SRK Awards - 2010 Custom Arcade Stick of the Year


While this one is sure to have plenty of entries, I really think this will end up being a race to see which stick is number 2. (Note: I still am not sure if there will be a separate award for the ‘WTF DID YOU MOD!?!’ objects like the frankenpads or the hacked SNES pad, If there isn’t a new award, I’ll add them here

Here are the submissions so far. Feel free to add on:

Jutman22’s maple Morrigan stick

d3v’s Project: International Slumber

spenzaliii’s El Guapo


Purplearms’ Project Goken (scroll down a bit…)


noodalls’, um, test station? This thing has so much on it I’m not even sure what to call it…

arthong’s Tek-Case series 1 sticks (may be moved and added to the stick builder of the year category, not sure…)


blindwithonearm’s Semper Fightstick

Big Pocket’s Ragna stick

Add on…


+1 Vote for the Ragna Stick


ragna…then broken english akuma stick


I agree with Saint and Kali, definitely the Ragna stick is the business.


here is an inside shot of semper fightstick :slight_smile:


what inspired me to even attempt custom fightsticks. in no particular order but imo some of their BEST pieces in 2010
B15SDM"new and improved custon stick"

Roninwarrior at his finest in 2010

ProjectGiantSword ClockWork

Br0ken_Engli5h Punisher Stick


@Blind - You should throw your DBZ stick in the mix.


Thanks man! I I got a ways to go in my eyes before I can promote my stuff. Getting better but I got some things to work on.


Credit for IS goes to you, not me. I just funded it, the work was all yours mang.


too humble my friend… but it what drives you folks to consistently amaze us.


Personally, I think the TEK case belongs in the Accessoryt or the Year category.


This is just for this year right cause I though i saw the punisher stick in 09 I may be mistaken its sweet but I guess I’m OG and its not erg enough for me as a functional stick But I still got love for english with a vote 1+ for Ragna stick its super sexy

**I did a woopse=**I mixed up big pockets and broken english my vote is for Big pockets but he deserves a lifetime achievement award cause all his sticks are Golden, total works of arts I remember his coffee stick and that crazy akuma just…WOW


Upload date on Joystick Vault is 02/26/10…I’m too lazy to search the threads here for it though.
Joystick Vault / Br0ken_Engli5h Album


My vote goes to BP’s Ragna Stick.

BrokenEnglish and B15 sticks are baddass as well,


Yeah Big Pockets kinda floored me with the Ragna stick.
You don’t hear from the guy for a while and BAM! It’s definitely the one stick I show to non-stick people.

I also love how he barely even says anything in his post, just a hand full of awesome HQ pictures.

I think his quote is worthy of some award:
“This stick was primarily made out of breakbeat music and Eight O’clock coffee. When you put those together they form a substance similar to MDF.”-BP

B15 isn’t human so he should be disqualified }^]


I still need to track doen B.E.'s akuma stick to add to the mix. If anyone else can find it first, please do so.

Art’s cases may very well end up moving to another category (accessory? builder of the year?) but an official determination on exactly where it should count hasn’t been made. I just took what was nominated in the OG thread and posted pics here.

Same reason I haven’t posted the frankenpads, quickshots, lamp360, or b15’s cab yet. There have been suggestions to clarify the scope of ‘custom arcade stick’ so they may end up in their own category. Again, no official ruling just yet. I may add them later today and then edit if we end up with different categories.

And as I said in the first post, methinks this will end up seeing which stick comes in second


How could we have such awards without sticks from the great Souji5!?

Here are some of my favorites from him:

Adon Stick

E.Honda/T.Hawk Happ/Seimitsu Combo Stick

My Personal Favorite (Because this is my stick LOL) Samurai Chocolate

There are lots from him but I thought this thread wouldn’t be complete without at least 1 stick from Souji5.


Was this Broken’s Akuma Stick that was nominated? Can’t remember…


Big Pockets’ ragna stick wins absolutely hands down. Br0ken_Engli5h’s punisher skull takes 2nd place for me. I’ll try to take some nice quality up to date photos of the punisher skull stick since it’s got buttons/rj45/usb on the sides now and art inserts in seimitsu buttons on the face.

The punisher stick was definately 2010. Also, the coffee stick was made by TMO for big pockets in 2009 as part of a stick trade. Big pockets made a carbon fiber stick for TMO, which I’d say was the best stick of 2009.


Fuck it … another one of mine(!!) its cult, unorthodox and sexy :slight_smile: