SRK History Records Posters of ages past


Morning gang,

Figured it would be best that the silver age era of srk not be forgotten. Once a day I will be bringing a dossier, a regular this is your life level of biography about one of yall. Hrrm… who to start with.

Razor aka Ramon aka banned all the time aka who tf cares

Razor is theoretically a latino male residing in the greater New Jersey area. He originally came over to SRK during the great Gaia Online invasion. He had fought on team Gaia but seeing how useful he was Gaia no longer wanted him so he sold out his comrades and joined SRK.

He became famous when teaming up with his best friend Ferman (orglebleet , the guy that stole juicebox’s gf, the guy who fucked secret santa and got fucked) on Gunbound, where they were so adept at team killing that the opponents would win by default. When not hard at work doing this he was best known as a lamprey attaching himself to more successful posters in hopes to “get the rub”

His secondary account “Bloody Youkai” was a rather popular poster in their day, it wasn’t until recently that we found the real person behind this.

But where is he now you ask? I mean you didn’t , but ima go on anyway.

These days Razor can be found posting self important stream of consciousness diatribes on both srk and the discorde. Watch yourself if you have a dissenting opinion as the intellectual beatdown you will receive at the hands of this cholita will leave you stunned for months.

Ones about more important people will have more words don’t worry.


I am strongly considering stickying this and repacing the MM sticky with it.


Thread needs more Son [of] Them All.


And Viscant.

For diametrically opposite reasons.


SRK General Discussion deserves an ESPN 30 for 30 or E! Hollywood Story type documentary.


i made a post in this thread look at me guys look at my join date

lol gaiaonline

i remember that shit it was gay as fuck




Is that site Gaia still up? No I’m not going to check.


What kind of revisionist history bullshit is this?


SonThemAll is the greatest story SRK ever told.


So that’s his old haunts where he didn’t want to admit where it was, when claiming that’s where he knew

Jared “Bridget” Rea from.

**Tangentially related information:** (2016)


Just know guys , there is a golden level Hof that I think zoo posted way back when that covers the big guns, this is more the middling level shitdongz that are worth remembering kind of but hard to do . The Grover Cleveland’s of srk


I’ll also say this will be heavily biased towards the people i spent over a decade with on irc/discord , but won’t put in my super best friends like val or rock or all or the Toronto fgc , seems like it would be tainted


Fishjie in hea

my head is cloudy but I just wanted to put out there that Fishjie is the nicest person on earth for not going ham on a dude’s wife after she accidentally fucking tazed him


Oh fuck yes. New best thread.


Gaia had those customizable avatars, doe. Shout outs to Col.Guile?


Oh man col.guile would take some deep research as opposed to anecdotal things that I barely recall.


honestly though, my opus is gonna be sigely, there is a complete tell all point of insanity on an old poker forum that was one of the greatest reads I have ever seen.


Shitttttttt rsigely… ghosts of christmas past


(SSF2X) ryu best man strat im sorry but if no one mentions ryuROCKst I will fuck a billy goat BK style period it.


I once saw Sigley at an 8 on the Break tournament. Didn’t expect him to look like that.