SRK Front Page, and the Community's Lack of Knowledge

Well, in that case I guess its theoretically possible for them to hire writers that do sports journalism on the competitive scene. But would visitors really care about such content? Can FGs attract the same sort of “esport” interest that SC2 leagues get, or that of real sports?

Personally, whilst I like watching the occasional match video, Im far more interested in content that directly affects me (news, tips, tutorials, etc.) rather than fandom for star players. But thats just me. (i dont care about sports either.)

Hell I’d love to help the front page!


Problem is there is simply not enough money in the fighting game community for stuff like hiring sports writers. That’s what most of this topic actually comes down to; I think the biggest win in a fighting game is 50K (Fanatiq v. Toan) with all side bets considered.


The Fighting game scene is blooming; EVO (One of the world’s greatest fighting game tours, I consider SBO the other) number of entrants and stream viewers proves it. However, it seems that we have entered the “player/game of the month”, “player A did this last weekend while eating at a McDonalds”, “Fighting Game gossip”, “Videos of people humming the SF theme” and “OMG GUYS IS POISON A TRANNY OR NOT COS I WANNA MARRY HER” fad before we even got our scene largely accepted and set.

However, I do not think it is the playerbase’s fault.I don’t think it is the casual players’ fault. Not the hardcore players’ fault either. Casual players (in all sorts of tours) are the backbone of a scene’s “economy”, meaning that they bring in the most cash. Hardcore players are the backbone of the community, most of them are always ready to offer insight, info and even show a player that wants to get better a thing or two. There are the occasional grumpy grandpa’s, but they too will do their thing in order to help, eventually. After some thought I realised that the FGC has not yet found its balance; things are going too fast with the popularity and the whole lot of games offered that even those up top might be baffled as well. Companies such as Capcom and Namco are baffled too; they enjoy the popularity their games are gaining but they are scared to make moves that would anger the playerbase, hence the AE balance patch.

What needs to be done is to push forward, rather than standing still. I have some ideas (mostly derived out of my uni books), but I reckon that one person just posting on some forums doesn’t hold much credibility ( :smiley: ). Capcom, Namco, SRK, you name it, must back their playerbase better, because so far it only seems they are following the tours and make the games just for that extra buck, rather than thinking of elevating the stage of things around here. SRK (since it happens to be the world’s leading FGC) must go back to being an FGC, rather than being a Fighting Game Tabloid (Dunno what word fits the best here, I’m a non-native English writer), trying to provide info and insight, instead of waiting for forum members (like HAV or Poe22222) to wait until inspiration hits them, write something, get a couple of pages worth of posts (counting in the hate and/or scarcasm), then tossed into the thread oblivion.

To summarise, we all need to do things in accordance to our needs; there is no denial that everyone wants different things from the world FGC. To be honest, I would like it to elevate to the point of becoming an e-sport, because I believe fighting games can go the distance. But while the bottom (players) is the one supporting the FGC, it is the top (Capcom, Namco etc) that should look into the potential the FGC holds and lead the way forward.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I will go work on my community :smiley:

I think this is a nice gesture, but ultimately it just means the work gets buried after a week or two rather than a day or two. Why isn’t there a strategy articles section on the front page where that stuff is archived and can be easily navigated? The old SRK had this, only problem was most of the articles were years old (shoutouts to John Choi’s crouch cancel infinite article).

Even just article tags, a feature which practically every other site of this type has but SRK doesn’t for some reason, would be an improvement. It would make it easier to find old stuff and make people less likely to complain about what is or isn’t front-page-worthy. Like, a-cho just put up 45 minutes of high level CvS2 footage a few days ago but I know if that gets posted on the front page the comments will be full of idiots going “lol who cares about this old game”.

We do have categories. Its just that the strategy category is mostly filled with tutorial videos as people are not submitting much strategy content outside of those these days. I’ve written strategy articles of my own in the past, only to be met with HAV himself saying “who the fuck are you, you are not good enough as a player to write strategy articles” (in his own words of course).

I’m starting to write more stuff like that these days, but I tend to keep that stuff for the podcast. I’d love it see more people decide they want to help and start creating great articles and content. You have good suggestions, though, about making the category buttons easier to find and perhaps adding more categories to help sort things better.

Those sound like my words.

I was replying to the specific sentence in which it was implied that FG lore is culture. It is not. I am not being elitist. I have already acknowledged elsewhere in SRK that I myself have recently spent time watching questionable-quality animes and Tokusatsu in YT due to not having seen them all when I was a child. I have not read a single book by Goethe or Nietzsche, for instance. However, odds are, I should. Even in the field of entertainment literature, I have not read a single thing of Poe, only stuff from Robert Howard and Lovecraft. People should be allowed to talk about FG lore all they want in the appropriate sections, but when they spammed it all over the place during the release of the SF4 section until the game’s release and at at Strategy Section, that was/is a problem. And when some states that FG lore is culture, this is an embarrassment to the community as a whole, it makes us look dull and ignorant, even more than we already are. See, I liked Ramones as a kid. But I had never ever compared them to Purple, Cream, Maiden and Hendrix, and specially not to Bach. This is the message: entertainment is one thing. Culture is something else.

i’m not even sure why there’s a debate going on here. everybody in this thread knows that all the content on this site is community-generated and voluntary. why are we pointing the finger of blame at srk or keits when we think there’s a lack of content on the front page?

if you want to see this sort of content on the front page, you have several options:

  • create the content yourself
  • mobilize the community to create the content
  • find a realistic way to incentive people to create said content

not on the list:

  • blame everybody else for the lack of free content
  • wait for somebody else to do the work listed above

i swear, fools these days must sit around and compile a list of things they want to complain about


I will admit there are some things I’d like to see on SRK that aren’t there, like the detailed bracket results for EVO. Or frame data on the Hyper Guides (though I have it on my droid readily available). I’m not going to start flaming Keits for it though, that’s just rude.

I didn’t even know categories existed, they should be readily apparent on the front page, currently you have to click into another link, then click a tab, then click a link. Just show the tags/category at the bottom of each post and maybe add something to the header?

In the category view it actually has the categories for each link listed in the post, but the front page does not unless you click through.


I remember when… wait let me stop.

What happened to just going into said forum and dropping a bomb of knowledge via said post. I believe that how we ended up having a thing like THIS

You can do that and don’t have to worry about the front page. SRK has evolved and has to present that. I believe the front page is more on news and updates THUS the link to said article will not get attention you may want but at least you can create a thread… have that thread allow people to post thoughts and views an simply ask one of us admin/mods to make sure it stays civil. If it becomes something worthy we will stick it and use it help spread the knowledge.

Too old school? too much work?

Just a suggestion if you want to return to the ‘grounding’ that most are (and you feel) missing from the get go. I say leave the front page the way it is cause most browse for “news” updates anyway. The thickness of good arguments and knowledge are in these forums.

So you really don’t think SRK plays a huge role in coloring the environment? You really don’t think SRK does things one way or another, that makes things more or less conducive for certain types of content to be developed and shared?

Damn near every competent player I ever speak with about SRK says “fuck that place”, for a number of reasons. I’m not trying to blame SRK for that, entirely, but the tone of the culture starts at the top. In a time, when so many of the people in the “scene” are really new, and have no ties to anybody, or any place tangible, SRK is the establishment that represents Street Fighter for them. When there are 9 stories about some guy playing Viper’s theme, with his feet, on the ukulele, for every one story there is about competition, it affects the overall tone of the environment.

I know a decent amount of players that picked up SF4, as their first game in 2009, that already feel a sense of indignation about SRK. They feel like they’ve outgrown it, and there’s nothing for them there. SRK is great for ramping players up from complete noobs, to the level of know-it-alls that we get on front page comments, and does nothing, past that point. Good players don’t bother posting on SRK ever, because they’re overrun by scrubs. Sure, sheer numbers say that’s gonna be the case to some degree, but there were conscious decisions made about the way in which SRK was moderated that intensified that feeling, instead of any work being done to quell it. There are conscious decisions made all the time that set a tone here. SRK has taken the approach, from the time the influx of players came in 2009 up to, and including now, that it is just gonna feed the people what they want currently, and I personally think that shortchanges the community that was around before, and is a pretty shitty way to ensure the continued patronage of the new guys. At some point, the silly shit is gonna get old, and people want more. SRK can keep relying on newer players coming in every month to eat it all up, or they can work on doing something to entrench these guys, in a way that only SRK can.

I’ve contributed a TON of shit to this place, for free, for years, so I’m not just sitting here with my hand out, asking for free shit. I’m saying that I do what I do, in spite of the environment here. I’ve tried to get other players to do the same to try to change the tone ourselves, but they feel like the environment doesn’t support it, and I can’t say that I disagree.

All the content here is voluntary, and community driven? Maybe it’s not such a wild idea to pay one person some piddly amount, to maintain something worthwhile, or shit, before we even get to that point, put out a post asking for somebody to do it for free. I am certain somebody would, if they felt like it was wanted. Hell, eventhubs pays out $50 a month to the best strategy article. It’s a $50 investment, that produces content… which I’m sure, especially if something like that were implemented here, would produce well more than $50 worth of content. Strategy sections have been “coming soon” here since they went up… for the #1 SF site… come on. Get it done… If it’s not even important enough to complete, that, again, sets the tone.

I’m kinda going on and on, at this point, but whatever. Denying that deliberate actions set a tone that lead to things being how they are, is pretty silly.

EDIT- Koop, you’re wrong about the origins of Domination 101, IIRC. It wasn’t Seth just dropping some random post. Those were front page articles, and if my memory serves correctly (it’s been ten years, so forgive me if I’m wrong), the Dom 101 Forum, was created, just for Seth to have his platform. He didn’t just post that in General Discussion, and it took off from there.

And again, I have posted a TON of shit on this site over the past couple of years, I’ve been in position to have to be a de facto moderator in forums I’ve frequented (ask Abel forums, which incidentally happens to be one of, if no the only, SF4 forum where established tournament players still seem to post)… I’m not asking for handouts. My whole point here is that what I’m doing, on my own, isn’t enough, and SRK needs to take a stand (not even a major one) towards the direction of more substantive content. It’s better for everyone if that is done.

I hear you. But thats not my point of where it originated (this is a new day an age… were not havin apex points an maps on the ‘front page’). Im giving you an idea. Domination 101 DID gather writeups and stuck it in there. That why I linked the WHOLE sub forum.

Im saying if you want to do something set it up. I just gave an idea above and how to make it work.

From a old head hear me out. Top players will not post. Its not happening. If I was in dominant fashion I wouldn’t either. So lets be real here for a moment and stop acting like we need to worry if top players want to post here. Hell I do remember at one point some dominant and non dominant players were CHARGING to even show you basics.

Its going to take the community to just do it and in that you need to set it up properly. Even better how about starting your own blog/website and link it? Like Maj an majin hurricane… You tube videos maybe?? I’m not defending SRK nor bashing you, its too many outlets to even complain. You know PLENTY of people on this site to set something up where your voice could be heard along with other. You know TOO many people that have access to media and blogs (hell ive yet to even start on MINE) an such that you can have your way playa. Come on now.

People complain about SRK yet don’t do anything. We go through this in phases. I have seen it since this site started. As I have said to plenty of others that have known me… just act on it. This is not the place you can voice a complaint and feel like something will happen cause this thread will vanish and rehash in another version next year. Set it up playa. You have the connects to make a change… then you won’t feel like you feel.

I hear you… I really do. Here is stuff that I, Brandon, have done in the past month or so:

Yang Lab (featured on eventhubs… not here)
Japanese PSN Doesn't Suck... UYG Uploads

On top of the tournaments I run weekly, and the tutoring sessions I’m about to start, to try to level up our beginner level players, the YouTube (…

Older stuff:

This is ONE character match-up I had:




Some people say the Rose fight is hard… I don’t see it. Sure, she has great pokes. Yeah, she has cl. MK, which is kinda annoying. Yeah, Soul Satellite can be stupid to deal with. I don’t think any of that translates into Rose winning the fight though.

Her pokes are cool, but this is just like any other fight with a character with good mid range options… just don’t get hit. It’s not like Rose has some 4F low attack that hits from half screen. There’s no mix up here. From mid range, just don’t run into shit. You can still fight well, with Stand Short and Step Kick, just like any other fight. You just need a little bit of footsies. If you’re the type of Abel that struggles against Rose, Bison, or any other character like that, you just need to focus on footsies for a while, because you really shouldn’t be losing those fights, unless you’re just being outplayed.

Anyway, yeah… don’t run into Rose’s shit, and she’s not that big of a deal from far/mid-range. While she outpokes Abel to some degree, damage output is way in your favor here, should you land one Step Kick, or even just get one blocked. There are a lot of characters that I believe are in a favorable position after blocking a Step Kick. Rose isn’t one of those characters. Sure, her back dash is really good, and it’s hard to turn her back dashing into damage for you… but the thing about her back dash, is that it’s too good, IMO. She’s got her back to the corner after like 2 back dashes. It’s a fairly large risk for Rose to backdash. Luckily… most Rose’s don’t seem to get this. Anyway, outside of backdash, to deal with Step Kick situations, Rose has EX Spiral, which is an OK reversal, but it’s one of those reversals with invincible frames that don’t last until the move’s active frames, so you can hit it in start up. You should have set-ups for this.

Rose’s only other threat after blocking a Step Kick, is her 3f Jab. If it was a 3f Short, I’d be concerned, since she could plink it, but 3f Jab requires absolutely perfect timing to actually be a 3f attack out of the block stun, unless you’re playing somebody that does Back Plinking… and I’ve never come across that, though it is technically possible.

Another huge tool in this fight, IMO, is EX CoD. There aren’t a whole lot of fights in which I think EX CoD is really important, but this is one of them. The whole way Rose even stands a chance in this fight, is because of her mid range poking game. Umm… so go through it. One trick I like to use is to empty jump in front of Rose, and EX CoD on landing. Most Rose’s rely on Low Fierce as anti-air, and that won’t hit Abel jumping from the front, if he doesn’t actually attack. Most Rose’s just freeze here, and maybe try to hit Low Strong when I land, or something like that. This gets me a bunch of knockdowns, that I can use to shorten the match.

You can see it here: [media=youtube]GPg4LrSBxHo&feature=related#t=57s[/media]

Really, that whole round was won off of landing that dumb gimmick, then taking advantage of her shitty wake-up… understanding when the Rose was gonna Satellite, blocking it, which sends the message that her little get-out-of-jail-free-shit didn’t work, so she’s free for the rest of the round, then following through on that.

Speaking of… Rose is free on wake-up. Yeah, there’s Spiral, but that can be easily OS’d, and needs meter. Against Rose, you can just Roll into her, and do what you want. Once you show that you know how to compromise her back dash (there are a bunch of ways… OS Sweep… Rolling behind when you know she’s gonna backdash… or my favorite… just saying fuck it, and dashing into her on her wake-up), and EX Spiral (delay… anything, or do cl. MP on wake-up), Rose players don’t know what to do. Take advantage of that.

I also like to cross Rose up on wake-up. That is FREE pressure. EX Soul Throw is a 6f move. That is a complete non-factor. If you’re still in the air 6 frames after Rose wakes up… you really need to work on your set-ups. EX Spiral is a 13f move, so again… that’s a non-factor. If a Rose even tries this, she’s basically doing EX Spiral at point-blank, which leaves her at -6. Free TT. Also, it can be tough to backdash out of cross-ups, so it’s really just free pressure.

Once Rose has U2, you need to switch up, and start peppering in blocking into the mix, but don’t let it control you.

Defensively, I don’t see how Rose can hurt Abel, unless you’re just giving away damage. Rose is easily anti-aired, and her ways in on Abel all carry a large risk. If she happens to knock you down somehow… just block and late tech. It seems like all Rose players love to just stand there on my wake-up, and just hit cl. MK, like I’m some dumbfuck that’s gonna try to throw them… just don’t. Let them have that. Block. Now what is she gonna do? I can’t think of anything… If you want, you can EX CoD. I do this sometimes. It’s fun.

Overall, this is a fight in which Abel can grab momentum easily, and just never let it go. You can’t just go in dumbass-Abel style, and try to grab all day, or whatever, because Rose can beat that, but if you choose to use like 10% of your brain, she doesn’t have that many options… pick one or two to cover, and live with the consequences if she happens to outguess you from a defensive position. Her pay-off for her correct guess is nowhere near as great as yours is, and you’re at a higher percentage, anyway. Don’t run into her from far range, and don’t spazz on defense like an idiot.

If you can play footsies and you have halfway decent defense, it is **REALLY **hard for Rose to drain your life bar.


Some shit I came up with using a slightly modified version of an idea brought to me by MagnetoManiac

Basically, it’s safe pressure, while not as tricky as some of Abel’s oki pressure, is really safe, and has a high pay-off, should Rose attempt to EX Spiral on wake-up.

Rose can punish this tactic by backdashing and doing Low Strong, but from that range, she can’t combo anything except Super. Obviously, this set-up loses to Super/Ultra anyway (at least in pre-AE SSF4…), so who cares.

Change of Direction

Here’s another thread I ran from Vanilla: This Feels Different... OLD Abel Match Theory Thread

Here is ONE tiny part of that:



Basic Strategy
This can be an interesting fight. Rufus is a character you want to rush down to a certain point, but you have to respect EX Messiah. At the same time, Rufus can come at Abel pretty relentlessly, and Abel’s lack of really good reversal options can be a huge problem in the fight. Rufus is annoying.

The way I play this fight, I start off aggressively. You want to take the life lead early, and do as much damage as you can before Rufus gets meter. Before Rufus has meter, he’s just a really big character with shitty reversal options. Take advantage of that. Get into Step Kick range, make him block something… whatever. Get in his shit early. Make sure you don’t try to attack from the air from the front. That’s just a bad idea. If Rufus lands low strong anti-air, he can just start dive kick pressure, and now you’re just a pretty big character with shitty reversal options. I think Abel’s maneuverability helps him out in the early stages. It’s not terribly hard to take momentum early on.

So let’s say that all went according to plan, and you were able to take the advantage early on, until Rufus built himself a little meter. At that point, you have a choice to make. You can either continue to pressure, and take advantage of your momentum, with the knockdowns you’re getting, and keep control of the mix, or you can back off, and try to control space.

Both are decent options, and both carry a pretty large risk. If you press the advantage, obviously, you leave yourself susceptible to EX Messiah. If Rufus lands this, you’ve effectively given up control of the fight, and you now have to fight just to escape, let alone regain control. If you back off, Abel has tools to keep Rufus out, but they’re not fool proof. You’re going to need to keep proper spacing to maximize your tools. This is difficult, and a smart Rufus can just walk your ass right into the corner without risking a whole lot.

Again, both options are about as good as the other, IMO. Read the situation and decide what’s best. I will go with either on any day depending on my opponent, and depending on how frisky I’m feeling at the time.

If you decide to go in, that’s fine. Make sure you’re cognizant of EX Messiah. Get him to block something, and mix up your follow-ups. Short Roll is good, as are neutral jump/jump back, if you’re looking to bait EX Messiah. Punish it hard when you are able to bait it. Now Rufus isn’t like a lot of characters with pretty good reversals. With a lot of other characters, you can bait a reversal, punish it pretty hard, and you can pretty well figure that reversal isn’t gonna come out again for a while. Rufus… not so much. I don’t care how hard you punish EX Messiah… it’s never too far away from coming out again. You might be able to buy yourself one opportunity to actually attempt an offensive option in your mix up, but definitely not too many.


If you look at that, pretty much everything I do at the start of that round is to bait out EX Messiah. I don’t punish it terribly hard, but I made him miss so wildly that it just stopped looking like a good idea.

Smart Rufus’ will begin to punish your attempts at baiting EX Messiah. If Rufus is looking for it, he can react to neutral jumps/jump back with jump RH, and hurt you badly. He can react to your cute little roll set-ups with a throw. The first option fucking hurts, but both options serve the purpose of turning around momentum. Option one takes a good 40% damage, and pushes you out. Option 2, not so much damage, but it leaves you in a prime spot to start getting dived on. No good.

So your offense is definitely risky. Defense can be just as risky. You can try to keep Rufus out, and keep good spacing. If you space properly, you take away Rufus’ dive kick as a means of entry. Low Forward can stuff dive kick consistently, if you’re at the right spot. Staying in that right spot can be difficult, because you don’t really have any great move to control Rufus’ movement. You just have to move with him. Thus, he can push you towards the corner, without really doing much. Most Rufus players aren’t that smart though… For those that are, at some point, you’re gonna be forced to attack to regain some position, or try to roll to the other side to give yourself some room, or something. If it starts to look like you’re gonna have to opt towards one of these, try to do it before you’re back’s too close to the corner, and it becomes obvious that you’re gonna have to veer towards one of those options.

If you fuck up your spacing, or if you get pushed into the corner, it can get really rough for you, and you’re gonna have to deal with Dive Kick pressure.

So, how do you deal with Dive Kick pressure? Well… I don’t know. There’s no great answer. Once you’re forced to block a Dive Kick, the mix-up is completely in Rufus’ favor. You have options, but Abel’s moves are too slow to be able to pick an option on reaction to Rufus. You’re going to have to spin that wheel and guess. Stand Fierce is a good option after blocking a Dive Kick. It’s your fastest move, and it covers attempts to Dive Kick again. We all know Rufus’ love to Dive Kick a couple times in a row. Block one-> st. FP is a decent option. It can beat attempts to tick throw out of a Dive Kick also, if the Rufus player gets even a little sloppy with timing. Of course, it loses to counter hit set-ups into pretty damaging combos, so this is by no means a perfect counter.

TT/EX TT can be OK… but I don’t like to use it much at all. It’s a complete guess, and it loses to so much. On the other hand, it scores a knockdown, and completely turns the tide of the fight around, so it can be worth the risk at some points.

Then, there’s always block. Really good option, especially since Rufus has no real high/low mix-up. Just block low, and try to recognize when you’re gonna be thrown. Of course good Rufus’ will begin to work counter hit/throw mix-ups on you once you start blocking effectively. I’d say, however, that most Rufus’ (at least in America) still suck at this. Coming from CvS2 (which was really just one big counter hit/throw mix-up), I haven’t run into many Rufus’ that give me much trouble from this angle, but they’re definitely out there (Justin, Marn… um… there must be others). I’d hate to be in Kindevu’s mix-up. Shit must be brutal. As for that kind-of-annoying guy at your tournament… he’s not that good. You can wait out most of the stuff, and when it looks like he’s going for a throw… he probably is. Tech it and move on.

Also, defensively speaking, you might want to keep meter on you in this fight. Outside of the occasional EX Roll, I really don’t see a reason to be using meter in this fight. Not much good can come from fishing with EX CoD, or EX TT, and EX Wheel Kick is fairly worthless. You’re much better off saving up your meter, IMO. Jab Super is easily Abel’s best reversal. Even just having it on you can be a great help, whether you wanna use it or not. The threat of super can be enough to keep Rufus honest, and far less annoying. If the threat alone isn’t doing that, use that shit. A lot of people don’t really respect Abel’s super, for some reason. Let that shit fly if you find a situation where you can land it. They’ll be there. And again, if those situations aren’t there, then the super is already serving it’s purpose, by keeping you out of certain annoying situations to begin with.

So yeah… that’s all I’ve got for now. Of course, this all sounds so easy. It’s clearly not. This is a hard fight, even against scrub Rufus’. He just gets so much easy damage whenever he’s able to gain control. Stay on your toes. You can’t relent for a second.

Enemy Territory


I could charge for that… I DO leverage my somewhat, though not all that, unique position in having known Justin for 10 years of my life… and having had a relationship with the best Rose player in the world, to try to benefit SRK… for free.
Back when the nomination for article shit was around, I know for a fact a number of posts I made were nominated, and didn’t get featured. I understand that the above stuff is very specific, and not really what you want to put for a front page article, but it’s definitely worth a damn link. Something as simple as linking to quality forum content, is conducive to creating more quality forum content. I don’t give a shit about the personal recognition.
Starting some side website isn’t a good idea, because SRK owns the base. There’s no point in competing with that, and most importantly, I don’t WANT to compete with SRK. I want SRK to better itself. There’s no reason to split the user base. No reason, whatsoever. People can work together, to make things better for everyone.

I rarely post, but god damn if this isn’t a great thread I don’t know what is. Definitely checking out your other thread now.

Its just kind of hard to get behind you, HAV, when you go from this;

…to this in the very same thread.

Then you start waving your arms pointing out all the things you’ve done, including an article that appeared on eventhubs but not on SRK. I checked my personal email and the tips line, and you (nor anyone else) ever sent this article or thread link in. Do you just expect me to magically know you made it without anyone telling me? Do you really think its easier for you to type pages and pages of complaints than it is just rifle off an email with a link in it? I don’t get you man. I guess we just aren’t similar people and that is why, but if I wanted to see something done, this certainly isn’t the way I’d go about it. You spend way more time cutting people down than you do helping out, even though when you do help it seems genuine and thoughtful.

Kineda and I (and many others) put a lot of work into this place every day. We want you guys to be happy and to be able to find what it is you want to find here. There are dozens of wonderful suggestions, from HAV and others, in this very thread. That said, improvements don’t happen over night, and content doesn’t appear out of nowhere. Someone has to step up and create something. Me? I’ve created a podcast nearly every week for the last year and a half. This takes 3-5 hours a week every time we do one. It allows us to focus on players or community members, and talk about competition, on a very regular basis. HAV has been on the show as a very informative and insightful guest. Sure, its not in text form, but I’m giving you what I can at the pace at which my life allows me to. I hope some of you enjoy it.

this has been the case since like, 2001. keep in mind that this was during the super-hardcore era of srk with apex points and regional rankings, seth articles calling everybody out for being a scrub, majority of us being arcade-only, etc. etc. etc.

typical dialogue from 2001-2006:
respected_player: "dude, why do you post so much on srk"
me: "i’m just trying to raise the skill level and awareness for my game"
respected_player: "you’re wasting your time. everybody on the forums is an idiot and will either argue with you or completely miss the point"
all: “CAN I GET A WHAT WHAT” (or whatever the popular catchphrase at the time was)

in my rare looks at the strategy forums, i actually say there’s a lot more useful information being passed around these days compared to pre-sf4 and youtube; the general knowledge level is just a whole lot higher

i don’t visit eventhubs so i cant comment on the quality of their articles, but $50 isn’t going to be incentive enough for any knowledgeable player i know to sit down and spend a whole day writing an article

I really enjoy writing, so I would be more than willing to do some writeups. I’m not nearly at the same level as some of the top players but I’m willing to help out any way I can, for what’s that’s worth. Which probably isn’t much but eh, whatevs.

I only did that in response to Koop’s “do it yourself” refrain, which implied that I wasn’t already doing that. So I rattled off a list of shit that I do for the community, both here, in other places online, and in my local scene, to show that I’m not just whining.

My “those sound like my words” remark was a joke. I don’t remember knocking you for writing something. I’m not saying I didn’t do it; I just don’t remember it. If I did, I’m sure I didn’t knock you for writing it… I just may not have agreed with what you said, or your approach (you tend to be very preachy), so I would say something about that. Disagreeing with the content doesn’t, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the time, thought and effort that goes into it.

If I questioned your expertise in anything you wrote, it’s because you tend to have a tone of superiority in your words, that I don’t believe you’ve earned. You dismiss people, and generally talk down on people that disagree with you, which I don’t mind all that much, honestly… but you do it in discussions that are VERY subjective in nature (in which, you really SHOULD acknowledge nearly all input), you do it when you’re wrong… and you do it in fields in which you really aren’t the most knowledgeable. I can think of a number of situations in which this happened (The debate over Brawl rules… Giants in TvC… among others). I say all that to simply say that if I questioned your expertise in something, I did it with reason. It’s not out of hate, or my own sense of superiority, because for the most part, you don’t get involved in anything in which I really claim to have any level of expertise, anyway.

Again… this isn’t about my little content. I really don’t give a shit about MY content, in the long run. I care about a shift in overall focus. Sending you an email to a link of mine, isn’t the issue. I’ve done that, I know others that have done it… sometimes it results in something… sometimes it doesn’t. That’s fine. I’m OK with that… I don’t contend to be so damn important that anything I produce is worthy of being on the front page, and stickied there for 6 months… This really, really, really is not about me at all.

I put up a post in the public forum to see what the consensus was around here, about the general tone of this site. I, personally, think that there needs to be a shift in overall focus of the site. That is about more than you, Keits. Like I said, a few pages back, this REALLY isn’t about rolling on you. Obviously, you play a role, but at the end of the day, you are one person, doing the best you can. I acknowledged that, and I am genuine when I say that. You do the best you can, but ONE person simply cannot cater to everything. I know Kineda, yoon, and a few others contribute as well, but you have to post up 90% or more of the content. This isn’t about necessarily getting YOU to do anything. This IS about getting the people that run the site to think about an approach that doesn’t alienate a large portion of the players, and the natural progression of newer players as they enter the site. If that means you do something about it, fine. If that means Wizard gets one person to handle a different angle, fine. If that means nothing happens, whatever.

As for the “you spend more time cutting people down than you do helping out comment”, that comment is the precise reason I have to “rattle off” things that I do. I spend WAY more time helping out, than I do cutting down. I speak my mind though, and if I think something is lacking, I’m gonna say it. Once again, this is really not about hanging Keits out to dry. This is about acknowledging that maybe you could use some help… or maybe we can let you know that a shift in focus (again… not asking for much here… still post whatever you would normally… just try to get in some other shit more regularly) would be appreciated.