SRK Front Page, and the Community's Lack of Knowledge

I think SRK does fine already addressing the obvious glaring problems or at least putting it on the front page for the companies to see. They don’t need to bash it but they do fine by acknowledging the problems, addressing our gripe in a professional manner, and then moving on. At that point it’s usually up to the company to listen and take action. (which as we’ve seen hardly work in our favor).

This is what I was saying about how SRK should act as a community advocate. They have the power to change things, but they do not. What you’re saying is tantamount to magazines refusing to give a bad review to something because they have to deal with the company later - which is why magazine reviews are a joke. That’s not how things should be done. If Capcom were releasing quality product they wouldn’t need to worry about a bad review, or dissenting articles. Maybe that’ll give them the impetus to polish their games more before they’re released. Perhaps they should give some top players more access to them during the ending stages of development and let them try to “break them”. Hell, pay them to playtest for a few weeks. It’d save Capcom grief on the back end, and we’d get a better product. There should be a synergistic relationship at work here where we take their product and are acting as advocates and promoters by talking to people about them and organizing tournaments - meanwhile Capcom makes money and gets to continue to make the games. There’s too much bureaucracy and double-talk. Make things awesome in the first place (not just hyped up with advertising) and you don’t have to worry about the community shunning you.

Don’t create something that needs apologizing for later on. Do it right the first time.

That’s not to say that things won’t ever be found after release that could use tweaking, it’s that a lot of this could have been taken care of earlier and updates would be fewer and better.

I don’t agree with the above post by abandonist. There is a MAJOR synergistic relationship already between Capcom and the FGC. It’s one of my favorite parts about the scene. They’re extremely aware of what’s happening in the tournament scene. According to Seth, Capcom has a team of game testers who he says would probably beat almost all if not all of the top tournament players if they played, his evidence being that a top Japanese player was hired as a tester once and got bodied. You act like Capcom is putting out sloppy crap that’s riddled with bugs. They’ve tried their best with the netcode, I’m sure, and are still hard at work at it as evidenced by GGPO in 3SOE.

I agree with everyone about more advanced gameplay stuff being on the front page, but not that SRK isn’t working well with Capcom.

For all of you ANXIOUSLY WAITING, I actually am going to post my article quite soon and will put a link in this thread.

there’s no articles written by top players because top players never produce content, even when asked

(also top players can’t write for shit)

Its not about trying your best. It’s about doing a good job.

I’m sure they follow the tournaments and note things they should do. In my assessment the relationship is more Dom/Sub (not the fun way) or Government/Citizen than synergistic.

As for their playtesters - I’m sure they’ve got competent people playing, but that sounds like some advertiser nonsense to me.

True, true, true.

The only one I know of that can write worth a damn is Arturo… and you… and Art still owes me a write-up from 2009.

A lot of it also isn’t the community’s fault. Some of that also goes to the bigwigs in companies. Seth somewhat touches on it in a nice way about how he’ll suggest ideas to the Japanese side of Capcom and they keep turning him down saying they’re stuck in their ways. It’s not all of the companies fault. But some of it has to deal with management not listening to players or their PR managers who pretty much tell them what could or would sell better if something was added/taken away. But this whole bit is going off topic.

Buk’s reply is cynical but is actually on the nose. I’ll gladly work with SRK for another Pro article series as long as Pros give me some content to work with. Most top players are either busy, don’t care, and/or cannot provide quality content.

Note that for the last Pro series, Kineda and I envisioned it being 30 days of content. We initially contacted about 20 top players to start things off. Only a few responded with content. I hammered the rest some more and got about 3 more replies. After 3 weeks of begging, I got 2 more responses. Out of the set, there was enough quality content for 5 days worth. After the first post went on the front page, I got 2 more responses. Out of that we turned it into one week’s worth of content.

If someone can get the top players to consistently write up quality content, we’ll gladly get it onto the front page.

It’s not just about top players creating content though. There are players that aren’t TOP for whatever reason, that still understand top level play well enough to be able to create something interesting. Maj comes to mind. I can’t think of a tournament he’s ever won, but he’s been able to produce quality stuff for years.

And again, there is stuff that wouldn’t require even that much talent. I’ve mentioned it before in the thread, but something like Wilson’s Tournament Report from Tips and Tricks, comes to mind. Something to get the site to lean in some way towards actual competition, instead of the tournament “reporting” on the site just being focused on a couple of rock stars.

Point taken, it doesn’t have to be from top players. Just get some quality content, period, and it will get featured.

Perhaps it would help to have Pro articles be “cowritten” by someone else. Let the player make their points, but have it fleshed out and put together by someone who knows proper tenses.

Being paid is also worth mentioning. Are the pros doing this for charity? I don’t know what kind of business structure/funding SRK has.

Hearing them talk, seeing what they write in interviews, a lot of these guys seem uneducated and somewhat simple. I don’t mean that as an insult - it’s just how they seem.

That seems really cumbersome.

This is kinda true. A lot of the best players I know can’t articulate all that well.

I’ll gladly make something.

I think the main point is that writing and creating content is work. Maj and others do great work but it is purely voluntary, they do not get paid.

It isn’t SRK’s responsibility to have people contribute to the site, it is purely voluntary. If you guys want to see better content, the community needs to step up and contribute more.

Amen, man.

I hate how the scene is represented now.

Whatever happened to the pro series? Is it still up with the site reconstruction and all?

The pro series along with other materials got lost during SRK reconstruction but will be dug up eventually. Wizard mentioned he was busy with EVO stuff but would get around to retrieving things after.

its his fault for not trying to be exposed more in the states, thats why I dont know him. I dont necessarily look at japanese players al the time since theres enough pros here in the US/Canada/UK. So when I ask “who the fuck is fuudo?”(sorry for the language), I mean it. He came out of no where. He didn’t introduce us to anything new except the fact that he knows his matchups. Is it my fault for not figuring out who he was prior to EVO? It’s possible, but then again, we have enough good players here to pay little mind to Japanese players, in all due respect to their skills and experience in AE prior to the tourney

thats kinda silly. players shouldnt be expected to expose themselves. high level play speaks for itself

I think the community would contribute more if they felt like it was worth it.

When people create content, it actually gets on the front page, and it gets buried by 9 stories about nothing, it kind of disincentivizes that creativity. Happened to me…

I understand the need for the 9 stories about nothing, but I think that in addition to feeding that side of the scene, there needs to be an actual emphasis put on the other side… not just throwing it in as a blog post, to get buried along the other stuff.

Even doing so little as to make sure substantive content gets put at the top of the front page, as one of the featured stories, would do a lot towards setting a tone conducive to community contribution.

You contribute a lot, just from this thread alone… You feel it’s worth it? I try to…