SRK Game Devs in the NW

It seems like there are probably a couple SRK guys in the NW that work in the games industry so I thought maybe we could have a bit of a game dev roll call just to help some people with contacts and stuff.

I’d be happy to help other people in the industry try and find work in the area. Or maybe just give advice or whatever. I just recently came to the end of my own arduous job search, and as hard as it is to find work right now, I thought maybe we could help each other out as far as job search advice or just keeping in touch about game jobs in the area.

As for me, I’ve worked in the art departments at Flying Lab and currently ArenaNet. Mostly character modeling.

So yeah, if you work in game development or are trying to, post up!

Sup man, I was lurking to see what’s up with other regions, and I’m totally posting in the wrong region here, but our goals are the same… I’m from the Bay Area and am looking for QA testing jobs to get my foot in the door. I’m retooling my career path from graphic designer to 3D modeler… so I’m definitely listening to what you have to say.

You have an online demo reel? Also, what modeling sites are you visiting, besides maybe zbrushcentral?

Good meeting you!

Grats on your new job zafo. I’m ok working independently, I like the creative freedom and sense of ownership. I know a lot of people that have been and are in the industry since I work on DirectX in my day job and have been further dissuaded by some of the stories I’ve heard. I understand that stuff doesn’t apply to every game company, of course.

I’m available for technical help though. My stuff:

I’m a technical artist at Turn10 (Forza Motorsports,) wrapping up my first year-long contract here.

Seems like there are quite a few cats here; makes sense, given the PVP bent to that game.

Anyone going to **GDC Canada** (in Vancouver) at the end of next month? I’m considering it, since it’s so close, but pass prices are almost GDC levels (~$600 for the main conference pass, are you kidding?)

I used to be a game dev, hopefully will be again someday. I just write code, though. I used to do some modelling back in college, but I never got good enough to do it professionally;;

Sup safo. Do you know of many internship opportunities over the summer?
I’m a Junior over at Digipen. I hear a good handful of our senior artists work over there, but sounds like you guys are kinda full?

I’m looking for ANY type of position, but my strengths include concept, texturing, and possibly character modeling.

I had a WoW guildie who was working on that same stuff, I beileve. This guy:

That’s kinda what I did. Went from 2D to 3D. I usually go to and I don’t have a proper reel up right now but I do have an old portfolio still up at I think there’s some 3D on there.

Thanks! I love indie games. I assume you’ve spent some time over at tigsource? I’d love to work on an indie project at some point, seems like it’d be a lot easier to be passionate about work like that. Cool stuff on your site, btw!

I actually have heard of some internships at arena for environment modeling, I think. If you’re interested I can PM you the details and contact info for the recruiter.

I don’t know if either of these (local) studios do internships, but **Monolith** just shipped FEAR 2, and **Gas Powered Games** is about to ship Demigod, so it’s possible they may have some production-oriented positions opening up in the near future.

In my experience, positions listed on the **Gamasutra job board ** give you the fastest response, but I don’t think they list many internship-type positions.

Thanks. Yea I’m posting on TIGSource more than here these days. It’s cool to have the community and competitions to keep you motivated. I took a break once I started working up here and got back into it after going to GDC last year. Since then I’ve been really into the indie scene, so much good stuff coming out of there and TIGS is kind of a hub for it all.

Hmmmm, he’s not one of ours. Maybe he worked on a different game.

Sick dude! Yeah I’d definitely be interested in that information.

Hey thanks for the info man. I actually know a guy over at Monolith… maybe I should check with him and see what’s up.