SRK Battle Poll av request thread!

Hey guys, as most of you probably know, the annual SRK BP’s are taking place soon. Now, thankfully, new rules state that you can only use ONE avatar during the BP’s (unless you make it to the finals, where you can use 2) so I’d only need one.

If any talanted individuals could make me an avatar of my team, which is The Flash, Superman, and The Martian Manhunter, with the words “The Galactic League” (Obviously a play on “The Justice League”) and preferably animated. Since I’m premium, I have more space for you creative people to work with.

If anyone could hook me up with a nice avatar of that I’d much appreciate it.

EDIT: ALSO, for other participants of this year’s SRK BP’s, instead of flooding Image Mishmash with more threads, post your avatar requests in this one please. Let’s keep everything nice and tidy.


Get me some sprites, and I’ll do it.


You’re on your own with MM. He wasn’t in that game.

It doesn’t have to be the video game sprites, it could also just be pictures from the cartoon or the comics. Sorry, I’d have no idea where to get DC sprites…


There was a Marvel vs. DC Mugen that had some decent Supes, Flash, (and maybe MM?) sprites.

I can’t seem to find it anymore tho.


Martian Manhunter is in the GBA JLA/JLU game, just rip the sprites from that.

Hey Galactic, is it alright if other people hijack your thread and request in here as well?

Yeah sure, I actually intended this thread for that. Original post amended.

Any luck on my avatar request anyone?


Hrmm…I’ll be happy to do what I can if someone will provide pics.

I’m not finding pics for you guys for battle poll avs, and that’s that.

However, I’ll be happy to do whatever I can for whoever requests.

For those of you saying, “since when did quiche do avs?” look HERE.


Any chance you could make an avatar with these characters in them. Sorry about the amount of Magus sprites, but I’m not entirely certain which one I would like. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

erm, sure, but that top one isn’t working.


Alright, how about this one then…

ok. I’ll get on it.

Does your team have a name?


thanks man, how about Fire N’ Brimstone

Well, here are my guys. Kinda some sucky pictures cause there’s no real good ones of Oswald and Setzer,never mind sprite rips. Besides, Setzer sprites would just look funny.

No idea what I’d want. But Gambling Pimps need a pimp avatar. :tup:


I’m still new at av making and haven’t made an av for a non-prem before, and I just spent an hour and a half making a badass av for lord doom, and now I realize he’s not prem, and can’t use this av.

I’m pissed.

Lord Doom, do you wanna get prem so you can wear this av, or do you want a shittier one instead?


yea, I’ll see what I can do…hopefully I have some money in my account to do that.

That’s definitely one kick-ass avatar though…too freaking good. Thanks man, otherwise I guess I’ll have to take a crappy avatar, hate not being premium anymore.

a month is only $2, and even when it runs out, it lets you keep your prem AV as long as you don’t change it.


EDIT: orochitempest: I dunno what to do with yer gambling pimps. Without sprites, I’m useless. I can do a cool-looking still-frame, if you want, or you an try someone else.

I feel for you. I was making Phae’s Avatar for the Villains Consortium! (I’ve learned to spell Consortium correctly after looking it up everytime I type it.) and this sucker was like 12 frames originally. When I finished the 12th frame I pressed the wrong button and closed my program. I freaked and started to pray that I had saved my progress at some point, nada. I had been working on it for like 5 hours. Editing sprites takes work and I just starting animating, what? 3 days ago. I felt like freaking crying. I went to the bathroom and seriously considered stabbing my computer to dead. Thankfully I had saved at some point so I didn’t have to start from scrath. I’m a saving machine now.

I’ll have it taken care of tonight. Thanks again for the kick ass avatar.