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To be honest, I’d probably be posting daily yoga pants pics on this site if you thirsty fucks would have just calmed down about the whole thing.


Go to Shaft’s discord. They’d welcome you AND SoVi3t’s there to ether daily. :bgrin:


To be fair, it never stopped the previous SRK chicks.

I even got nudes from two of them.

So yeah… [wo]man up.


stop being such a tease

we just want to know if you are a fat balding dude trolling thirsty dudes like me. cause if so, WELL PLAYED SIR. if not, YOGA PANT PIX PLZZZZZZZ


Razor is a dumb virgin


Yeah I suck at discord, guess my link died

@Matriarch join my channel for free dick pics all day yo.

Also how did this racist loser parryall end up being the only guy to get banned again XD


lol i like how wiz was like “new plan…we movin to discord”…nigga…we was already doin that.


Discourse, not Discord.


can you add a tech talk channel on srk discord ???


There already is a tech talk Discord


Is there a new link? The OP expired.


So, i’ve been living here in Orlando for the past 2 weeks (moved due to work) and i honestly like my new job but really want to go back to NYC. It is so fucking boring down here and nearly everyone i see in common areas is fat and ugly. Sure there is plenty of stores and places to eat but it isn’t like NYC in terms of fun factor, regardless of Disney, Universal etc being down here.

I miss seeing crazy people on the subways, i miss getting pissed off and annoyed by random black high school kids, i miss being able to experience pieces of the culture of the friends i meet who all come from different countries, and i just miss everything about nyc. Fuck florida… I’ll give this place till june, but i don’t like it then i will go back to NYC.

NYC >> all!



NYC is a shithole city




Why is this guy posting from his alt account, we know that’s you zoolander!

Consider 2 major evidences:

[] Zatalcon’s only posts before talking about Poo York were “fishjie. ugly,” and ‘I can beat up Mayweather if he wasn’t running away so much, put me in there!!’
] fishjie has not addressed Zatalcon on this matter of his opinion of his looks. And that is as far as the user Zatalcon can go in regards to describing fishjie, without one adjective, ever. Because in fact he loves fishjies neckbeard ass.


Where he wishes he could get
’tooted in his tonsils.’

A tantalizing con! Zigazow!!

But at this time, so far yet! fishjie has not adopted and then married you like the New york freak of the week, Woody Allen.



I’m not Zoolander… i think it’s highly likely that you are ugly too. Everything on the 1st sentence of your “major evidence” is fact though.


Note that Zatalcon has a different thesaurus than the rest of us, and it says that “Ugly” is a synonym to “Asian.” :coffee:


lol. No. Ugly is just ugly. There was a pic posted i think in the lounge thread in where a bunch of srkners had a group pic. They were all ugly and they appeared mixed.

Whether IRL or in the internet, i really don’t care about an ugly persons view on me. In fact, during my first week here in Orlando i had to share an airbnb with 4 people. 2 white people (male and a female both ranging from 21-22 yrs old) and 2 chinese girls… The 2 caucasian roommates (who are originally from LA and Wisconsin) where on a fuckin high horse. They were two spoiled ass rich white kids.

The white chick made too much orders: she had to have the single room on the 1st floor (the only room on that floor), she was the one who announced group meetings, and also liked hanging around with random white male workers nearly every weekend. I was always annoyed when she would talk to me or the other two chinese girls because she was ugly and had no right to give orders. I mean, why the fuck do you think you are supposed to be running the shit when you look like shrek? Some people need to realize that they are too ugly to tell others what to do.

The white guy was also an asshat. He was like those rich white frat boys who get strains of grey hair when they reach 20 years old. This Mother fucker was completely loud, spoiled, and was also ugly.

Anyway Missing Person, I think you need to get over the whole bitching you do after someone voices their disgust on how microwaving live puppies for fun isn’t illegal in a certain country. Just because someone thinks that not making shit like that a crime shows some fucked up civil views doesn’t automatically mean racism, it’s just telling it how it is. You are the type who requires people to sugar coat things and not tell it straight otherwise you will get offended.