SRK Clan reborn!

Halo 2 has lost alot of flair from when we originally started the clan. By we, I mean Dios X, and by clan, I mean group of people who ran around shooting SMG’s and hoping to hit something.

But we’ve had alot of good times, and one way for us all to talk was on that thread.
And now that thread is closed.
So lets use this thread.

With the new maps out, although they aren’t spectacular, and umm… AZN back, we definitely need to post more.
And play zombies.


Me and Weeks wanna play some games with ya’ll.

Get back on here, and get back on Halo 2.

tag is Marukasu Riot. Usually on from 7pm-12am EST.

NP. As soon as I can get Weeks to jump on and re-add me to the clan, cause I left to help a friends clan, I’ll add you.

Unless someone else already in the clan will re-add me

im down to play some custom games so if someone wants to get some custom games in tonight im down

edit: who has the new maps because im thinking zombies on the new maps will be too good :clap: :tup:

Azn I saw you but you were in the menu for an hour. I was on for about 4 hours today since I’ve fixed my cable modem.

Send me a invite and we’ll play.

Im down…im a noob and yall are welcome to pillage and rape me :slight_smile:

GT: Father Stiggz

once I get re-added to the SRK clan, I’ll invite you guys.


hey Final, i tried to add you to my friend’s list and they said there was no gamer tag with your name?



Did you add it as “Final Rush”? Cause its different from my screen name

wassup guyz…i get down in halo all the time…im n a clan but wouldnt mind getting it on is some custom gamez…give me a holla some time GT: sneakupslap

yea…just Final Rush…i’ll try again tonite…

P.S. i finally got to play some games with Mycah Leonhart…good games!

Final, i have been waiting for you to accept my friend’s request for a week now! hehe…

if you havent gotten one from me, just look me up…

GT: Father Stiggz…lets get some good games in!

Once I get a router, I will be on alot more. I promise. Anyone got a router or HUB they don’t need? :smiley:

The old SRK clan was shit. All I remember is Pachuchu Boy, Angry Penguins, Roll Cancel, AznHadoken, these guys were CONSTANTLY online and they were all balls.

I retired HAlo 2 that shit is played the fuck out.

You never played against me Parry.

Of coure, you’d quit anyway, cause you’d never be able to win, playing against me

GT: Setoshin

I’m on whenever and Father Stiggz OWNS me for free…for now I’m just High Low Tier but I’m getting better everyday.

Right now I’m Lvl. 18, I’m hoping to maybe break into the 20’s tonight now that modders are gone I can get past the cursed Lvl. of 19 now.

Everyone on SRK needs to add me on their list.

I’m always lookin for Customs. I’m on when ever usually all the time. Tag is Th3 Spar7an.

add me if yall want, reason i quit was because in time, no one was ever on!, or wanted to do anything, if you got people who are always online, and are willing to play, then im up for it.

ParryAll challenged me to a game of Halo 2, and gave me a negative rep. At the same time.

The reason I’m posting it here, is because I want you people to bet on the match. The first bet being whether or not he shows up, and the second bet being the margin in which I beat him.


I bet he doesn’t even show.