SRK Help Me Please!


i have been playing street-fighter for quite a while now(since release of ssfiv) i have not gotten better one bit…i don’t understand the gimmicks of online, i don’t know what my mentality should be…i always lose to mashers or either me dropping my combos…i have played people in endless who are hell of good and have really good blockstrings even when i am mashing…i dropped my main Bison because he doesn’t have a really good anti air and i am hoping to find a new character…could anyone help me with my problems please! My Gamertag: Bx Pastello i have no mic srry


Develop a sense of Yomi my friend. You gotta start reacting to things half to a whole second early when playing online.


Your only concern right now should be understanding the basic street fighter concepts that arent taught in any of the trials. For some reason capcom never likes to mention the word “zoning” in game or in the manual.


that is a good first video, after you watch that youll know where to go next. Also, the video is super turbo but that does not matter as zoning is zoning. It also talk about other topics


**Patience **will win a lot of online matches. If they have you in a blockstring, resist the urge to mash your way out. Sure it will work online a fair number of times, but it’s also reinforcing a bad habit. When you play someone who is generally pretty good, they’ll intentionaslly leave holes in their blockstrings hoping that you ARE mashing so they can make you whiff and punish you for free.

It’s amazing how many matches you can win online by simply being purely defensive and just punishing mistakes against players that go all out.

Study your matches in replay mode, but don’t look at what they’re doing, look at what you’re doing.
Are you jumping a lot?
Did you get hit by the same move or setup a bunch of times?
Do you always try to start your favorite combo the same way?

Try to find YOUR pattern (because that’s what your opponent is doing) and think of how you would beat it… then find out what you would do to stop someone who is doing that.

Personally, I know I get hit by wakeup ultras a **lot **because I’m thinking “no one would be dumb enough to do a super unsafe wakeup ultra in this situation, it’s a free punish for me!!”… lo and behold they do it… and catch me trying to pressure them on wakeup…and I lose…lol. So I know I have to work on not always pressuring on a knockdown, especially when they have an ultra. That kind of realization will help you grow as a player.

Check the Bison thread for some good advice. This thread in particular can help you with Bison’s fundamentals and help explain what to use as anti-air options.

Hope this helps. :tup:


Thanks you guy’s i hope i can up my game listening to your help :slight_smile:


good luck!