SRK General Discussion Discord


Want to talk to SRK members in real time? Visit the SRK General Discussion Discord.

Same rules apply on the Discord channel as do here, but it’s a bit more lax.

Your mods here will be your Administrators on the channel, so anything you need please ask Pertho or myself.

Sign in with your handle on SRK so that we all know who you are.

Have fun!




Good thing it’s impossible to change the Discord invite code… Oh wait


If you really wanted to fuck up Grappling Polygamist you would have made this thread on GameFaqs or Event hubs


Apparently I have sticky this.

Sure have fun
Come hang out and say some off for jokes.


No, that’s what you link his Discord in. :coffee:


Raz0r has ascended to a new tier of salt.

I am jealous.


This has been a long time coming. It’s nothing to do with salt.


Room is poppin’


It has begun


Wow! That’s cool. . .

Uh, bye bye SRK?


lmfao…yall so wrong for this


Wait…what happened to the other one?


The other room has Black Trump lording over it.




I just got home from work like an hour ago and see raz0r raging about me for some percieved slight I have no clue why he’s so mad, I didn’t even see this sticky until just now lol, but I kind of feel honored to be in the title:tup:

I guess there’s 2 things I’m banned from now:



Tbh a scism in the discord might kill both and revive SRK GD.


Can someone fill me in on why I would want to join this?