SRK Forums *NOT* closing down at the end of January 2018


Yo @Ranma save that work on an external and lock it in a safe. Might need it in a few years.


By the way how many times has SRK moved onto a new platform? I’m only aware of switching from some old ass forum system onto Vanilla Forums (and AFAIK it didn’t happen all that long ago)


vbulletin =vbulletin crash=> vbulletin ==> xenforo ==> vanilla =?=> discourse , iirc

Somewhere in there a lot of old accounts got purged and killed a ton of old legendary threads. :sad:

  • added in server crash


Yeah I lost like 5000 posts lol


i’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that the same people who thought 2k a month to host a forum were the same people that didn’t backup the old data…???


Damn what a roller coaster. Glad to see SRK stayin alive


When they switched to vanilla and got rid of premium I lost over 15k posts.

I shitposted hard for those Galaga ships god dammit.


Preppy be strong my brother, just purge all the unjust from here, starting with mcribs.


I’m actually laughing at the dumbfucks who decided to YOLO show their true selves and will spend their time on Discourse banned. :coffee:


I was wondering what all this Vanilla talk was about because I thought we used Vbulletin. Then I checked last night for the first time in years. When and why did we start using Vanilla? I’ve heard of other types of forums but not Vanilla. I would’ve thought the second best choice would be phpbb or some other well-known community forum software.


In a month you’ll wish we were using Vanilla


What’s up with discourse? Is there some issue with it? I honestly don’t know anything about forum software. :confused:

I was out all day and just heard the SRK forums will remain.


I don’t care what we use so long as it’s something.


If discourse ain’t got animated avs Imma stick to my discord and hope I can get more than 5 ppl in it.


Just make sure to port over our imaginary totally real points


Now my is useless! :mad:


Do you happen to know each of those changes by the years? … i lost so many posts each change i had close to 10k :frowning:


Naw, I’d have to do the same research anybody else would need to as I don’t remember off the top of my head.


We’re still on “Vanilla Forums”


Yeah Soviet Republicks Kountry still runs on