SRK Challenge

I’m putting out a challenge to all of you SRK Online Fighters… You all play on the blatantly inferior set up of Kaillera mostly for the excuse that the SNES games suck. Well I’m putting out a challenge for some of you to try these two games:

Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension


Gundam Wing: Endless Duel

They are two of the most specific, interesting fighters I’ve ever played, and the zbattle community is majorly lacking any competition for these games. So I challenge you all to pick one up and fight one of the great players to see how much competition is truly needed for these games. Seeyah around, or be scared :).

No Rise of the Robots?

No thanks…

Sir Fox, most would agree that zbattle is better than kaillera, but its the emulaters that support kaillera which is better than zsnes. People want to play games like kof, a3, mvc online, and zsnes being a snes emulator don’t have any of those games.

Yeah… that games pretty sweet. Though i did find something more fun…
Slamming my balls in the door.

My balls felt that when they read that…

Rise of the robots? lol. You did not feel nothing because you dont have any.

I’d be more than happy to own up in Endless Duel. Just gimme a time and place, and assuming i don’t have class or something school related to do, I will be there.

Zerox, just AIM me man, I’m always on leave a message and I’ll catch yah sooner or later.

Seeing this thread appears to be about SNES fighters…one key one here that wasn’t mentioned was Fighter’s History 2…with Tag functioning. Check it out.

whether or not you decide to take that guy’s suggestion, I hope you’ll take mine.

Even if you don’t play any SNES games at all, give Metal Warriors a try someday. The 2 player on that is pretty good.


I will get DBZ:HD and rape you at it. Goku is rape in that game… so many air combos/juggles that take off like 50%.

Any time you want to throw down Candian, my info is in my post… Although, I’m just letting you know ahead of time I’ll rip any Goku player to shreds without even the slightest effort ;). Only Goku player worth playing is GC and even then, Goku is his tragic flaw.

Tetris Attack has to be more fun than what the first post mentions…

FoX is pretty damn good at these games, so you’d better be on your game if you want to beat him. DBZ:HD i don’t stand a chance in since i don’t play it but GW:ED i can put up a fight sometimes. I’ll play anyone in that.

Tetris attack is pretty fun as well.

Wow not a single taker? I thought SRK was home to all competitive fighters :slight_smile: you dissapoint me.

Hyper Dimension and GWED are both quite good games for the SNES, although I would say GWED is the better one by far. Unfortunately, GWED has some minor broken aspects here and there, but other than that, the game is amazin - great depth in it overall. We should get more Killer Instinct players on zbattle, too. Unfortunately, most newbs just give up against people like me, lol, so it would kinda suck in a way, too.

…hey Sir_Fox, didn’t you used to play KI, too? I would be glad to rape you in that game. :wgrin: I would’ve played you in GWED, but I stopped playin that 2 years ago - I by far wasn’t a top player, but I could give people like Tippy or Neo some fairly good matches (simply put, top players could beat me, but not “rape” me, lol).

Blah GWED is the far more accessible game, not the far better one :). I like them both evenly. I’d be glad to play you at KI, or at whatever… I have a room up waiting for you.

Well, I actually have to go to school at the moment (I’m very late, actually), so I’ll PM/IM you afterschool or somethin to see if I can play you then; right now isn’t really the time for gamin. :sweat:

I’ll take on anyone at Gundam Wing Endless Duel

well look who finally showed up