SRK Cribs: Show Where You Live

My home.

What you think?


Cool Mexican villa, Zulu.

I live in East Flatbush, AKA Little Australia, home of the biggest vermin in New York.

Little Australia?

You’re a middle class African-American.

ww man you give me warm fuzzy feelings of home with a picture like that. I’m from Tucson. I miss it. I live in Mass now.

LOL, I thought the same thing, too. :rofl:

Better tell Ever to put more fertilizer on your front yard, motherfucker.

Why do all west coast homes have the South American motif?

Because it’s pretty much Mexico.

It’s this

you know will youre right. mind deleting that post of yours? or editing it?

Grass doesn’t really grow in the desert. Lack of water and whatnot.


little structural damage but it’s okay. lot of space

it also has a pool which is nice