SRK Biweekly SFV Tournament Thread


Ah to hell with it. Whoever can, please change to FT2. Thing’s a shitstorm already.


can you guys pick training stage when you play against me thanks


Apologies, forgot I inherited the lounge.


@itzpookiie and @GetTheTables are the next.


Ggs Cal.

Next shluld be get the table and poikie right


Next up is @Plaid_Unicorn vs @Reason4U


Unicorn isnt here… :anguished:


Not this shit again… Plaid’s holding a L.


Next up are @GetTheTables and @Catalyst


i dont think i have time for people to go afk during this tournament


Uh, hello? Somebody here?


I’m here. Waiting 4 battleu


if u guys cant pay attention or have no regard for others’ time, dont say you want to play in a tournament


Pookiie RQ’d (Can’t blame him.)

Catalyst DQ’d.

Edit: Wait, what?


@KingCrimson @Catalyst @GetTheTables

Next match is Crimson vs whoever wins this.


A okay bossman


Well, ‘A’ for effort. GGs all.


Sorry guys, I shouldn’t have questioned @Volt 's call on what the next match was, and sorry Volt. I should have just moved out of the way. It won’t happen again.


Shit happens. Consistently, from what I’ve seen so far.

So uh, you guys wanna continue? I’m down if you’re down.


Again guys, I’m really sorry I delayed everyone, and I hope I didn’t hurt people’s motivation to continue these tournaments. I’ll sit the next one out so you don’t have to worry about me messing it up again.