SRK Forums *NOT* closing down at the end of January 2018


RIP homies.

Where we hanging out next?

mod edit: We are saved!!! :smiley:


GD discord is still an option. Jesus Toast is still open.

Reddit probably couldn’t handle us.


Wow… I just just joined late last year.
This is just sad.


what the fuck. this seems completely out of no where


One month is too short a notice. WTF guys? Seriously WTF?

Is this a money issue? because I’m sure if you open donations they will come. DON’T DO THIS!!!


Very sad



Lol bruh. I actually think SRK forums get a lot more traffic than other discords/subreddits. This is bad.


What the fuck.


Thanks @affinity you fucking cancer you killed this site.




The funny thing is my first thought was sad that srk was gonna shut down and then immediately the 2nd was where is Affinity going to infest?


Affinity already got an account over at gamefaqs iirc.


Wow, end of an era. GD has given us some pretty entertaining years.



you guys better archive the forums on the Wayback Machine or somehow else


January fools?


had to sign in for the first time in a while because I saw this news.


Not JTM.

Just sayin’. :coffee:


They seriously haven’t considered opening donations for this?


2018 going for the worst year of all time rewards really early.