[SRK Guitarists and Bassists 2.0]

The old thread was stagnating and dying.

For New Guitarists:

This thread is dedicated to Athanasy, who bitched at me for trying to learn guitar, and said I would quit after 2 weeks. It’s well over a year, and i’m still going. Fuck you Athan!

Great tab sites:

http://www.tabcrawler.com (very messy, but has some stuff U-G doesn’t)

What song are you guys currently playing? I’m messing around with chords trying to create my own little mini song right now, it’s really helping me with barre transitions/fingerpicking.

I’m also trying to make a cover of Linus and Lucy with it’s own bassline and tapping, similar to this video. (I actually found the video after deciding to make the cover). Linus and Lucy because it’s a simple song, and it makes for good practice.


Stick with it, I’ve been teaching myself guitar on and off for about 3 years now. Tomorrow I’ll post some riffs/songs I’ve wrote.

I’m trying to work out the chords and bassline to [media=youtube]N8bxooKZTaM[/media]




(ignore the date, my camera sucks. i took those pics 5 minutes back.)

I have an Ibanez Acoustic-Electric (click) that I got last weekend. I think I showed you which one I planned on ordering, Jeebs. Yeah, it was this one. :tup: Musician’s Friend had it backordered forever, so I just cancelled it and went over to the local Guitar Center and bought it.

For someone who’s never picked up an instrument before, this shit really is hard. I’m sticking through it though. Currently training my fingers to go through C A G E and D chords.

Man. Training my fingers to transition from chord to chord is crazy right now; can’t contort my fingers for the life of me.

I kinda like the D’Addario EXPs that came with it. Should I swap them out now? If so, with what?


Never swap strings out just to swap strings out. If you like them, keep them. Don’t swap until either those are worn out, or you find a specific sound you want.

Good shit, good shit. I think mine’s pretty much the same except slightly bigger and not a cutaway. Yay for black ibanez acoustics!!

Everyone moves at their own pace, but it seems early for chord transitions… but if you can get them down, that’s awesome. I started with just basic fingerpicking scales. But then again, i’m like the complete opposite of a musical savant, I suck at everything musical. :rofl:

Got an acoustic, Canadian-made Seagull. For the $299 price tag, it sounds pretty damn good. God bless the Canadians, what with their hockey and great-sounding guitars.

I’m one year in, and I can fingerpick some stuff (Lynyrd Syndard’s “Simple Man,” Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters,” Zeppelin’s “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” are a few), chord transition easily between basic chords, and strum sort of well. I’m trying to incorporate different strum techniques (i.e. thumb slapping a la John Mayer’s “Heart of Life”).

Otherwise, my daily regimen consists of practicing chord transitions, alternate picking patterns, economy picking, pentatonic scales in all 5 boxes. . .stuff like that.

And vibrato on an acoustic guitar is a bitch. I wish I had an electric so I could practice vibrato and shredding.

|Your eletric guitar is “exactly” like mine, only difference is that mine isn’t original. :shake: The price of guitars here where i live is too big. I always wanted a fender jaguar, but like i said it’s to expensive.http://cachepe.samedaymusic.com/media/quality,85/brand,sameday/0259200306v1_hi-4bf6755b0a8a136c65154cca2de328ec.jpg

Recently i finally found the guitar tabs of “the world” and “alumina” from death note op/ed, was looking for it for years. :wgrin:

Do you guys put individual comfort over orthodox play? I’m asking because there’s certain chords that are a bitch and it’s easier to just use my thumb to cover 2 or 3 strings than it is to use 3 fingers etc.

I use the thumb for certain chords, like 7 x 7 8 9 x for example. I don’t know how or why I started doing that, but it feels natural now. But you should really try to play the “right” way before making any compromise, as many times those particular techniques, when properly learned, make more advanced stuff significantly easier.

I’ve been playing guitar for about 6 months now, there are still many things that puzzle me tho.

My Guitar *Ibanez RG120: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v676/MagnetGenocide/l_a3fbe939060cedad514aa9b1c0cd59bb.jpg

Here are some quick questions I have.

What are Tie Notes??

What are the best strings to buy?? (Deathcore/Metalcore wise) Last week I bought some DR strings are they any good??

Is it true that EMG pickups don’t really work on certain type of guitar bodies?

Tie notes? Are you reading music? If so, it’s pretty simple.

There are no “best strings to buy.” The best strings to buy are the strings you like. It’s all subjective and respondent to personal taste.

That EMG business is the dumbest shit I ever heard about a guitar.

heh, i just realized i’ve been playing guitar for a little over 5 years now and i still suck. that’s what happens when you never learn the basics!

I always tought it was a normal thing, Jimi Hendrix did that a lot.

I’ve been practicing a lot lately too. Trying to get 90%+ Through the Fire and Flames on Hard in Guitar Hero III.

^That qualifies right?

I play mostly acoustic fingerstyle m’self. (Pierre Bensusan, Michael Hedges-esque stuff). I play a Paragon OM (can’t find a photo of it), and am currently building a baritone.

DR strings are nice, but I’m a fan of cleartone’s myself.

As for the pickup business… ya, complete… untruthiness. The only thing that might change (again, all to personal preference), with guitar shape is the type of pickup you choose to install in the first place.

My Rig:

American Vintage 62’ Fender Jazzmaster (going to put SD Antiquity II’s and a Buzzstop on this)
Gibson Custom Shop VOS 1961 SG
PRS McCarty 20th Anniversary (This is my child.)

Fender Blues Jr. (Practice Amp, strongly recommend for beginners and pros alike for a cheap amp.)
Mesa Boogie Rect-O-Verb Combo (Dirty)
Vox AC30CC2X (Clean)

Dunlop Crybaby 535q Wah
MXR Phase 90 (A must)
EHX Deluxe Memory Man
Boss PH-3
Whirlwind A/B Switch
Line 6 DL4
DOD FX-25b Envelope Filter
Keeley TR-2
Moog Moogerfooger Ring Mod

I’ve been playing for 11 years, mostly alternative rock-ish stuff. Dabbling in Jazz but I can’t really justify dropping 6k on a jazz box.

I will take all of your gear questions now :wonder:

Say wha?


Something like that goes for $6k-8k. Jazz guitarists use wide hollowbodies like that for their thick tone and mids.