Srk forums email notifications


I wasn’t sure where to post this so I’ll post it here.

I can’t seem to get srk forums to send me instant email notifications, like on other forums. Does my email provider (hotmail) automatically block them?


No idea. It works fine with Gmail.


Check your hotmail spam folder if hotmail automatically considers it spam…


There is no “Spam folder.” There’s a “Junk” folder but it’s empty.


mine’s the same… i’ve never gotten my email notifications since i first joined… i’m with gmail


I don’t get thread subscription notifications emails anymore (I used to in 2006) but I do get Private Message email notifications still.


I don’t get any thread subscription notifications either. Just PM’s.


try daily updates rather than instant updates


But I want instant updates.


Instant Updates does not work for.
Daily Updates does work for me.


Same here, I was trying to keep up to date with 2 threads of mine with instant updates, but I never receive the emails.


Add me to list, no instant updates on threads, just pm’s.


instant notifications don’t work…

PM notifications do work…

It sucks, but I’ve gotten used to it…