SRK f**** rules

I know you know, and I know, but had to say it out loud; you ppls at SRK f****** rule!



only in the akuma forums can you find such vigor and enthusiasm!!! as george lopez would say YOU ROCK DUDE

SRK is OP, i can only hope they nerf it in the next installment

Ah, fuck, posted it in Akuma subforum. Wanted to put it in general one. Ah, well, fuck it, c’est la vie.

Jokes aside, SRK rules. Shoryuken as lifestyle. :smiley: Plus, all I’ve got from SRK was real help, and I appreciate that.

we’re here to help well most of us some are here to troll but hey trolls help too! :smiley:

I like to thank SRK. It has Brought me a long way. Without it i wouldnt be the player i am today.

Realised aswell. And glad you are. :smiley:

Hey, trolls are ok, if they’re fun. :wink:

I ran up to some dude this saturday and tried to do a random shoryuken. I whiffed by an inch. The guy just stood there shocked as I just laughed and ran on. Im not even joking.

^u should have done raging demon grabbed him and said die one thousand deaths and poked him a few times and ran.

You should always punish these…

SRK sometimes is kool but some people makes it difficult to post anything…

I think he’s saying that it was he who wiffed the shoryuken, and his opponent failed to punish.

I know. That’s why I said that you should always punish these. Never miss an opportunity to punish whiffed srks.