slow page loading times...?

Is it just me or are the forums here really slow to load up? It takes about 30 seconds just to load up one page when I try to navigate around the forums? It also says internet explorer has stopped working then goes back to normal after a few seconds.

Anyone else have this problem as it’s been happening for a while and only with all other sites I browse are completely fine?

Not being a smart ass but IE might be the issue. It’s never really worked too well, try Firefox or Chrome rather.

On another note, I’ve been noticing the forums have been acting sort of funny. I have to log-in for every page I see (including going back pages) and it gets pretty tedious; and aside from that logging in with the Facebook feature is equally painful. I just wanna stay logged on and before anyone says, that box is checked before I login.

Problem found

Nope. These forums are garbage on Chrome as well.