Srk > FADC > Ultra on Keyboard

So I’m waiting on to my arcade stick but in the meanwhile I’m stuck with my computer keyboard. I was gonna ask for tips on how to do the Daigo combo where he does a Shoryuken then cancels it into the Ultra because I was attempting it on my keyboard and the Ultra kept missing no matter how fast I was trying. But by accident I did it, and I wanted to try again, so I started recording it and after a few tries I did it again. I recorded another one right after with the EX Shoyruken thinking it might be different but it wasn’t. Except for some reason this seems too good to be true that I actually pulled it off on the keyboard since I’m thinking it’s kind of difficult to do because Daigo said so in that lesson video and I did it within a few minutes of trying. So I’m wondering what the catch is here or what I’m doing wrong. Does it have something to do with my enemy’s size and/or position that made it easier for me to do this?

Srk > FADC > Ultra


EXSrk > FADC > Ultra


seems to me your not inputting the 2xqcf motion accurately. next time you make a video, enable the input display so we can see what your pressing.

I actually realized this afterwards, but for some reason the Input doesn’t capture everything I’m pressing I think. I turned it on shortly after making the vids and it didn’t seem to get everything, but I’ll go do it anyway



If you compare the keystrokes from both videos (even though I messed up the timing on the second one, but it’s the buttons that matter right) they are different even though I pulled off the same move. I think it’s because the individual buttons are being pressed so fast it can’t accurately detect it? Since I have to use the keyboard buttons as the directional keys instead of an arcade stick or analog stick or whatever on a pad.

I play on keyboard and i can tell you, its pretty easy once you get it down. I use the arrow keys as directions and i actually have focus attack set to a separate button altogether since it lets you do that. (makes it alot easier)

Its even harder on a 360 controller thanks to input delay. I get my stick in october, but I been using a 360 controller on pc since january.

down forward is not a qcf.

For SF4 and its lenient input system down forward should be accepted as a qcf motion.
Think of all the shortcuts for Zangief’s 360 motions. :wink: