SRK Drug Users : I dont judge

I cant be the only one.

I’ve never smoked cigarettes, much less weed, or even been interested. Both my parents were pretty liberal and smoke(d) haze so i was immune to the stigma about drugs growing up. It really stops with my gateway drugs, I’m deathly afraid of needles and I dont want a hallucinogen high so hard drugs are pretty non-existant in my world. All the hearing voices and seeing dead people are a little too intense for me, I like the classic high where you have frequent out of body experiences, floaty. I would be interesting if anyone on SRK has tried them tho.

With that said around my junior year of college I got around a group of friends that were really into XTC. Since I dont smoke I’ll take a shotgun to the face and compound that with liquor.

I know I’m trash. But it feels so good. Who else?

post here if you wish to admit to taking illegal substances

A thread for this? Really?

I’m pretty sure theres a thread for gay people, police officers and hentai. So why not. I know im not the only person that uses drugs on SRK.

I should have probably expected the people who dont do drugs the be the first to post, tho. lol. Maybe yall could use a bump to lighten your tight ass up.

:rofl: lol @ gay people, police officers and hentai

…actually the hentai one is pretty bizarre

I drink alcohol, we can debate if it’s a drug if you like

It’s YYB, not surprised.

I usually start off each morning with a hot cup of ayahuasca tea. That just starts my journey for the day. By noon I’m already into my third button of mescaline for this magical adventure. A few rails throughout the afternoon to keep my grind alive so I can finish my day at work…and then the real party starts.

Booze is definitely a drug. Its just weak now. I was drinking liquor at 18, I think I’ve drank so much at this point that that I’ve lowered my tolerance or something. It just doesnt sit well with me after too much anymore, I used to mix brown and white like a superstar. Now, not so much. And I usually get to the club pretty late so I have to rush to the bar and throw back 2 or 3 cocktails instantly.

I remember I drank almost half a pint of some dark rum waiting outside this big rave here in Atlanta. The line was so long I thought I would miss last call so I wanted to be drunk by the time I got in. I ended up getting HAMMERED, and I had gulped it so it was too late, I just felt myself getting drunker and drunker and drunker. I’ll never do that again. I think that was what did a number on my tolerance.

Why u at me, bro?