as follows:

Main Hand: Can be filled with any Main, Off-Hand, or 2 Handed item
Off Hand: Can be filled with any off-hand item, as long as no 2 handed item is equipped in the main hand
Body: Can be filled with any Body item
Misc: Can have unlimited Misc. items


Phases will last 24 hours. You have 24 hours to PM your action for the day, and the Game Master write up will reflect all actions of all players, and then mention what (if any) the arena hazard for the next round is. The game will last as many phases as necessary, until only 1 person is left alive.

Sample Actions:

Be warned, as some of you guys know, I like to… overcomplicate things, so there will be new features added to the game.

48 hours before the game starts, I will PM everyone asking them for their X preferred numbers in order, where X is their sign-up number.

e.g. Vynce (?) will PM me his 1 preferred number, DukeC will send me his 2 preferred numbers (with the one he’d more prefer as his first number), … , RadicalFuzz will send me his 13 preferred numbers (from his most preferred to his least preferred) and XthAtGAm3RGuYX will send me his 21 most preferred numbers (from most to least preferred).

Anyone that doesn’t submit a preference within the 48 hours will be randomly assigned a number after I have designated the ones that requested numbers their highest available preference.

Note: One rule has changed since the previous game.

Before the game starts, people can sign up to be sponsors. They will be given 1 credit to spend. They may spend these credits to help players currently in the game. The sponsors will have a way to earn more credits (to be revealed at Game Start to all sponsors).
The list of available items/bonuses that can be bought with credits will vary from game to game, and will be posted in the LL but kept secret from the players.

For players that didn’t play/follow the previous Arena game, you can find it here to get an idea of how the game works and what sort of weapons/abilities will be in the game:

To give our returning contestants some confidence that this game will fix some of the previous game’s problems, here’s a tentative list of incomplete patch notes:
-If Player A gives Player B a weapon, Player B will keep their current weapon equipped until the new weapon is manually equipped.
-NPC enemies will spawn at an exponential rate (Catacrom Four will still be a relatively safe planet to start off with (so people can build up their equipment), but not forever. Will we see a zombie army win this game?).
-Secret abilities: Brand new abilities are coming, as well as tweaked (sometimes) returning abilities.
-Gold bolts will be easier to get and Alpha Mods will be cheaper (no more using all your Gold Bolts for +1 basic bitch shit).
-The previous winner (Synonym) will be able to design their own secret ability (pending GM approval and balance changes).

So who will join as a new gladiator, which gladiators will return and which gladiators will remain kicked down the cliff?

Sign-ups close 1 week after MSPaint Whispers and Mock Write-Ups are done.


  1. Blindknagg
  2. Missing Person
  3. jasonC
  4. Hecatom
  5. Synonym
  6. orochizoolander
  7. DarkGeneral
  8. ForgeDigger
  9. DukeC
  10. Reiraku
  11. NupoChromine
  12. chadouken!
  13. RadicalFuzz
  14. 3rdSTRikeLOVE
  15. Raij1n


  1. The Chief
  2. Cyntalan
  3. Bious
  4. Vynce (?)

Tagging all the previous gladiators/sponsors:

@Vynce (?)
@“Missing Person”
@“infrequent lurker”
@“Pimp Willy”

@“The Chief”

JTM/SRK MSPaint Whispers VI: The Dickening -- GAME THREAD

Oh yeah, logged into ArenaGM to make sure I still had the password.

3584 notifications.

Sneak peek to new players on how intense private messaging gets in this game.


Might consider sponsoring again this game.


In that case, everyone’s gonna be watching Dreadzone at your suite again.

“Inside, you’ll find 15 Gold Bolts, brought to you by Uncle Ruckus! Don’t trust dem new niggas ova deya… spreadin dey nigga essance in da aya…”


I’m in to win.


I’ll go a round here. Hopefully will be more functional than in the all star game.


Sponsor again.


Oh, wait, arena. My mistake.



Can I kill PW first?



I hope some of the sponsor benefits aren’t clickbaiting Alpha’s Yaoi /r/nosleep writings.






oh shit, *****OG


Count me in as a Gladiator


In. Special role design you say…

“No matter what action is used, missing person cannot kill pimp willy”


I need to redeem myself for my lack of performance in the last mafia game, I’m so in.

Too bad you guys banned my defense strategy from the first arena game, I’ll try to think of something else to exploit this time around :P.


*Arena games are way too phone and low hassle. I’m in. *


Zoo still salty he got played by me.


I’m in

Hello again srk. I wish I could say I missed you


Vynce (?) did a fantastic job of finding the forced weapon switch exploit last time.