SRK Biweekly SFV Tournament Thread


Looking forward to it!


posting here as well
Forgot names so ill go by played char.

Connection felt bit sloppy but playable.
You really need to punish my command dashes they are fake, if not ill keep doing them.
Watch out for autopilot combo ing i was catching you with v-skill alot which is what i want.
if i do a command jump do a late jump air to air normal, dont try use standing aa normal its risky.
be bit carefull withex dp usage
For rest solid with good combos and good dashup low(im weak to dashes note for myself)
good usage of sweep very good vs ibuki.

got my first Fang exp in 3 months? so im happy, cause im going to a tournament and there is a pro fang player there.
I kept trying to aa the jumpin with st hk which was a bad idea, found out later that cr hp beats it.
There was a certain timng to when you would jump,later on you mixed that up.
I abuse the shit out of command dash if you dont punish me for it, which you did at later stage so thats good.

For rest didnt have much of a clue of what to do.
i learned hard way he has + on some normals.


I posted in the wrong thread, so I’ll kick the router and rollback this into a serious, TO-like post!!!

Don’t forget the US/Canada Weekly Today! 7;30pm EST!


I’ll be there!


@KingCrimson @Reason4U @GetTheTables @Catalyst @Itzpookie @Plaid_Unicorn

Tournament starts in an hour.


@Volt An hour and 6 minutes. :razz:

I’ll be on.


I’m almost there. Downloading update…


No problem. I’m setting everything on my end as well. You should have enough time, you’re on the second match.

@KingCrimson @Reason4U @GetTheTables @Catalyst @Itzpookie @Plaid_Unicorn

Get ready. I’ll make the lounge soon.

The first match is KingCrimson vs. GetTheTables.

Edit: Lounge is up. Stream’s going to start now. Feel free to shoot any questions here.

Lounge is set to Bo1 to let players switch characters between matches.
If you’re not the next match, please get back to the end of the line. Blame Capcom.


@Volt can you please provide link to your stream after all of the invites are sent?


Bracket and Stream:


Ohhhh damn Alex?

This is a issue lol.


send invite when ready
cfn :Grabbed


Nvidia’s acting up. I’ll reboot the game and remake the lounge. Sorry.


I can just invite you back to the Lounge. I sent an invite already but you may not get it because you’re offline


Well, given the lack of T. hawk in 5, next best thing I guess


@Plaid_Unicorn we’re starting soon. Everyone else is in, we’re just waiting for Volt to set things up


@Reason4U can you please go back to the end of the Lounge? First match is me and GetTheTables


Fucking program figures the right time to crash is just when I need it the most.

I don’t give a shit if the stream’s up or not, we’re starting!!!


change lounge settings to FT2 you scrubs


What about the Character Select Screen?