SRK Front Page, and the Community's Lack of Knowledge

What did he do besides play VF(which isnt the highlight fighting game in the US) jack Magos style and win Evo? I bet if you search Fuudo, hell have vids from 3 years ago, when everyone was glued to SF. not VF. Why should I go out of my way to seek someone whos practically unknown here in the states and talk about something we already know about;a good japanese fei long?

Fuudo won a HUGE tournament in Europe back in 2009. Daigo was there… Fuudo took it with his Ryu.

Since then, he’s been in the top 20 Japanese players consistently (normally top 10). He’s done plenty.

But who cares about that? The real issue, as I see it, is that players here on SRK, the #1 SF site… don’t seem to care about strong play, and strong players… it’s just a soap opera…

That’s fine if you, personally, feel like getting into this in that way… I just feel like SRK fuels that. It fosters an environment that caters to the know-nothing, know-it-alls, defiantly mocking players for not marketing themselves…

I feel like I contribute a good deal… do I feel like it’s worth it? Meh… I don’t know… In some ways, yeah… in others, no. I feel like there is an atmosphere around here that isn’t terribly interested in strong, competitive content. I feel like it starts at the top.

I’ll try to make a grand gesture, or two, soon though. Maybe I can help change something.


I mean, if we had highlights of top players outside of the frequent winners of tourneys, we as a community could respect these players more. I felt like he was just, “another japanese player who wants to take SF”, and nothing else. The stereotype is that ALL Japanese players are good, and through what is displayed here in the states, thats all we see. I’d like to see some up and coming, not too good but is involved in their community like how they introduced us to the new Cross Counter Hosts of the East(awesome show). I like that and thats what I want to see more of;Respect for this community around the world. If not, it’ll be just another world player with a silly ass opinion coming to take over a game

There was a post by Apoc a few years ago, where he predicted this would happen. He saw it coming, he said “Evo will turn into a convention rather than a tournament” or something like that because of the types of players srk will attract. Anyways, while SRK is definitely THE BEST site for ALL THINGS FG related, it needs to get that “competitive edge” back.

Ok, here’s the article. It’s a little long, but the whole point is to flesh out a very basic idea so I didn’t see the point it keeping it brief.

Let me know what you think/if you like it. I have an idea for a follow-up article if there’s a positive response.

(I really need to do something about this damn computer.)

Excuse me if the following lacks more coherence than usual. I feel extremely tired suddenly.

Ha. Now I can’t stop imagining Poison with a Stand that activates when she unzips her fly.

“Ze Torappu! Time is frozen!”

The AE-forum is probably best, even if it is hive of scum and villainy and the same question being asked over and over again. If you’re worried about potentially getting infracted because it seems off-topic/doesn’t seem on-topic enough, than try to contact one or more of the mods first.

That’s not really most people’s fault considering how poorly Sega has done at promoting that game (outside of Japan). Hell, if it wasn’t for Reno being pretty much the sole source of VF5 videos in the media section, then I wouldn’t know that game was out yet/existed.

Not that Virtua Fighter has ever gotten the love it deserves (on SRK), but Sega certainly hasn’t been helping on that front.

Okay, this may just be horrible bias because I’ve been the (lazy) mod of the fanfiction section for the past, like, decade, but I have to call bullshit here. Stuff like this just makes you come off like a crotchety old man when you would otherwise have a point.

(I’m also probably biased because most of the people that contribute to that [massive] thread have probably contributed to this site as a whole more than most non-players, Sano especially. That and TiamatRoar making a guide dedicated only to the story just allows you to just point people there if you don’t want to deal with it.)

Even if something is only on the periphery of the game, people should expect others to ask questions about it even if it’s something that doesn’t really matter. People should be able to ask questions about those things (within reason) without people jumping down their throats because it’s a “stupid question” or “too nerdy” or whatever; people shouldn’t obsess over them to the exclusion of actually substantive stuff though, which I think is the ultimate problem here.

I really don’t think that as many people would care about the Kayo Police threads (as much) if they didn’t get so many hits and basically shift focus away from other things. The shifting focus part being the problem here, especially since part of that shifting focus is some people paying attention to and posting in those threads solely to hate on it. If the people who weren’t interested in Kayo Police at all didn’t devote any energy to hating her or constantly making “hilarious” (read: unfunny) jokes about how she’s a “trap” or a “tranny” or whatever, those threads would literally probably only be half as popular as they are.

(I say “probably” because I couldn’t care less about those threads and thus haven’t read any of them. I’ve always found threads about people’s sexuality tasteless in most instances.)

Saying that such and such topic isn’t “real” enough or whatever does nothing to actually create more focus on whatever is “real”; it only makes you look like a snob or hipster and breeds defensiveness, which just makes people who would/will eventually lose interest stick around longer because they feel like they have to defend themselves.

Just think of it like Field of Dreams in reverse if it really bothers you: Don’t help them build it; they’ll go away…eventually.

Why do you think we went out of our way to create that featured-header? Due to the feedback, from people like you, who didn’t want to contribute because of the speed at which your hard work gets burried. You can bet your ass that if you are making worthwhile content, it will appear in that box up top. That is, again, why we put it there in the first place.

All i get out of this is since someone was put in charge, this front page sucks and is just a copy paste job from eventhubs, if i wanted to read that bubble gum shit i would just go to eventhubs.

Everyone can have an opinion on Poison’s penis (or lack thereof).

*Not *everyone can talk about the pros and cons of specific matchups.

It is what it is.

Ok, so I have an idea that might address your concern.

Archiving stuff is awesome, but if you want something considered for the frontpage, submitting a tip is the best way. srktips(at)gmail(dot)com is the address.

How does that work if it’s not on the SRK frontpage…

so your saying that you don’t just copy other news sites?

but rather idiot’s on SRK submit tips to you to where to find the stupid shit that is already on other sites?

HAV, why do you white out your font at specific sections?

Jack Mago’s style? They play very differently from what I was watching. Also correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t his team in the 5 on 5 that took on Daigo’s team I remember he beat Mago in the Fei mirror it could have been someone else.

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I never touch the colors on here. SRK is fucking weird sometimes.

This is evolution. The days of real talk are over. Remember when Megatron got fucked and had to be recreated as Galvatron? During that overlapping period there was no real focus, no mission, just a lot of noise and chaos.

Once the casual-ness drops off, the real talk will return, because the real talk comes from fighting spirit and that’s what keeps the fiends going. Like it did in the past. Until then, I will hide in the shadows and only come back when SRK feels like SRK again.


I guess the issues raised by the OP are highlighted by examining the difference between SRK and a sports site.

In a sports site, theres real journalism dedicated to summing up events, results, analysis, interviews and so forth. Theres an organised effort to provide comprehensive information on all the teams in the league, and all the famous players etc.

SRK is more like a games forum/site. It doesnt have the focus or organisation to be complete in that way (does its audience even want it?). It focuses mostly on news about the games themselves.

Does SRK make money? Does it have actual staff or just hobbyists? I dont know anything about the internals of this site, someone enlighten me.

Looks at the ads on the front page, the popup Dr Pepper commercial on the bottom and the whole bar … Yeeeah. I guess they are making some profit. Who wouldn’t take advantage of a site with 50k members and a (only guessing) decent amount of daily hits.