SRK/GGPO/3S Fitness

Ever wanted to step up ur 3s game and your fitness as well? well on my way home from school, i was thinking of how much I wanted to revive my endurance that I once had when I was doing pushups every day. But for some reason I just lost motivation. Well it came to me all of a sudden of how much I played 3s. I figure if there is a way to do pushups and play 3s at the same time well then I’d prolly be down. So with that said I have proposed that if you are wanting to get back into fitness, and play way too much 3s, then maybe you can get the best of both worlds. 2 players meet on ggpo, or on casual, however u guys want to organize and arrange an aggreemnt in which every match the loser does a certain amount of pushups after every game. It can be 5, 10, 15,20, per set whatever u like. Really doesn’t matter if u win or lose a game cause if you lose, you still win. get it? You’ll be surprised at how many pushups,crunches, whatever have you that u’ll do. Well I hope that helps whoever is interested.

p.s if anyone is down for this get at me on ggpo. -neiman.

We do this same thing here in CT, cuz we fat.

fuck, that means ill never do any push-ups! ZOINKS~

OMG its amazing how just last year me and my friends started doing this too
we raised the stakes of the exercises in order to play harder

i would play you like this neiman but its just our connection lags sometimes and it can get yucky sometimes

son. i’ll make you yolked =)

This is pretty much what we do when going out.

  • looser downs a beer
  • winner ends up drinking anyway
  • profit

dude, you just gave me this great idea-

take two players, and have them play against each other with ddr dancepads as their inputs. sure parrying might sound fun, but lets see you do a ken sa3 combo!

o shit LOL

just imaging a ken sa3 on ddr pad is ridiculous lol