SRK Body Transformation Challenge 3 (Challenge Ended)


We in the weight-lifting thread decided that it was time for another one of these, but being the lazy fucks we are, we had to take a while to only post about making a new thread before someone took a step forward to create it :rofl:

It’s been a while since the last one, but it’s definitely high time that we got another one of these rolling. The last two challenges were pretty successful, and motivated a lot of SRKers to change certain aspects of their lifestyles to become healthier individuals.

This will be a 90 Day challenge. I know that the last challenge was longer, but I think that more people will stick to it if the time frame is shorter. People have got 2 weeks to sign-up if they’re interested. Yes, this is right before US Thanksgiving holiday, which is the biggest pig-out day of the year. It’ll make the challenge more interesting for US peeps, that’s for sure.

Here is the Previous Thread, and here are the slightly edited, quoted rules:

Participants (Click names for Albums and pics):

SWBeta (Password is: wedabest)




Shadow Ace 50



po pimpus


FallingEdge (1, 2, 3, 4)









The Epidemic








Shinkuu Tatsumaki


Angel of Rage



TSwizzle (1, 2, 3)




Disciple of Ryu


Might want to change that start date.

But count me in.


it’s on like donkey kong.

tho i have an additional goal of benching 195 in 90 days as well. benching like 160 as of yesterday.

looking to gain mass. not get huge, just be bigger. i’m like 6’2ish 155, real low bodyfat.

currently going on whey, casein, and creatine. also taking glutalyn for recovery and a multivitamin for overall wellness. i’m lifting 5-6 days a week on a split system, every muscle group gets 3 days of rest. can post up more about my routine if anyones interested.

oh, and i’ll post my before pics up when i post my after pics. i don’t care at all about “winning” anything so this can disqualify me from the running for any prizes.


I’ll do it.


Im in…

what if someone created a facebook page then that way people can tag pictures, post up tips and stats, and collect them all in different albums?


So we have a year or so to decide on a goal :smiley:


Im still debating on the third price because gyms franchises are not available in every state, not every state has a dicks or academy, so im waiting on the participants to find out their location.


count me in :smiley:


Add me to the list. 90 days will allow me to work on my marathon training and ups.


Sign me up. I’m a skinny bastard (as my pics will show) who’s going to be trying to add some muscle mass. Here’s hoping I can add about 5-10lbs of muscle in 90!


Sign me up. Gotta lose my gut and get tone my body up.


I’ll join next year. I gotta slam down dat holiday home cookin from my grandmama in style! :cool:

Plus the cold shuts down my workout will power.


Always considered participating on this, but isn’t the month wrong?


Oh you know that I be a part of this.

And yes, the dates are wrong. I think the plan is to start two weeks from now which would mean around Nov 15.


All right people. I’m here. Everything’s gonna be all right now. Sign me up.


lol at this dude saying “i’ll get in shape next year, theres a holiday soon.” if thats your honest excuse, then bro, you never will.

i think we should make two lists of (jeez, its hard to find a good word for people trying to lose weight. Losers? Cutters?) people, one for those losing weight and one for those gaining it, complete with names, current stats, and goals. btw people, you are allowed to have more goals than just “get to X amount of body weight”


Sign me in…
Good time to start may be after the holidays.


LOL, shit, gotta change the date to November. Can a mod help me out?

I’m retarded as fuck :rofl:


You can edit the thread title yourself by editing your first post.


I’m a fat ass. I could use a little motivation. Sign me up