SRK go see The Raid 2 because you saw the first and begged for more and bought the blu-ray



Go see The Raid 2. I haven’t yet. I will tuesday but you know you want to.

And if you haven’t already pick up The Raid: Redemption. If you have ever liked action in your life you will watch this movie.


Red Band

Not Red Band

My thoughts posted in other srk movie threads:


I just saw THE MOTHERFUCKING COLDEST MOVIE IN YEARS also known as “The Raid: Redemption.”

Movie was so cold that when the two guys did that one thing to that one dude that 1) the whole theater erupted and 2) FurryCurry curled up into the fetal position and pointed at the screen while shouting. Movie was so cold that tears came to my eyes. Like I felt the liquid welling up and I was like in shock.

Seriously. I might start a thread for this movie. Sequel is coming soon.

[spoiler=“Sub Zero Cold - Don’t click if you haven’t seen it”]


-Opening gun fight with the shotgun muzzle flash slow mo.
-The Axe Guy tearing a hole into the floor
-The guy that thought he was going to jump down said hole but got tackled mid-air and thrown out the window in one smooth take.

  • Dude getting shot like three times point blank with his head against the ground.
  • Fridge Explosion
  • The entire floor 7 hallway fight
  • The entire fight with the machete brigade
  • Subsequently, the doorway finisher.
    -The Street Fighter Alpha 3 Dramatic Battle styled final fight.
  • The florescent tube finisher.

Movie had me shaking

When I saw this movie and the back and left speakers were either turned low or blown out and so I missed out on most of Mike Shinoda’s soundtrack. Wish I could comment on it but alas.


I plan on going next week, looks ill.


Doesn’t come out here for a couple of months, no idea if it will be shown in mainstream outlets either :frowning:


ya this movie looks fuckin raw. really want to see it


Aaaaawwww heck… The show’s at 2:35PM.


I haven’t gone solo to a movie in years, but people in Buffalo are fucking STIFF and never wanna leave their damn houses. I might just have to solo this one.


I was impressed with the fight scene with the tonfas. I would definitely watch this movie again, only on DVD though because the theatre turns up the volume to deafening levels.


what cities in texas is it in

Only one showing in my state. Across the whole state. FUCK


On the flip side my theater’s speakers were blown out for the back channels. So bass heavy stuff like the music or gun fire could barely be heard at all. Oh there’s someone screaming? Missed that.


In the 80s we had Rambo & Die Hard
In the 90s we had Hard Boiled
Now we have The Raid

Holy shit just got back from the last showing…Movie was just intense & pretty much what an action movie is all about! Loved it! I went with my bro & dad…The last movie we watched together at the theater was Rambo 2…Had the same awesomeness! Watch it NOW!


[spoiler=That one scene where the bass are effectively put to use]I really like that one scene where one of the protagonist gets his ear shot then the sound is emulated to be when you have a damaged ear, you know, when everything becomes silent and all you hear is a high pitch noise but you can still “feel” the vibration from the gun shots. Pretty sweet shot from the cinematographer.


Great film, saw it a few weeks back.

I dislike that it was renamed here simply because the Remake coming out next year (Or later this year, Hollywood being dead and all) will be named that but whatever.

Films kicks so much ass, easily in my top five favorite action films now. I’m just impatiently waiting on a DVD/BD release.


Saw it a few weeks ago, yes its phenomenal. Amazing action movie, one of the best ive ever seen. Reading the highlights in this thread make me want to see it again, will definitely get on BRD when its out.


Capone from Ain’t It Cool News on The Raid

[SIZE=4]"You won’t be able to help but watch THE RAID: REDEMPTION without a feeling that you are seeing something utterly unique. And that’s because you’ll be watching the birth of such much raw talent (both from the director and the star), and you’ll want to consume the afterbirth just to taste the greatness of its badassery. How do you review an action film that delivers on every promise that all other actions films in the last 5-10 years have failed to provide?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4] Consider this review the equivalent of me grabbing you by your shirt collar, shaking the shit out of you, and screaming in your face as my spittle splashes your face as I tell you to run immediately to see THE RAID: REDEMPTION, even if the closest theater is hundreds of miles away. As people who care deeply about great cinema and innovative filmmaking, you have no choice."[/SIZE]


Walked past the poster as I left the theater over the weekend. Should have walked in!


There’s an AMC theatre in the same building where I’m interning. I’m gonna see if it’s got this movie, because I want to see it so bad. The only problem is, I want to go with someone…I feel so lame going to the theatre alone.


^You won’t be alone. The Raid unites everyone in the theater as soon as the first shot is fired.


This is so true…The intro w/ hammer pretty much got the crowd into it…Lots of ooh, damn, fuck, holy shit, fuck yeah


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