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Zatalcon so Beta, he stretched Decepticon Betahood past Zeta, and into misspelled areas Starscream’s ghost never even sank into.

Zatalcon so Beta, he makes T:TAS Shockwave look like a page out of Marvel.


Azure calling anyone beta is laughable

97.6% sure that Azure is a cuck


What the hell did you just say?

OHBTW: Floyd Mayweather is one of the biggest scam artists in history. His fan base hold the same IQ as preteen Miley Cyrus fans during her disney show days. Fuck him.


Who are you again?

Actually, scratch that.

…who are you?


oooooh now you got amnesia. Here is a reminder when my words made your gaping hole of a vagina to start bleeding



Honestly I do not remember you at all, child.

I’ve eviscerated so many stunted banty rooster wannabes on here, it’s impossible to keep track of which gutless piece of shit you might happen to be.

Go find your head wherever I casually tossed it, and maybe kick it around a bit so that it might get some use for once, and quit running around the forums getting blood on them. It is bad enough when one of you dickless bitches is simply menstruating in your communal shack… but you’re in here, fuckin’ up the Berber.


Cool Story, bro

Post 09ers have such vivid imaginations.


That’s what’s going on in the Lounge these days? Lol… Oh how the mighty have fallen.


I so want to get into this argument, but both side are cucks.

Gets out bag of Popcorn


Why argue at all. That’s not the issue here with
> the dumb guy who can’t even read where he is, and that this is not the place for his boring travel blog.

Zatalcon is supposed to post his pic to prove how ugly he is or not.

Until then. Coward.

wikipedia knows about Poo York.


Azure sounds like a tryhard. Only thing i know about him is that he and soviet supposedly “fought” each other here on SRK before.

I think that says it all.

joy emoji png


You are ugly



Hmm, my account seemed to have not migrated correctly and I wasn’t able to log into it anymore. I used a dummy password and maybe it didn’t meet the criteria of good passwords. Now I have to make a new account so I’ve lost all the history on my old account.


This Shit looks like ass.

Infinite DLC is still hot, stinking garbage and if you disagree, you are part of the problem.


What happened to the finance room? Did it get wiped out? Because I don’t see it anymore.


Po, there is no disagree button fam :laughing:



So, is the invite link dead, or did Pertho really ban me?

If so, remember the time when Pertho said he wouldn’t drag drama between discord servers and perform moderation actions based on such? Pepperidge Farm remembers.


Pertho banned me for saying he was sensitive.

Guess I was right lol