srk fail

i was really disappointed in that sf4ae and sf3 front page comeback clip. “blah blah blah alongside sf3 clips…” and there was only one sf3 clip. i will never get back that minute it took me to scroll through all the clips to find that out.

you know, i can live with disappointment. a lot of disappointment. every once in a while someone still blindsides me with that type of garbage, but then when i wanted to post something about how lame that collage of weakness was because it didn’t deliver, i couldn’t because i refuse to have a facebook account. double whammy.

it’s one thing to try to get someone to try something new. it’s another thing to tell someone it’s a vanilla shake when really it’s 95% shit and then not allow me to say something about your low-down-dirty tactic. don’t invite a bunch of people to a party when you know there’s only going to be one girl there and then wonder why people are griping or why someone upperdecked your bathroom.

there are those of us who just don’t like a game that allows for a one button TAP, large input frames, and a multitude of other “friendly” mechanics. there are also those of us who hate facebook and everything that it represents. you don’t want to hear it, don’t pull this type of shenanigan.

Uh, what?

he’s talking about this

I was waiting for a troll trap like this to pop up

You feel better now man? Want me to get you a tissue?

I’ll admit the facebook comment box thing annoys the hell out of me. But crying because the front page post didn’t have the videos you wanted is pretty lame.

Good grief people will complain about anything. Maybe with the front page linking to facebook will keep some the ignorant trolls away.

yeah i do feel better, you can use it to wipe my jizz off your face… it’s the videos they said they had. but whatever. i’ll move on now.

dude yhou’re gonna get banned at the speed of light

Something I’ve noticed with the dumb facebook feature being in place, there’s much less comments. It’s like some people are scared to talkshit (like they always do) with their real identity revealed.

Or maybe it’s them not having facebook at all, but I highly doubt it’s the dominant excuse.

Lol pretty fucking disgusting you would jizz on another dudes face. Even weirder that you would admit to it.

Whiny post by another ungrateful whiny member. Why don’t you make your own jizz covered comeback series?

I like the Facebook box because it means trolls wont post on the front page anymore.