SRK Biweekly SFV Tournament Thread


The timezone was also messed up too. Thanks for the heads up.


Lord Twinblades not signing up to give you all a chance at winning. .


@TWINBLADES dodged because he’s scared of Pookie’s Ryu, and would’ve gotten kicked out because he’s a filthy Wifi Peasant.

What’s your excuse though?


Really now…


I live in Singapore. - _-

Else. I’d definitely join.


Friday works for me as well, anytime after 7pm EST.


You almost scared me, I thought you were going to post that you wouldn’t be able to play on Friday.

Did you check the bracket to see who you’re facing?

Btw, all of you just need to turn on the game on your tournament days.

I’ll make a battle lounge for all the players.

Do you mind if I stream them? That way we can talk in the Twitch Chat and avoid flooding the thread.


Sounds good!


I’m fine with streaming the games.

I demand a % cut of any bitcoins received.


@Froztey @ditn @QuixoticNeutral @Spada

Get hype and ready!!!

[details=Spoiler] Oh yeah, the stream link.



inc sec


wow fang thats a first


Where is @Froztey ?


casuals meantime?


Was that last match too laggy for you @spada? dunno if we should play again or not.




Yeah, it lag spike and rollback at times in the first match but playable. The second one was rollback city. xD
How was it in your end?


from where are you?


There was a bit of lag but I figure you was getting the worst of it. It might not be the best conditions in my household to play right now sorry, but next time.


If @Froztey doesn’t show up before the end of this set he’s getting DQ’d. No chill.