SRK History Records Posters of ages past

Yo, you guys remember The Rock? That was the best online gimmick i’ve ever seen, even till today.

I recall his whole Dating Q&A thread and that shit was hilarious. It was like the Rock was actually posting. Who the hell was that guy?

Randomnigga/adamwarlok was the best. Guy was hilarious. What happened to him? How do u get an OG tag?

Yeah i remember that as well man the stuff i go thru popping in my brain is 90% SRK stuff from the past that i only i have a insight with. Baby armor and Broken Batman Prep Time with a mix of SRK Neg Bombs.

Prep Time Batman canonically could beat Allah and Jesus Christ, according to O. SRK.

And that second page Positive Rep = Spirit Bombs of Neg.

People tend to forget she’s not actually asian too.

Ask BullDancer about Black Jesus.

I remember Rokchik’s destruction, so many great memories on here. There’s still some more memories I am fond of:

Goku vs Superman (resulted in no vs. threads)
Gundam Avatars
(Sho)time!!! (Sho 2)
“Describe the guy above me” (did Zulu make this? Memory is fuzzy–may have caused the 01-02 crash)
“Ask the Great One Anything!” (TheRock’s thread. Giant flame fest)
Red Queen/Bloofy (around 2003, gay shit to the max)
Pimplogy 101 (Jaha around 2002)
Late Night at SRK threads
Early Morning at SRK threads
Battle Poll! Threads (BowlingPin started this I think, I don’t remember)
SRK tier threads (MacBauer, TheKing?, Mentos, God, Thanos, Rollback guy, S.H.I.T, etc.)
The Determiner (Crouching Tiger)
Dan? (pretty chill dude, got married and disappeared somewhere)
Micah vs. SRK (don’t remember the thread name but it was basically about Micah loving fat bitches as seen by SRK, oh boy good flames in that one)
Motokai vs. SRK (missed this one but I heard even Million flamed him, very unheard of)
Ronin vs SA.M
Will Gotti (chill dude but destroyed people when he needed to)
SONY LEGEND (had like 1000 accounts)
AHVB Carebear 200x200 avatar (Javi said if he changed the avatar, he would be perma-banned)
Brandon Lee (officially the first person with 10,000 post I think)

This will always be the best thread on SRK ever; especially @jcasetnl posts:

I’m not gonna blow him up here, but AW is one of the best follows on FB.

Shut up Girlyman. Your disgusting display of girlymanism of the highest order is the reason why this site dissolved into this PG era garbage in where we can’t post like real men otherwise we will be “attacked” by you or even banned.
You are a nobody of a poster who’s known for making threads that involve bragging about your nights banging cheap prostitutes while wearing condoms, getting tased in the eye for trying to flirt with some girl; a poster who e-bullies random lower posters and then goes “if i ever met you in real life i will just say hi” the moment you hear they will be at the same venue as you will be in… and a poster who got his ass kicked in every single religion thread through out your girlyman life by the one who is undefeated.

Don’t talk to me ever again for I am a lurker and I have researched about this site.

I just re-checked this thread, and i see posts being like 1-4 hour. Can you believe that, a thread talking about SRK in it’s attitude era and taking several weeks to reach at least 3 pages? Let me tell you why this thread isn’t successful. Imagine if some guy went into an NBA forum, talked about NBA’s legends and left out Michael Jordan? Imagine if some guy went into a martial arts forum and discussed mainstream martial artists in movies and left out Bruce Lee? When you talk about poster tiers, when you talk about nostalgia, when you talk about SRK legends of old: It is the Greatest Poster that should be mentioned above all. Good job to the lesser-poster who posted a link of the old SRK tier thread in where that thread faced high inactivity until one poster demanded that the One.Great.Poster was supposed to be on the top of that list.


Go away, Cisco.

This nigga…

Lmao lantits gotten to because it became deviant art fanfiction that year and because of my flowing prose I got Hauzer into the finals

Also still fuck any of y’all that were trying to get sotn classified as a rpg

It was an Action Game with loot and leveling.

Yeah I’m bumping it. So what…

You guys remember HigherVoltage or HerV?

Why in the fuck did you bump a thread that hasn’t been active in almost 2 years? Are you that fucking dense?

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Why make new threads when threads already exist?

This didn’t need to be resurrected. At all.
We’ve all been around the camp fire, shared our stories and went back to the way things were. No need to bump the thread cause you got a wild hair up your ass.

Why does it even bother you that much?