SRK Discussion on Twitter: Costs 2K to Run SRK Monthly


So there you go, if you want to save SRK go on twitter and let The cannons know.



Would pay for premium if there was some sort of transparency and decision making input from us stock holders (SRK NASDAQ)



@Pertho for President.

I’d pay for Premium again in a heartbeat. But I think they really ought to consider finding ways to reduce costs. Also some attention and transparency *here *would be nice. Not all SRK users are twitter users, those polls are rigged.


jeezus. how do they not know they were gettin ripped off paying that much monthly?


Like I said in the other thread… I’m down for $20 a month if SRK goes back to vbulletin or xenforo, gets better themes, premium/patreon supporter perks like galaga shields and whatnot. And $20 is a lot considering that sites bigger than SRK run just fine at $200 month. Otherwise, I got $1 a month tops for the bullshit we currently have. SRK deserves better. If the staff cares about the community, then they need to start letting the people make the community better if they aren’t gonna do it themselves. There are knowledgeable and skilled people here who are willing to make the things I mentioned above happen for free, strictly for the community… let those people in. If the staff doesn’t want the hassle of being in touch with those people then appoint a willing mod here to be the one to do it. There are too many willing members here for any excuses at this point.


I’d be inclined to go back to purchasing Premium if they cut cost via swapping back to not-vanilla, bring some of the old flavor back which was completely fine in my opinion. I’d def consider patreon too. I’m glad they’re open to some options :tup:


$2000 to run SRK seems absurdly high, let alone keeping the forums up.


2k is bullshit. srk doesn’t get that much traffic. 2k maybe for a large scale enterprise solution web application. a forum that serves up text? hell no


It isn’t like we’re gonna get questions answered here either. Pretty sure the last place anybody wants to show up to answer questions is, ironically, SRK.

That’s probably the strangeness of it all. Dudes in IRC will talk all day about shitty SRK dying because fuck it, nobody will bring discussion to the community being affected.


I think the best solution now is that they just give us a dump of the forums, and then the people saying they will host the srk can do so and just restore the dump. sounds like management is incompetent. they never really cared about the forums before, so im surprised things have lasted as long as they have


Srk has survived in spite of, not because of, ownership.

In the age of patreon and premium users they are asking us to disable ads. And then posting a poll to not the users of the website in question.

Also i would like to see a breakdown of that $2000 because that sounds like a lie or an exaggeration. I’m guessing they are conviently intermixing the cost of the website.



Is that software any good?


Not sure, but clearly worth checking out.


My guess is that $2000 a month includes all costs, including paying any kind of staff such as server admins, writers, etc. Still, that seems like a crazy amount. A forum should be a small fraction of that $2000, so if they want to cut costs, why cut the forums?


Front page and forums are on diff servers. This is strictly servers.


If that’s the case, this is a true WHAT THE FUCK. How the hell does a text based server cost TWO GRAND A MONTH to maintain?


This is a very good question.



Go back to vbulletin
Bring back premium
Bring back rep so I can burn some of these 09ers that escaped the holocaust
160 x 100 av
Animated optional
Premium banner on top of the names