SRK Battle Poll Grand Finale. The ultimate mirror match! THE SEND OFF!


Well, here we are again, gathered to celebrate the end of yet another glorious BP that came and went. Sorry about yesterday, I had personal commitments that I could not avoid. With that said, and without further ado, let us define the true champion of this year’s BP, so we can call this…a wrap (pun intended).

Location: Orlando, Florida


-The Undead Wizard Searching For His Rotting Whore-
Imhotep the Mummy (The Mummy Online/The Mummy film/The Mummy Returns) from Black Jesus
-Alien Comrade With A Deadly Touch-
Gennity aka Mack the Knife (Captain Commando/Marvel vs. Capcom sidekick) from Black Jesus

In: Cheapest Halloween costume ever made (TP not required)!

So, without further ado…AWAAAAAAAAAAY WE GO!


Mack! Mack! Mack!

With of course a chance to be swayed by prop of course.



Fawful uses leader skill against Mummy
Name: Star Attack
Description: The raging mechanoid pulls out two guns, and fires a stream of stars from each gun. The stars take a spin around the opponent, and then overwhelms them with a flow of starry hits.
Effect: Hits the opponent for 5 votes of damage.


…wow. That matchup is not suprising in the least lol.


uh hu


Imhotep went out like a bitch at the end of Mummy 2.



use all my assists on mummy and vote for him


Starman uses his leader skill to assist Mack.
Ron Jeremy uses his personal skill to assist Mack.
Orion uses his personal skill to assist Mack.

Vote: Mack


Mack the Knife.

Can be changed by prop, however. Looking forward to it.


Mack the Knife


9Tails uses Annihilator Hadouken to assist Mummy.
Arc uses Dash Elbow to assist Jack the Knife.

My vote is for Jack the Knife…he’s a handler of knives.


Lol this is madness

I vote Megatron


What if someone uses his post mortem assists against Lantis!


Too late to be effective? You should probably blame quiche for that too. :bluu:



the flaw with your plan is that a tie goes to sudden death and I’ll just vote then breaking the tie. oh. and there’s this.

break all mack and the mummy’s stocks.


I, for one, can live with that.

Say, you haven’t answered my PM yet (the one from long, long ago). :sad:


A worthy effort, Muff, unfortunately if people were smart enough to listen to that reason, BJ wouldn’t be by himself in the Finals in the first place.


but you couldn’t live with my av could you you butt hurt crybaby. just because muff wants to be farnsworth bentley, it doesn’t make you puffy. muff broke his arm throwing a ball for christ’s sake. you ain’t fucking with me. the fact that mr. glass just rose up against me should tell you that I’m unbreakable.


This is bonkers. :rofl:


Remember BP IV when VSLASH had this av about you and a watermelon, and you went crying to the mods to have it removed?

In that regard, you don’t have SHIT to say about me.