SRK Battle Royal


Put your vaginas away… it’s coming…

Battle Royal this year will be done kickball style. Instead of teams, I’ll pick captains from the signups and they will pick their teams.

EDIT: For the noobs, sign up and get your FLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME ON. We break up into groups, and have a flame war, team vs team where participants vote for who they think won.


What’s coming? The black holy spirit? Does that mean we’re going to be filled with love for fried chicken, shitty football teams and overweight white women?

Put your tampon in so we can’t see your bloody puss all over the place over the shitty cowboys.


the battle poll that Boel ‘won’ is gonna happen for real real (not for play play)???


Pertho has been really irritable lately, who shit in his fried chicken’os?


Aww, how cute. Someone taught a clit to type.

Judging by everything I’ve seen you post, definitely not you. You couldn’t get off with Casey Anthony’s lawyer. You’re a walking oxymoron, and not just because you’re a moron the size of an ox, but because you’re uptight *and *you have a stick up your ass. How is that even possible?

Definitely not with you gaying this bitch up. You’re like Tebow: all you do is throw passes at dudes, kneel, and come from behind.

Of course not. The best part about fried chicken is the skin, and we all know you’re not going anywhere near skins with a face like that. Your grill is a baboon aphrodisiac.

You obviously have the cowboys mistaken for Penn State.

Let’s not be hasty now. Why differentiate? To you, all women are the same. They’re like Magic: you ain’t fuckin’ with them.

Nice one. Tampon jokes. It’s like 1995 all over again except the other kids are letting you keep your lunch money. Maybe next you can talk about how I’m rubber and you’re a faggot.


I knew you were back for this.

I may join up this time. I’ve never participated, or even knew how the game works. So… maybe. :tup:



Why does Black Jesus get a team?

The opposition already needs to block three directions at once - why give him an assist to cover the other one?


You’re spending so much time on Romo’s cock, it’s surprising you know something other than dick.

OJ’s legal team couldn’t fix how stupid this shit is. Splitting up oxymoron like a 5th grader; I bet you try to get at bitches by texting them “ASS U ME.”

And you’re like Farve: all the good you have left is stuck in the record books.

With skin like yours, the only thing darker is a fat girl’s shadow at night.

See Penn State at least can keep a winning coach. As soon as the Cowboys had one, they just fired his ass for all the hard work he did.

And to women you’re like Jenny Craig, they say they try it but they all lie about it.

Damn dude, it hasn’t even started and already using faggot? You’re spit is more useless than Jerry Jones decision making. Starting out a battle like a jobber. You used to be Adam Warlock, now you’re just Adam Voldemort, little white kids can make you look free.


I am new to this. Is it voters and teams? Or do the teams vote?


Teams ain’t even picked and these two are already going in. Good times, good times.


The fuck is this? Yall STILL doing this shit?!?





Battle Royal is that serious, breh.


Don’t think SRK has enough quality members to make this go as hard as it use to.


Not signing up, just looking forward to AW posts. homeboy was the ONLY reason to read the show yourself thread

and I’m not gonna lie, I can’t handle the heat


damn! when was the last Battle Royal? 5 years ago? man the best you’ll get now with the nwer members is the equivalent of listening to 12years old bitch at each other in CoD lobbies.

still will watch where this thread goes…


lol damn I’ll join in… but I agree I don’t think I can take the heat… got dayum…

Isn’t Pertho like puerto rican or some shit, so wouldn’t it be like tortilla wraps and beans or some shit? No racist?

Nah idc…


I will join this too, just so everybody has a nice squishy target. I am going to get pwned so badly

For the longest time, I thought Pertho barely had a grasp on the english language. Now I know he does.


I try and post at the appropriate reading level of the average SRK user.


SRK is too soft for the Battle Royal now. This shit will end with multiple suicides and buckets of tears and many bans.