SRK Biweekly SFV Tournament Thread


Ohhh if @Froztey gets DQ’ed. I’ll bully him forever.


He did. Next match is @QuixoticNeutral vs @Ditn check the brackets.


so this was winners final?


I’m gonna have to leave early to do some stuff, but GG guys.


ok gg


FFS are you kidding me!?


That was tourney match? I thought it was casuals lol.


It was. The match was the next one. Sorry about you having to leave. Maybe next week?


Next match will be GF.


gg no clue vs fang lol


ist it best of 5


or 3


Sorry. Bo3. Bracket Reset for Spada.


already over practicing vs fang now lol


Aye sorry about that again. The sis is visiting over the holidays. She was bugging me to fix her laptop just before the tourney start, and I told her to just try turning it off and on again.

Figured I’ll quickly look at the laptop once I’m out. Naturally that fixed the problem, but she didn’t bother to go tell me.


GGs @ditn, @Volt So what’s the score now?


You win. Congratulations. You’ve reset the bracket.


Sorry about the mess, guess I have to fine-tune a lot of stuff. Tomorrow will be better. (hopefully.)

And tear Froztey a new one. He’ll never hear the end of it. Right, @iAntique ?

Thanks to everyone who actually played.




The streaming for tomorrow’s tournament will start around this hour. Just a little heads-up.

@KingCrimson @Reason4U @GetTheTables @Catalyst @itzpookiie @Plaid_Unicorn

The Bracket is available at:

I’ll make a lounge for everyone, just turn on your games and join in.

***Don’t forget to communicate via the stream chat.

I won’t be able to keep checking the thread all the time.***

Additionally, Grand Finals will now be a Bo5, as it’s the standard in normal tournaments.