SRK Biweekly SFV Tournament Thread


I’m in the one coming up. Sorry about missing the first. Changing CFN when AE drops.

Will be at universal studios Saturday and Sunday though. I’ll be able to play if it’s all on Friday


Okay…even though suck. I’ll sign up. Silver Scrub Kolin incoming. Perth0-2|Darc Requiem signing up. I can play on PC or PS4.


Just confirming I’m still good… Shit’s going to hurt though. I may just have to play with Akuma, but I’ll see how well I am able to pick up Ryu by then.


Hey Volt, I’m really sorry I can’t partake in the tournament on Friday.

We’ve been having cable issues (TV mostly, but it may also be related to why I get so many disconnect errors before a match), and a guy is coming on Friday between 6-8pm, and not only will have to guide him and stuff, but I’m expecting there to be internet disruptions as well. I am sorry, I just found out.

I know the tournament starts at 7:30 and I may be free by then, but I don’t want to risk it and delay everyone else


No problem. Hope everything gets better.

Kinda sucks that this happened right in the first week of AE eh?


Yeah, I was really looking forward to it - good luck with it though! Are you going to stream it again? If so, I’ll try to catch it.


This is your daily shilling for the First AE Biweeklies!!!

***Today is the last day for registrations!!!

Don’t be afraid of getting bodied, join in and have fun!!!***


I’ve said it before here and on Discord but just to be sure: I’m good for Friday. Add me to the roster.

Edit: Just for clarification, I’m East Coast US.


I’m still good to go for Friday.


As it stands, the Biweeklies are cancelled due to an overwhelmingly low number of registrations.

However, if for some reason there’s a sudden influx of players today and I can form brackets, then I’ll announce their comeback. The schedule is still the same for all tournaments.