SRK Biweekly SFV Tournament Thread


I’m still down to play.


All right, I’ll start making some adjustments to the rules and stream.

I’ll rewatch the stream to make sure I don’t miss any details that can be improved.
Meanwhile, do any of you have any suggestions to make?

***My current plans are: ***


Make the tournaments Biweekly. Starting on AE. Individual dates will vary according to players’ schedule.***
A smaller Battle Lounge, with only the next players and maybe the players for the next match as a buffer to make sure things run as smoothly as possible.

Character Select Screen will not be available between games because the Battle Lounge will be set for FT2.

Grand Finals will be FT3. (Bo5)


Add the !Bracket command so people can easily keep up with it.
Have live commentary.

Regarding DQ’s, RQ’s and AFK’s:

Every player will be warned about the tournament schedule as usual.
Players will have at best 2 minutes to join the lounge and start the match. Otherwise they will forfeit the match automatically.
If any player forfeits a match, quits mid-tourney, have technical issues or anything that can be considered a DQ, RQ or AFK will be ineligible for the next tournament.
Repeated offenses will increase the time banned.

However, if the player posts a warning in the thread and Discord thread/Twitch Chat justifying their behavior, they will only receive a warning, meaning that the ban will take effect the next time the infraction takes place. Regardless of justification or not. Think of it as a Yellow Card. 2 Yellows = 1 Red. (Ineligible for the next Biweekly.)


Well, I am terrible at this videogames thing, but count me in for the next tournament.


The 2-minute warning is a great idea.

I am not sure if I’ll be down for the next tournament or not, I decided I’m going to get on the ball and get a stick (pun intended), so I may want a little more time to get comfortable with it. If you need an extra contender to help with the brackets though, then I will certainly take a spot.


No better way to practice than play. :wink: I dickfumbled my way through the learning curve.

Come to think of it that may have been a terrible idea.

I think inviting only the next 2 players to play is a good idea. That is a pretty clear indication that it is your turn to go and anyone who wants to can stay warmed up in Training or whatever. Though with how slow SFV is the 2 minute timer may barely be enough to make it into the lounge.

Edit: Also I’ll try to participate in the next event if I can. I’ll keep an eye out for the details once AE arrives.


only way to improve is to play, nothing is on the line and nobody will take offense if you use a bi-weekly for training purposes

I mean EU is so free that it’s basically a playground for me atm, so go nuts.


Sounds good guys. Volt, please sign me up for the next one.


sign me up for the next one my dude
cfn: yaboiurien
region: na midwest


@itzpookiie what do you think about the changes?


Don’t ask me
Do what you think is best for YOUR tournament


More of a community effort tbh. I ain’t Bison.
Besides, it’s not much of a tournament if the players start bouncing because it’s badly organized or anything like that.

I’m asking for players’ input so I can improve the tournament for the players.


Sign me up for the next US/Canada region one
CFN: Darklightjg


Ok, for all of the current registered players: Do you agree with the current schedule?

SA: @Bea_Iank
NA: @KingCrimson @Reason4U @GetTheTables @giant_rat @Darklightjg1
EU: @Froztey

Does anyone want a final S2.5 Weekly next week?
I can run a last test if there’s enough demand. Otherwise, it will start on AE as planned.


7:30 PM EST is like 10:30 PM Brasilia time.
It would be better for me if it was a bit earlier, but if it won’t last more than 1 hour, it is doable for me.


Ah crapbaskets. I forgot to set the timezone after I copy-pasted it.

Is 7:30pm BRST ok?


That is pretty ok for me.


@Volt That post-AE day/time works for me.


I’m good for the 19th as well.

I’d be up for another one before if there are enough other people to make it worthwhile.

I should get my stick tomorrow, so I’m going to be pretty horrendous, but at least now I have an excuse, lol.


I’m down for a last Season 2 tournament before it closes out. Maybe mention it in the main lounge thread to see if anyone else is interested? Put their skills acquired throughout the year to the test?


Sounds great. I will probably join the next one.