SRK History Records Posters of ages past


haha Clayton, I know how uncomfortable you get when people talk about how great you are so i wasn’t sure what kind of flowery prose you would get

also kyROCKxx was more gdlk, but sadly gamecombos is dead as hell I still use the term music of rock all the time from music of rock has started, ass is about to be fucked, or something along those lines.


Orangecat needs to be in here?


Plz describe him in detail.


OC was a lord, then he ran to HerV , a lot of srk expatriates ended up there somehow


Razor is theoretically a male.
Bowling always had a way with words.


ha thanks… you know I did try to bring ryuROCKst back for SF4 when it came out, I said ryu went through much plastic surgery and now looks like grumpy monkey instead of fucker of hot women. But just didnt catch on. People didnt get it. Oh well~ And ya i liked kyROCKxx too. I just wanted people to have fun and not take games so seriously, but now a days not sure I feel like troll accounts most the time are just people trying to be mean instead of people trying to have fun and get people to lighten up.


HerV is dead as fuck, though. And it was a breeding ground for loli-loving adult men who couldn’t be bothered to see the outside.


What ever happened to Dr.B

Also remember septimus prime crying LOL


Don’t forget Razor getting himself banned from srkgd.


Thanks for quoting that whole thing bro


Jae a bro he wanted to make sure errone saw it


dont forget the johnson bros


oh wait that might not be gd, nvm


SonThemAll was a classic!

Also the Randomnigga lol


He knows what’s up, this is all fact no lies in that post. At least Razor didn’t show nudes of his ex that made everyone want to throw up like Bleet.


Hey, now.

I got nudes of her just after she broke up with that one note Abel player, and she still had a firm, skinny bod.

All it cost me was a couple of dick pics, so yeah.

Then Bleetystic went and conned Preppy out of a Secret Santa XBox to sell to feed her, and it all went down hill from there.

Mixah and Mr. Mamation might still have them on their hard drives.




You just want to get the rub from Akuma chan’s ass I see.



This def some rewritten bullshit about my history in that post.

First, that ban from SRKGD was stupid. Wasn’t it cka who did it and no one undid it? He’s a massive twat anyway who I’m sure died from lung cancer already what with never leaving his room and smoking a carton of cigarettes a day.

Second, I’ve been on SRK longer than you assholes. To say I came around during the Gaia invasion is a total lie. I saw you clowns plan on doing that bullshit when Bloofy wouldn’t shut the hell up about his “other website.” Tho I didn’t participate, I stayed on the sidelines. You guys made lifelong enemies from that invasion and also chafed Wiz’s asshole with that stunt.

Third, wind is Gunbound was bullshit. It would go from 5 MPH to 90 MPH and change directions in a turn. The fuck? That’s not how wind works!


I knew it.

But seriously did Gaia invaded here, or you guys invaded Gaia Online?
Gaia Invasions was fun till Anonymous on /b on 4Chan got on the act

Yes it was