SRK gun owner/enthusiast thread


hey everybody, haven’t seen a thread about firearms yet, and i figured there’s gotta be some other gun nuts on here.
talk about guns and brands you own or have owned, want, like/dislike, whatever. just don’t turn this into a weird 2nd amendment or self defense argument, that’s really not what this thread is intended for. also, please don’t discuss airsoft in here.
i have owned several pistols, including beretta m92, cz75, a couple sig’s and glocks, but my wife and i are really getting into custom 1911’s. full length dustcovers and slab slides ftmw.
unfortunately, the cali drop law prevents us from building one from the frame up… sucks. if anybody has owned a 1911 like that, i would be really interested in hearing about it, esp if it’s a .40 cal.

also, ar15 discussion is strongly condoned. we’re getting ready to build one like this in march, hopefully.

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I worked at the NRA headquarters as a security officer for a bit… thats all I got. I don’t really know much more than what I heard everyday from random people coming in to see the museum.


ive been thinking of getting a gun recently and suddenly this thread pops up. this must be a sign!!!
i need pro tips on buy a gun.
any recommendations on where to buy?
im a complete noob when it comes to guns :frowning:

im wanting to get in the law enforcement field so im thinking investing in a gun and getting some fire arms experience would be beneficial


Fuck yeah, guns and splosions!!!


ive been doing research for about a year and finally decided on getting a Mossberg 500 and a Glock 17. Both seem to be very simple and reliable weapons and come recommended by alot of peeps.

Ar-15 is of course on the list of things to get. Nice pictures. I hear its cheaper to build one piece by piece. I’ll be looking more into that.

also anyone dumb enough like me to let a movie or videogame influence your choice in weapon, this site is invaluable


My dad has an AR-15. I wanted to borrow it to go to the gun range, but Im currently not on speaking terms with him (don’t ask.) My cube mate wants one, and he’s got 2 or 3 handguns and a shotgun. I went skeet shooting with him at a range by his house which was pretty fun - I"d recommend it if you havn’t been before.

I don’t currently own a gun - wife is not a fan of having a firearm in the house. I’ve tried to explain that I’d rather have one and not need it, than need it and not have it - but she’s stubborn. I think im just gonna buy one anyways, and if she mouths off i’ll just pistol whip her (as i’d then have a pistol.)



i’m lucky that my wife is just as into guns as i am. we were at a gun factory, and the guy is like “who knows what this little bit of metal becomes?”. little fucking half inch uncut piece of steel… everybody is like nah besides me and she yells out “mag release?” i looked at her like :slight_smile:
but ya, ar-15’s are really fun to own because they are so customizable. esp if you buy it piece by piece and build it yourself, you will end up with something pretty unique and affordable.

i’ve never owned a shotgun, but i’ve been eyeing the fn police tactical today. should look into it if you are gonna invest in a shottie. also, i can’t say enough good about glocks. super simple, reliable, smooth action and good triggers. glock 17 trigger is a little weird for some, but i like it fine. go for it! also, to anybody buying a pistol, BUY USED. srsly though, if you have questions about buying guns, ask away.


Good thread idea!

Just put my first 200 rounds through my new Springfield XD 40 this past saturday…love that gun. I also picked up a Rock Island Armory 1911 clone (great gun btw) and am looking forward to getting some nice parts for it. First to go will be stock trigger, hammer, and getting a new beavertail grip safety.


@ Rooks4

yea my girlfriend was the same way. I got one anyway, not to spite her but for protection. I told her…“sorry, but I didn’t make the world a screwed up place, I just live in it.” I protect the things I love. And besides most women fear guns b/c they know next to nothing about them…after giving her a little schooling on handling, gun safety, shooting and all that jazz…now she wants one of her own.


how u liking the rock island? i like how simple they look. do you think that you need to get new parts to make it reliable/high quality? or just doing it to customize your pistol? we really want a 1911…


anyone know where to pick up a FN Scar-H civillian issue in the USA?


Is it legal to own a Deagle?

#12 :coffee:


so i’m not conservative or anything (stereotype?) but when i move outta these dorms i’m buyin a hand gun


i like it alot…shoots great. Right now all I’ve put on it is a pair of black alumagrips with a big R laser etched (name is Ryan). Looks pretty badass. Mostly just for customization, is a quality gun for the price.


I own a USP45, Glock 17 and 1911. Love going to the range and relieving stress.

BTW countdown till whiny bitches turn this into a political thread.


…post in the existing thread.